Monday, May 8, 2017

Canon Lawyer Advises Acceptance of Adulterous & Sacrilegious Communions

 A canon lawyer, employed by a U.S. diocese, taught her audience including priests, that because no directives from the bishop have been issued about Amoris Laetitia,  the priests should follow Buenos Aires and Malta.  In those territories, priests are free to give permission to adulterous partners to receive Holy Communion, even though the couple continues to have sex, and one (or both) of the parties is already married to someone else.  This permission occurs after accompaniment and discernment by the priest.

Mary’s Advocates is sharing the audio recording, though the person that made the recording said the diocese must be kept anonymous. All identifying information has been removed from the recording publicized here, though the full recording has been shared with personnel in the diocese for whom the canonists works.
The mission of Mary’s Advocates is to reduce unilateral no-fault divorce and support those who are unjustly abandoned. The silence from the Catholic diocese tribunals about the injustice of no-fault divorce gives scandal. Granting so many annulments, with no involvement at the time of separation, has made matters worse.

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Anonymous said...

So, not one of them was man enough to tell this woman to sit down and shut her yap? This is what has happened by giving women the vote etc,emote, emote, emote. For heavens sake don't use reason and logic and listen to the very words of Christ.

coradcorloquitur said...

The feminization of the Church: one of the masterstrokes of Satan to destroy the Church, together with false charity and false obedience. Miserere, Domino!

Unknown said...

The "church" has become the great whore of Babylon as depicted in Revelation.

Seattle kim

Mark Feliz said...

This Canon Lawyer teaches in violation of JP II's Familiaris Consortio #84 an accommodation for those in a state of objective adultery, living together without a determination of nullity of their previous marriage(s).Clearly implied is the "obligation to separate." Isn't she accountable for such a distortion? How could her bishop allow her to get away with this?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%.
I will never ever forget seeing pics & videos of European women holding sings reading
"Will trade rapists for racists"
Their (European females) hatred for European male patriots is so great,they greeted Muslims at docks & train stations like rock n roll groupies and were asking to be raped.
At that moment I knew Western civilization as we know is going going gone.

Peter W said...

Mary, Mother of the Church. How more feminized can it get?

coradcorloquitur said...

Mary's divine maternity, and by consequence her maternity of the Church and her members, has nothing to do with present, political femenization of Christianity. The former is one of the great teachings and consolations of the true Christian; the latter is a Marxist inspired subversion of the manly character of the Church and Christianity, much in sync with radical feminism and intended to emasculate Christians and render them useless as their religion is destroyed. The touchy-feely songs, altar girls, the busy meddlers (often obese women in summer shorts) bossing around in the parish, effeminate priests with their lovey-dovey homilies, and butch nuns have all indeed turned men off from the Church. I think Peter W knows this crucial difference---if not,his discerning and analytical powers are sorely deficient.

Anonymous said...

Is the difference between the maternal and politicized feminism that difficult to see? One (love and care of a mother) is natural and necessary for all men while the other is a radical construct to bring about the Marxist class struggle---which we are witnessing. Islam, classical Judaism and Orthodoxy have nothing to do with femenization, and with good reason despite their known shortcomings. Lucy