Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mark Twain Recounts Islamic Brutality in Syria

Edit: there are quite a few people who suggest that Islamic terrorism is the result of American Imperialism.  Only someone who has no idea of his own history would say that, or they're liars. The Mohamedan has always visited depredations upon the Christian world.  This is a timely blog entry from Bill Federer of "American Minute" with some excerpts of Mark Twain from his book, Innocents Abroad:

In Innocents Abroad, 1869, which established his reputation as a writer, Mark Twain described Syria under the Ottoman Turkish Empire:

"Then we called at the tomb of Mahomet's children and at...the mausoleum of the five thousand Christians who were massacred in Damascus in 1861 by the Turks.

They say those narrow streets ran blood for several days, and that men, women and children were butchered indiscriminately and left to rot by hundreds all through the Christian quarter; they say, further, that the stench was dreadful.

All the Christians who could get away fled from the city, and the Mohammedans would not defile their hands by burying the 'infidel dogs.'

The thirst for blood extended to the high lands of Hermon and Anti-Lebanon, and in a short time twenty-five thousand more Christians were massacred and their possessions laid waste..."

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Anonymous said...

The Mohamedan in some ways, are like the Communists, of the not so far past.....not in disguise, their evils visible, and feared by all. At least, many know the enemy by name.

But the true enemy of God, is in disguise (but, not to God, nor, for those who have eyes to SEE, and ears to HEAR!) protected, defended and supported, especially, by our nation and admired....!
For the truth is, that His enemy is always the same, it has been for many centuries, in every age, till the end of time.....until His Second Advent.

The enemy of God, never sleeps. Let us also be awake, not lethargic, or, be weakened, nor, deceived, by the snares of ‘men,’ and the ‘devil.......’
May God Bless All Soldiers of Christ!
For every soldier of Christ, fears God only!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Anonymous said...

Westerners just don't understand. We always read about Ottoman Empire, but it was not an empire in western sense. It was a caliphate (an islamic theocracy), with sharia law and other traditional laws (Conditions of Umar, etc.). It sucked. Calling it Empire confuses the uninformed reader, making him think that it was similar to european empires. It was not.

Anonymous said...

That's a good link, I never read that before. Just another massacre by the religion of peace.

Also, from the website this key paragraph:
"And how they will pay for it when Russia turns her guns upon them again!"

This corresponds to many Catholic prophecies so Mark either knew the story then or he knew the prophecies. Shooting that pilot? Killing that ambassador? Those Russians won't forget that,

John F. Kennedy said...

Who was Mark Twain to judge their actions? Those Christians were, no doubt, not welcoming enough. The good thing for the Christians, was that the Muslims "accompanied" them all of the way to their deaths.

Anonymous said...

Israeli policies in the Middle East has contributed to our decline.
Since we are a colony of Israel, our actions in the Middle East are destroying us financially.
I hate Islam and I know its always been satanic & barbaric.
I feel the same way about Judaism,its satanic & barbaric!

Anonymous said...

There'a an excellent book on the Crusades available to read free online ,a lot of savagery and barbarity on all sides ,the only warriors the Muslim Leaders respected was the Knights Templar's because they fought solely for the Glory of their God ,they understood and respected that .The Crusaders went for a multitude of reasons.Sadly human beings are capable of horrific brutality towards those they perceive as their enemies .That was evident in both world wars ,Vietnam ,Iraq,Rwanda,the Russian and French revolution and all other wars .

Unknown said...

Where is St James the Moor Slayer when you need him?!

Seattle kim

Anonymous said...

Ils sont tous les memes, n'ont pas changes, ça c'est l'Islam.......toujours.

Anonymous said...

One class at a Catholic school (allegedly) that my children used to attend,recently taught the children about Ramadan and the five pillars of Islam. There was also a discussion about the differences and similarities between the two religions. On learning of this outrage, I wondered if the teacher would teach on the pillars of satanism at some point as the mohammedans are worshipping the devil themselves. A Catholic school, mind you. The church of nice is truly ignorant of what we are facing.