Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bishop Egan: "Growing Problems" Because of Amoris Laetitia -- "Pray for the Church"

(London) While some Church representatives declare that everything is in order, others call for prayer because of "growing problems" because of Amoris laetitia .
The Archbishop Emeritus of Barcelona, Cardinal Sistach, declared a few days ago that everything was in order. The controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia of Pope Francis was "clear" and "not ambiguous," which is why he could not understand why other Cardinals had Dubia (doubts).
The English bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth is of a different opinion. He notes "growing problems" in the Church. The reason for this is Amoris laetitia . Because of the interpretation of this papal document, which accuses the critic of ambiguity in the decisive passages, there is growing disagreement and "discord" in the diocese and the parishes.
As Bishop Egan announced, the priesthood of his diocese raised the question of whether the priests should follow the pope or the bishop. Behind it lies the Interpretation-chaos (New York Times), which has split the church since the publication of Amoris laetitia . With reference to ecclesiastical marriage and the ordinance of the sacraments, Bishop Egan had declared that once again married divorced persons would be denied admission to the sacraments if they were not abstinent in the new union.
This interpretation of the pastoral guidelines is in open conflict with other bishops, decidedly calling for their new doctrine and practice on Amoris laetitia .
Because of the growing conflict in the Church, which has been created by Amoris laetitia , Bishop Egan has called upon the faithful to "pray for the Church" on Wednesday.
Literally, the bishop wrote after the meeting of the priests of his diocese:
"Council of Priests yesterday: Whom do we obey, the bishop or the pope? I'd say Both! But there's a growing problem: let's pray 4 the Church. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Geremia said...

"Whom do we obey, the bishop or the pope?"

Acts 5:29: "We ought to obey God rather than men."

cf. this

JBQ said...

Francis is changing the moral code and intimidating all of the bishops into acceptance. The new code is based on Amoris Laetitia which espouses adultery, promiscuity, and fornication. That is the truth of his agenda and "the king has no clothes".

Anonymous said...

And Francis is just getting started: deaconesses, females "priests," married clergy, blessings of gay unions (or "marriage" by some euphemism), etc. Not all, granted, of equal gravity or doctrinal value. We have a monster in our hands.

Unknown said...

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Tom A. said...

In todays Church nothing is as it seems. The faithful can only know each other by the faith that one proclaims. If you hear a false Gospel proclaimed, flee that place for it is not from God.

Nicolas Bellord said...

We also need to pray for Bishop Egan. Giving shelter to the FFI as he has done has been enough for at least one other Bishop to get the sack. Remarkable things are being done in his diocese.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Egan seems to be a true Catholic, which is remarkable in this time of the rank heretic Pope Francis. Let's pray for him and other bishops to have the courage to stand up to the juggernaut of the false Pope and his associates. Francis' agenda can be derailed by the opposition, protests, and visible witness of the faithful Catholics against him.
Damian Malliapalli

I hope there's more posters and protests against Francis this Sunday in Rome, and every day till he's gone.

Anonymous said...

Let's pray for this good Bishop. No doubt he will soon be "retired" long before the retirement age, and replaced with a piece of garbage like his neighbours Nichols or Smith.