Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Leadership of the Maltese Order "Completely Unusually" Present Themselves Before the Pope in Civilian Clothes

The Grand Master Dala Tore
(Rome) Last Friday, 23 June, the new leadership of the Order of Malta was received by Pope Francis in audience. The delegation was led by the Grand Masterless Order of the Governor of the Grand Master, Giacomo Count Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, who was elected for a year on the last 29th of April.

Maltese Order before of the "bagarre"

Vatican Insider, the news platform directed by the pontifical House Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli, reported enthusiastically the same day about the reception. At the same time, the site emphasized the fact that the delegation had not appeared in the uniform of the knights but in civilian clothes before the pope.
The 1000 year old order has passed through some dramatic months. At the beginning of December 2016 there was an open conflict between the then acting Grandmaster Fra Mathew Festing and Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager. Festing dismissed Boeselager, who found support with the Vatican Secretariat of State and with Pope Francis. The Grand Master insisted on the sovereignty of the Order in an Order. Pope Francis saw it differently. When, at the end of January, he received the Grand Master in audience, he did so less to give Fra Festing the opportunity to present his position, but to give him an ultimatum. The Grand Master took the consequences and resigned.

Dramatic conflict just a "bagarre"?

At the same time, the Vatican Secretariat of State re-elected Boeselager as "Grand Chancellor" in the name of the Pope. Until the election of a new Grand Master, Fra Dalla Torre will be responsible for the duties of the management of the Order, as a state administrator. The actual decisions fall on the Boeselager - Secretary of State.

Maltese Order after the "bagarre"

The Pope's audience was traditionally held the day before the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, the patron of the Order. Topics were "the reform of the Order and humanitarian projects". Critics fear structural intervention in the religious order to cement a change in its course. At the core of the "reform," the assumption is that the first class should be subdued in favor of the Second Estate, to which Boeselager also belongs.
"Kneeling and hand kiss, moving look, civilian clothes. Farewell! decorations, red jackets and presumptuous photos."
Thus Vatican insider author Salvatore Cernunzio describes the "new humility" of the Order. The delegation, led by Statthalter Dalla Torre, had a total of twelve representatives. The Maltese Vicar presented himself to the Pope in a completely different way from that of the Order, which was "last December an actor behind a turbulent bagarre."
For Vatican Insider, the serious conflict, which has several courtly spies, was only a "tussle". After a "successful" operation, the Vatican apparently wants to go to the agenda.

Order Knights with Cukulle at Church events

All the members of the Sovereign Council, who had entered before Pope Francis, appeared in civilian clothes, "without the picturesque uniforms," ​​Cernunzio said. The Order also expresses its dual character in its clothing: military as a knightly order through the red uniform, ecclesiastically through the black Cukulle. Obviously, the knights who had been "encouraged," says Cernunzio,  left the appropriate uniform for the secular occasions last Friday in the closet because they "do not like the pope".
Even in the past, the Order's representatives had appeared wearing less formal civilian clothes before the pope. In the context of the Pope, however, past weeks were intended to emphasize this aspect and emphasize a contrast to the past.
The meeting lasted almost 25 minutes. All those present left the audience room "visibly moved", according to Cernunzio.
Pope Francis had "encouraged" them with the words:
"I am near to you, I pray for you, continue this way."

Maltese Order and Immigration

The governor assured the Pope that the Order was fully committed to the promotion of "international humanitarian law" and that it was increasingly active in the area of ​​"Migration and Development". As of June 28,  Fra Dalla Torre, will take part in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Berlin.
In the course of the mass immigration to Europe and to the USA, Pope Francis has supported a "right to migration". In this connection, he had a strong demand for a change of the National Citizenship Act over the leadership of the Italian Bishops' Conference appointed by him. Those who are born in Italy will automatically be citizens of the country, according to the draft of the Italian left-wing government, which is currently being discussed by parliament. However, the latest opinion of the IPSOS Institute revealed that the majority of the Italians reject the Ius soli and demand the maintenance of the jus sanguinis, as the principle of pedigrees. The success of the bourgeois-right opposition in the municipal elections of Sunday confirms this trend.
Pope Francis, on the other hand, encouragted the Bishops' Conference to "cozy up" with the left-wing government, according to personal preferences, as the critics say: the pigments on the new palette ranges from registered partnerships for homosexuals to immigration issues. The Maltese Order seems to be viewed as a building block in the network of the "migration industry".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Vatican.va (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


James said...

Probably to show that they're on board with the whole Pope Francis "humility" schtick. Before Francis, wouldn't the Holy Fathers have received them with Mozzetta, stole, etc? Now we're all comrades with the same humble black shoes!

David O'Neill said...

A sad reflection on the Papacy which has overridden the fact that the Order is autonomous

Anonymous said...

The Church will of course always need charitable orders but what she really needs at this time is an new military order of knights. These old coots with their swords and epaulettes couldn't protect a bingo hall from an irate granny.
So, yes, they might just as well cut the charade, take off the uniforms and pass out condoms if they can lie their head down at night and sleep.

Jonah said...

Bankers' attire is quite appropriate to the Vatican's money launderers.


Anonymous said...

It should be "lay" their heads down, as "lay" takes an object. Respect the language---as George Orwell states in the famous "Politics and the English Language": bad language is the cause of bad politics, and vice-versa. In the Christian tradition we refer to Our Blessed Savior as the "Logos" or the "Word"; language has a certain sacrality, so let us not fall into the revolutionary (read "radical liberal") abuse and/or dismantling of language.

Anonymous said...

And so advances the levelling mediocrity of egalitarianism. Francis the Mediocre adores it and thinks he is being humble like Jesus. Talk about self-delusion.

Tancred said...

We're looking for a smug leftist to edit the typos and lend an air of underserved superiority.

Anonymous said...

If the job can accommodate the services of a 'smug rightist' I'll post my CV asap!

Constantine said...

It is well said: humility is not mediocrity and mediocrity is not humility. They are reverse. Humility hides the glory of achievement from the deserving person, to focus on that achievement. Mediocrity prevents or obstructs the achievement of glory to honor the banal person. Such is the case of clergy, artists and musicians who are put on the pedestal for garbage, while the good and brilliant ones are denounced as out of touch, not creative or not understanding the social messages people need to hear.

jac said...

The glorious SMOM who vanquished half a million turks when they besieged 20000 knights, has shamefully surrendered to the Pope in the same way as it surrendered Bonaparte's fleet on it's way to Egypt: They didn't fire a single cannonball.
Their Grand Master Jean de Lavalette has turned upside down in his tomb.

Anon said...

O the humanity!

Tancred said...

You're hired!

John the Mad said...

It is fitting that the members of the Condom Order of Malta, having meekly accepted their public gelding from Francis the O' So Merciful and Progressive Pontiff now cease wearing uniforms associated with their noble predecessors' military valour and courage. Geldings must not masquerade as men.

Anon said...

I wonder how Cardinal Burke was dressed for the occasion?

Blotto said...

Cassette tape received anonymously through post this very morning. Here is a transcript:

POPE: Greetings, gentlemen. Was your re-education successful?

KNIGHTS (in unison): Yes, Your Humbleness!

P: Have you learned your lesson?

K: Yes, Your Kindness!

P: Will you give my friend Albrecht your full support in future?

K: Certainly, Your Benignity!

P: Very good! You can all go now but don't forget to look visibly moved as you leave and especially don't forget that *I* am *near* to you!

K: Oh no, Your Harmlessness! Er, no....we mean Oh yes, Your Kindness!


I thought the 'visibly moved' comment was a bit gratuitous. Anyone who's been morally eviscerated in public is bound to show signs of obvious physical discomfort

Blotto said...

Anon @ 1:38, Are you a frustrated ecclesiastical outfitter or something?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so attention to good grammar and style are the province of leftists now? Best not to concede that higher ground to the snakes, Tancred. By the way, take your medication: your paranoia seems to be kicking in and are again rebelling against reason and lashing out on minor matters which do deserve both attention and correction. Nothing "smug" about aiming for correct grammar; much wrong when pridefully not accepting correction.

Anonymous said...

And how do you determine one's "superiority" is undeserved, Tancred? Do you know the contributor, who clearly has better grammar than you? Are you subscribing to the leftist notion of egalitarianism, where all---literate and illiterate, polished and sloppy---are the same? That seems to contradict the essence of the article on the Knights's shameful obeisance to Egalitarian Frnacis.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, John the Sane.

Tancred said...

So you're spiteful as well as petty and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

You are quite a madman, Tancred. Aiming for good grammar and style makes one "spiteful, petty and arrogant"?! An unbalanced person like you should not be spending his decrepitude pretending he is contributing to the Church and humanity by running a blog and then being oh! so very offended when someone makes a correct observation about English writing. Talk about petty, spiteful, and arrogant---you exhibit these faults (typical of arrogant liberals, by the way) to an exquisite and worrisome degree. Yes, the verbs "lie" and "lay" have different grammatical functions and one should employ them correctly, arrogant know-it-all.

Tancred said...

You're a moron. I know what the lay, lie rules are. They're simple. I never said grammar was unimportant, or the province of liberals, but I am fairly well convinced that you, whoever you may be, are a vile and pathetic humanlike insect.

Anonymous said...

What an edifying example from a supposedly "Catholic" blog master. Your vicious tirades and vulgar name-calling are a sign of very ill person---and all over a proper correction of verb usage. You truly are pitiful and ridiculous. Seek help soon, is my advice, both psychiatric and spiritual. You are a thin-skinned little man consumed with hatred. I pity you---and fear for your troubled soul.

Anonymous said...

From the savagery and utter lack of charity towards someone who simply corrected a grammatical error on a post not even written by the blog master are simply unbelievable. I will never visit this site again, run obviously by a very strange kind of Christian. No wonder the liberals are winning when we have such stupidity going on at a time of disaster in our church. Lucy S.

Tancred said...

Unimaginable tedious pettiness from the sede crowd. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me, Tancred, that anyone you arbitrarily decide to insult and malign is ipso facto sedevacantist. Talk about "tedious pettiness"! Robert C.

Anonymous said...

Tancred hails from a Communist hell-hole where a minor disagreement could be punished in the extreme. That is the kind of culture he reflects in these vile and uncharitable tirades over minor issues. He should crawl back to the former Communist hell hole where human dignity means nothing---he still carries that mentality.

joannis said...

If only AAAnonymous had respect for proper language form. As the dictionary says:
"Do not hyphenate phrases originating form foreign languages, particularly Latin. a priori, post hoc, vice versa."