Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"En Route" -- In January a New Interview Book by Andrea Tornielli with Pope Francis

Pope Pope Francis and the House Vaticanist
(Rome) On Sunday, he published together with his colleague Giacomo Galeazzi a kind of list of proscriptions for the Pope's critics. Yesterday, the publishing house Piemme announced that it will write a new book on Pope Francis.
We're talking about Andrea Tornielli, who holds the office of unofficial papal house Vaticanist since 2013. The new book, which will be released in January 2017 is entitled "In viaggio" (En Route). The book will be a "long, exclusive interview with Francis contained, as the publisher announced."
Andrea Tornielli and Pope Francis are to repeat the recipe which led to the worldwide success with the book at the beginning of 2016 "Il nome di Dio è Misericordia"  (The Name of God is Mercy), which has appeared in 100 countries and has been translated into 35 languages.
The year 2016 was marked by new releases into the book market by four ecclesiastical personalities of the highest order.  It all started in January, Pope Francis, followed in April by Prefect Gerhard Cardinal Müller with his Spanish language book "Informe sobre la Esperanza" (State of the Hope).
In September Benedict XVI followed with his interview book, "The Last Conversations" with Peter Seewald, and finally in October, Cardinal Prefect Robert Sarah with the book submitted in French "La Force du Silence" (The Power of Silence).
While the interview books  by Francis and Benedict XVI. were simultaneously published in several languages,  translations of the other two books are in preparation. All four are conceived to develop an international effect.
Pope Francis also wants  to release another interview book in  2017 that will explain from the pen of Andrea Tornielli what Pope Francis intends for the Catholic Church. According publishing information the book has caused quite an international stir among publishers even before tomorrow's opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair. "First offers" for translations into other languages have already been received, says Piemme .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: SMM / Piemme (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

En route to the everlasting fire. As a famous song said "highway to Hell".

Nicolas Bellord said...

"En Route" was the title of a novel by JK Huysmans about his movement away from Satanism to Catholicism. Wikipedia reports:

As Huysmans explained:

"The plot of the novel is as simple as it could be. I've taken the principal character of Là-Bas, Durtal, had him converted and sent him to a Trappist monastery. In studying his conversion, I've tried to trace the progress of a soul surprised by the gift of grace, and developing in an ecclesiastical atmosphere, to the accompaniment of mystical literature, liturgy, and plainchant, against a background of all that admirable art which the Church has created". (quoted in Baldick p.288)

The novel was published by Tresse et Stock on February 23, 1895. Its literary qualities were generally appreciated at once (Paul Valéry was especially enthusiastic) but many expressed doubts as to the sincerity of Huysmans' religious conversion until the author was defended at a public lecture by Abbé Mugnier. En route was a commercial success and rapidly went through several editions. It is also notable for being one of the texts requested by Oscar Wilde during his incarceration at Reading Gaol.

Perhaps PF's book will tell of a similar conversion?

Tancred said...

The English translation hasn't come out yet, but I chose to call it En Route, partly for that reason.