Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bishop Blesses "Demo for Everyone" Demonstration Against Sex Education

Fulda's Bishop has been shocked that the CDU Minister of Education Lorz has ratified by ministerial decrees the new curriculum "and ignored both the vote of the national parent's advisory council and the opinion of the Catholic bishops in Hessen."

Wiesbaden / Fulda ( The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fulda, Heinz Josef Algermissen, gave his episcopal blessing to the "Demo für alle" [Demo for everyone] on the 30th of October in Wiesbaden. It is directed against the new curriculum for sex education in Hesse. The program provides that students should learn and accept different sexual orientations and family situations. As Algermissen wrote in a greeting, he was shocked by the fact that the Minister of Education of the Rhineland, Ralph Alexander Lorz (CDU), introduced the new curriculum through a ministerial decree, "ignoring both the vote of the parent's advisory council and the opinion of the Catholic bishops in Hesse."  Algermissen honors the participants in the demonstration. They have showed that they are not indifferent to the sex education of children and adolescents. They have campaigned for "our society to remain Christian." His greeting ended with the words: "I would like to express my thanks to you and I will gladly give you my episcopal blessing." On the other hand, the curriculum was welcomed on the part of the protestant churches in Hesse.

Alliance Secretary General Steeb: Protest is needed

The General Secretary of the theologically conservative German Evangelical Alliance, Hartmut Steeb (Stuttgart), also welcomes the demonstration and calls for participation. It is unfortunately necessary to publicly express disapproval, he writes in an opinion, according to "idea" the Protestant news agency.

21,000 signatures against the new curriculum

As the nationwide action alliance "Demo für alle", over 21,000 people signed an online protest petition against the curriculum. The demonstration will be under the motto "Parental Rights - Stop Indoctrinating Sexual Education". One expects around 2,000 participants - not just from Hesse. At the same time the organization distanced itself from support it has received from extremist circles such as the NPD and other right-wing extremists. You should stay away from the event, it says in a Facebook post. A counterdemonstration is also planned to support the curriculum. The association "Warmes Wiesbaden" (Gay Wiesbaden) called for this.  It has organized the aberro-demonstration Christopher Street Day (CSD) and also expects 2,000 participants.

Hartmut Steeb (Evangelische Allianz Deutschland) at the DEMO FÜR ALLE on 28.2.16 in Stuttgart

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