Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pope Francis: "There is Corruption in the Vatican, But I am at Peace"

Edit: this is from German RT. We don't recommend you go there, you'll be bombarded by popups.

[RT] In an informal discussion with the leaders of the largest Catholic monastic orders, the Pontifex expressed his opinion on the financial aspect of ecclesiastical life, writes the journal La Civilta Cattolica. Although his tone was joking, the statements sounded parable-like. So God wants "very much that monks are poor"... "If they are not, God sends an economist to break the (religious) institution," the Pope said.

He also called the monks "not to wash their hands in innocence". He admits that there are people in the Church, such as Pontius Pilate, who wash their hands in innocence in order to remain calm. The Pope said: "There is corruption in the Vatican, but I am calm, and when a problem arises, I write a note to Saint Joseph and put it under his statue, which is in my room. There is a statue of a sleeping Saint Joseph, now he sleeps on a mattress of notes, so I sleep well, that is the grace of God, my peace is a gift of God," said Francis.

Trans: Tancred


M. Prodigal said...

Oh, we know there is corruption and evil in the Vatican and we know where the buck stops too.

Robbie said...

Always remember, fish rots from the head down. The corruption in the Vatican begins with the one who is wearing the white cassock.

Anonymous said...

When I read this quote from Bergoglio,I was going to make a comment...but the first two were the same, and even better than what I was thinking.
Yeah, there's corruption in the Vatican Pope Francis, but you, and nobody else, are the source of it all,buddy man!
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph is wide awake and he won't stand for having adulterers receive his adopted Divine Son.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of what the late Fr. Malachi Martin said about the perfectly possessed, they're at peace.

Anonymous said...

I never would have dreamt of a Pope making such an obnoxious crack as the one about the notes under the St Joseph asleep statue. It is so wrong in a few ways, but the bottom line is either that we have the first superstitious Pope in history, or he mocks the art that represents the ethos of Christianity.

St. Joseph slept and viewed messages from God. Francis sleeps well, on the other hand, because it is his minions that are doing the dirtywork and no earthly legal authority can hold him accountable. (Not that I have any insider knowledge, mind you.) "He is only giving orders" as the bad stale old joke goes.

Anonymous said...

Why is he afraid to sleep in the pope's traditional apartment and instead lives in the Vatican hotel? Afraid of who might haunt him there?

Anonymous said...

"no earthly legal authority can hold him accountable"

You don't think so?! Of course they can. If the cardinals had any spines, instead of being spineless jellyfish like Benedict XVI, they would confront Bergoglio and force him to resign.
The millions of Catholic faithful , including traditional and flourishing Orders of priests and nuns who feel betrayed by his insults, can hold Bergoglio accountable.
If Francis continued departing from the Catholic Faith, people should stand up and hold him accountable, and force him and his thugs to back down and get out.
The Catholic Church is not some cult of the Pope, that whatever he wants to do, he does and people have to obey! If he departs from the tradition of the Faith and its established doctrine and practice, he must be opposed. He can't just reform/modernize the Church accouding to his whim or Francis thinks he can do.
He may be "just giving orders"and someone else does the dirty work, but hey are his orders, and therefore both he, and whatever scumbag cardinal or bishop or priest carries them out, is equally responsible/guilty.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

How would the cardinals force him to resign? I suppose some body like the CDF could convene a heresy trial, if that is the proper phrasing, but if a goodly number of cardinals and bishops still, even after a guilty verdict, want to follow him, then what?

If they can't make him go, there is no earthly authority. Not Cardinals, not governments, not Soros, if he is what they say he is.

Anonymous said...

"Throw the ignoramuses a chunk of piety and shut them up."
It doesn't work anymore.

PaxTecum77 said...

How can Bergoglio say he is at peace? Peace comes from Christ. Christ does not grant his Peace to those who reject Him. The peace Bergoglio speaks of is the peace the world gives, which is not the Peace God grants.