Monday, April 24, 2017

"The Bishops Abducted in 2013 Live" -- Marian Appearances of Mousseitbé

Syrian-Orthodox Bishop Daniel Kourie: "Abducted Bishops are
still alive" - 47th Annivesary of the Apparition of  Mousseitbé
(Beirut) The two bishops who were abducted in Aleppo in 2013, "are still alive". This was from the Syrian Orthodox Bishop, Daniel Kourié, on the 47th anniversary of the Marian apparition above the cupola of the Peter and Paul Cathedral of Mousseitbé, a suburb of Beirut.
The memorial of the apparition of the Virgin Mary is always on the first Sunday after Easter. This year, the anniversary coincided with the fourth anniversary of the abduction of two bishops in Aleppo. On April 22, 2013, the Syrian Orthodox Bishop of Aleppo, Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, and the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of the city, Boulos Yazigi, were abducted.
Bishop Daniel Kourié is the representative of his church for the abduction case. The Commission, led by him, had "knocked at every possible door", in Syria and Lebanon, to find traces of the two bishops.

"Religious and ethnic cleansing in the Middle East"

Bishop Kourié called on the Lebanese state to make the abduction case a "national cause". At the same time, the bishop complained about "religious and ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Iraq and Egypt." He criticized the states, which supported these purges under various forms "with men, weapons and money".
The miracles of Mousseitbé have been recognized as genuine by the Syrian Orthodox Church. The other churches in the country took little notice of them "because they were all still fixed on themselves, even to such phenomena as a warning and an appeal to unity, in the face of the first forebodings of the Islamic danger," said Fady Noun , A leading Maronite publicist of Lebanon.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Asianews
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

"It all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". In his prolific writings before his death in 1999, Malachi Martin prophesied exactly what is going on in the Church. As a Jesuit advisor to the pope at Vatican II, he read the Third Secret of Fatima under the auspices of his superior Cardinal Bea. In his book, "The Jesuits", he profiled a future Jesuit pope who would dissolve organized religion and "create a new spiritual belief system based on world unity. Here in St. Louis, the replacement archbishop for Raymond Cardinal Burke is now creating communities and obliterating the parish system and its sister entity the parochial school. The goal is to create a politically correct community which is not Catholic and maybe not even Christian. At Mass yesterday, the pastor in an affluent neighborhood talked of the "Middle East" as a dysfunctional member of the world community. There is no false religion. There is only this Teilhard de Chardin vision of an evolutionary world community. Look in the mirror. Priests and nuns are "toast" and Mother Theresa is an anachronism.

Robert D said...

Is there any proof for these claims or are they simply assertions?

Anonymous said...

Please pray for my father.
His name is Thomas,he lives in Indiana.
He is very very ill and in the hospital.
God bless you all thank you.