Monday, February 13, 2017

"I was not a pedophile Priest, but a pedophile who was ordained a priest."

(Paris) France 3 broadcast its interview with a former priest who was laicized for the sexual abuse of children by the Church. His statements are frightening. His statement that he was not a pedophile priest, but a pedophile who was ordained a priest is truly remarkable.
"I was not a pedophile priest but a pedophile who was ordained a priest," is the clear and frightening testimony of a man who was a priest and condemned for pedophilia.
The man sketches his CV in the interview. His sexual "impulses" had been known to his superiors in the Church, but that had not hurt his career. Above all, he was ordained a priest. At the end of the 1970s this was not really an issue.
Before he was consecrated, he was told only to "be careful". No one had pointed out to him "that my victims might suffer from it."
The man relates that he was ordained as a priest in 1981. At that time a "pedophile impulse" had already been "known". Nevertheless, he was later employed at French grammar schools and universities in the position of a youth welfare counselor. His superiors had been "an authority of blindness and irresponsibility." At that time, the man admitted, he had abused various minors.
The complaints of the victims had caused him to be transferred and to be assigned tasks in which he should no longer be in contact with children. He himself then, as he assured, ended his abusive behavior.
In 2006, he was found guilty by a court and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. Through the contact with the victims he finally became "really aware of the damage one can inflict on the lives of others".
In addition to self-serving admissions, the man's statements are an important point. In the public discussion since the connection with sexual child abuse by clerics, a link between pedophilia and the priesthood or at least priestly celibacy has been repeatedly established. An attempt was made here to instrumentalize the abuse  into attacks against the priesthood, the Church, and against priest celibacy.
In this context, it is interesting to note the fact that the former priest and condemned pedophile interviewed by France 3, who emphasized that he had not been a "pedophile priest" but "a pedophile, who was ordained a priest."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: France 3 (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Don't be a pervert. said...

Priests do not become Homos but Homos did become priests. Also teachers, swim coaches, married rabbis, married Prot ministers, bus drivers and Boy Scout leaders.

Tancred said...

And gay rights activists, but that seems to be ok.

Francis' logic said...

And to combat this plague, His Hereticness Papa Bergoglio removed Pope Benedict's ban on homosexuals entering seminary. Let them all in, we'll fix them later, he thinks. A pathetic godless attempt at fixing decline in nkmber of priests, or a demonic plot to ruin the (Latin) Church?

Barnum said...

Why do you think he wants to fix them? They'll make marvelous mentors, peers, and tea guests for the deaconesses that are apparently coming into the Church.