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Jesuit General Sosa Signed a Hymn of Praise to Fidel Castro in 1989

In 1989, Sosa signed a manifesto, that Fidel Castro be celebrated as a hero
(Havana) The life of Arturo Sosa Abascal, the 31st Father General of the Jesuit Order reigning since October 2016, reads like a Marxist. In the late seventies, in the high bloom of liberation theology, he dealt with the question of how Christian faith could be mediated Marxistically. Many years later, he joined the circle of convinced Castro followers. This is the result of a declaration of solidarity, which was signed by the now "Black Pope".

"Unprecedented victory over tyranny, corruption and vassalism"

In 1989, 911 Venezuelan intellectuals and artists published a Manifiesto de Bienvenida a Fidel Castro , in which they welcomed the visit of Fidel Castro, the communist dictator of Cuba, and celebrated it as the "leader of the Cuban Revolution".
"We want to pay public respect for what you have achieved for the dignity of your people and for the whole of Latin America"
Says the statement.
"In this dramatic hour for the continent, only ideological blindness can deny the place you occupy in the history of the liberation of our peoples. 30 years ago, you came to Venezuela immediately after the exemplary victory over tyranny, corruption and vassalage. At that time, you were received by our people, as only a hero who embodies and symbolizes the collective ideal could."

Fidel Castro already visited Venezuela in the late 1950s

The signatories assured Fidel Castro, "for the same reasons today," to express their affection associated with "the hope" of building a "just, independent and solidarity Latin America". The persecution of the Church by the Cuban regime obviously did not touch the Jesuit Sosa.With this attitude, he was not alone among progressive Catholics. Christians who are not left are not true Christians, but reactionaries who deserve to be persecuted. Thus, the Swiss Capuchin Walbert Bühlmann formulated it in 1986 and thereby meant the Christian persecution of the Cuban supported Marxist regimes of Angola and Mozambique.
Father Arturo Sosa appears as the 811th signatory to the Declaration, which he signed as Director of the Centro Gumilla ( de Investigacion y Accion Social ). He also published his essay "La mediacion marxista de la Fe cristiana" (The Marxist mediation of the Christian faith) in the SIC of the Centro, which he directed from 1979-1996. Seven years after the praise of Fidel Castro, Sosa became Provincial Provincial of the Jesuit Province of Venezuela in 1996.
"The story is history, you can not deny," wrote the Spanish columnist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña. For people can change over the years. What matters is where they are. The praise to Fidel Castro could however at best be considered a very late "sin of youth," since Sosa was already 41 years old at that time.

The past has passed: what if the now is even more serious?

Sosa after his election to the Jesuit General

Fidel Castro is dead, his brother Raul still dominates Cuba with a Marxist fist, while Sosa's homeland Venezuela is in a serious crisis. The "bolivarian" Maduro regime, with whom communist Cuba is closely aligned, shoots protesters.
More serious than the Marxist and real socialist aberrations of the Jesuit generation in the past are some doubtful statements today. At the very least, his assertion that Japan can only be evangelized in cooperation with Buddhism and Shintoism (see also the discernment between spirits ) is misleading . A comment in an interview with the Swiss journalist Giuseppe Rusconi brought a charge of heresy  against Sosa. The Father General of the Jesuits questioned nothing but the validity of Jesus' words. In order to justify the admission of remarried divorced to the sacraments and the softening of the sacraments of the Church as they read out parts of the Church from the post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia, calling on Pope Francis, Sosa questioned the infallibility of Jesus. At that time nobody had a tape recorder to record the words.
The case is pending with the Congregation of the Faith, which is now faced with the unusual task of judging a Superior General of the Jesuit Order. However, the situation in the history of the Church and the Order is not entirely new.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Venezuelavetada / MiL / (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

This story is one of many reasons why Latin America is leaving the Catholic Church.
Catholicism south of the Border has been communist to the Core for decades.Its not the Catholicism of Europa or North America pre-1950's.
Yes there are exceptions but they are not the Rule!
Bishop De Castro Meyer & Campos were a rare example.
Latinos are now converting to Islam in their desperation.

Anonymous said...

A commie will always be a commie even after death.

JBQ said...

Many Latinos are joining evangelical churches. JPII was down on liberation theology for a reason. He had experience of its evolution in Poland. JPII was victimized by the Nazis and actually run over by a military truck. The Russians then filled the void.----In 2010, there was a tragic plane crash at Smolensk. One of the key figures involved was Tomaz Turowski. He was a Jesuit who worked in the Vatican around JPII. He was KGB. There were some 100 such spies around the Polish pope.------Turowski left the Jesuits and took up his KGB mantle as a member of the Polish ambassadorial staff. He was deeply involved with the planning of the trip to Smolensk and the commemoration of Katyn Forest.------Within this type of subterfuge, both the Jesuit general and the Jesuit pope are way out of their league. Putin is attacking Ukraine because of the influence of the Greek Catholic Church. He is a dictator and the devil incarnate. When the pope was shot, the Turkish Muslim gunman, Mehmet Ali Agca, stated that he had help within the Vatican. Within that context, who can doubt it?---Francis may have all of the right intentions of forming a world government. In fact, it appears that he is being used by the devil for his own ends of the destruction of Christianity.

jac said...

An italian jesuit named Alighiero Tondi who was a close assistant of Mgr Montini (later Paul VI) betrayed the Vatican in sending informations to the soviets about the priests who were sent beyond the Iron Curtain by the Pope Pius XII. All these poor men were caught and were executed or ended in death camps.
He was fired by the Pope when he was unmasked but no other sanctions were taken.
He later defrocked and married a communist woman. But the liberal modernist marxist-friendly Paul VI was not ashamed in hiring him again in the Vatican administration.
The Company of Jesus should be forbidden and broken up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Jesuits should be disbanded. But maybe it doesn't matter. They're declining faster under Francis, have only about 15,700 members (the Jesuit brothers branch is nearly extinct), they only hhave about 300 left in Italy, less than 2,000 in the USA (12,000 in USA alone before Vatican II), and their median age is 65+. Not to mention they have less than 70 novices for the whole of Europe!!!!
But they should be suppressed anyway.
The Sosa, as well as Francis, should be forced to resign. UNfortunatly,the former is more likely to go than the later.
Damian Malliapalli

John Collins said...

I wonder what his mother would have thought!