Saturday, June 3, 2017

Relic of Dom Bosco's Brain Stolen

A vessel with the brain of the founder of the Salesian order from Basilica of his birthplace Castelnuovo disappeared

Rome ( Unknowns have stolen a relic with the brain of Saint Don Bosco (1815-1888) from his church in Castelnuovo. As reported by the Italian media on Saturday, the container has disappeared from its place of storage behind the main altar of the lower church since Friday evening. Investigations are in progress.

The priest Giovanni Bosco dedicated himself especially to the care of disadvantaged youth in the emerging industrial city of Turin. The order of the Salesians of Don Bosco goes back to him. The basilica consecrated in 1984 above its birthplace in Castelnuovo is the center of attraction for many pilgrims.

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Deeply saddened to read of this sacrilege.
More deeply saddened to read continually of the debasement of the Salesian charism by the like of a "son" of St. John Bosco, one Cardinal Maradiaga. St. John Bosco, pray for us.

Anonymous said...

I can see praying beforethe body of a Saint, or having a relic of a piece of their clothes, or a clip of their hair, but to dissect the body of a Saint, open up their cranium and remove all or part of their brain is disgusting. Just as bad ad decapitating Saint Catherine of Siena's head and displaying it in the Basilica, chopping off St. Francis Xavier's right arm, etc.
Relics like that are the one thing about devotional practice's that gross me out.
It's ashame about the theft, but it's still disgusting.
Saint John Bosco I don't think would be very proud of his Orders today, either the male or female branch.
The ,male branch at least, is almost as bad as the Jesuits, and the female branch has liberalized so much their going the same way as all the other aged layclothes Orders of nuns. Too bad, because up until about 36 years ago, they still maintained the traditional habit, and were one of the very last huge Orders of nuns who were still faithful. Not anymore :(
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Robert the Bruce's heart was removed and brought to the Holy Land since providence declared that he had another appointment.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Catholics seem such saps that thieves can steal/vandalize so easily!


Amazed and happy when the pastor of a beautiful little church nearby downtown put security cameras in the chapel rather than keep the doors locked always. Probably noble hobos seeing if they can fence some Catholica!

Big prob of course is our priests are effeminate fellows largely unaware of the world having lived in the bubble of constant schooling and then clerical reverence. Funniest scene when the priest walking the street praying his Office and gets sprayed with the garden hose and gets "flustered"! How about you throw some hands, father?

Anonymous said...

Fight Club! wahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow this is sad but its God's will.
In a just & orderly society,a 30 year sentence of living in a labor camp would be demanded as a punishment for the perpetrators.

Unknown said...

Chopin requested his heart be removed and buried in his native Poland.

Seattle kim

Anon said...

But will Bosco miss it?