Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Abbott of Mariawald Resigns -- War on Catholicism Continues

Edit: the Trappist Monastery of Mariawald is located in the vicinity of the of Heimbach with 4,400 inhabitants - it lies fifty kilometers southeast of Aachen. This monastery, which has seen some decent growth in the past, has changed over to the Immemorial Rite. The war against Catholicism internally continues.

We're extremely skeptical about any supposed continuation of tradition.  The irony is, this monastery was all but dead before they embraced tradition. The intention now appears to be they are going to make sure it goes back to being dead.

 Reported by Rorate:
In a letter to friends of the Abbey of Mariawald, O.C.S.O. published by, Abbot Josef Vollberg has announced that he is resigning as abbot. As his reason Dom Vollberg states that he takes this step in order to avoid "the risk... that the abbey could be closed against the will of the community." The abbey will now be ruled by its pater immediatus, Abbot Bernardus Peeters of the Abbey of Koningshoeven in the Netherlands. Abbot Bernardus has appointed Dom Josef to serve as prior of the community after his resignation as abbot comes into effect on the first Sunday of Advent.
There are a lot of other communities that have far more serious problems that aren't being given these sorts of attentions.


Anonymous said...

Homosexuals are some of the most vicious and conniving individuals living. They are behind these attacks on the Holy Faith. They're on their way to hell and they want to drag the rest of the Church into hell with them.

Unknown said...

It is my understanding that after Dom Vollmer made the decision about 2008-2009 to "switch" to the Ancient Traditional Latin Mass and sacraments and re-instated the austere strict observance of the Trappist Rule, they were soon blessed with a modest but steady stream of vocations (whereas previously, like many other Novus Ordo Trappist abbeys they were declining and facing extinction). They are the only Trappist abbey left in all of Germany, even including the Catholic Bavarian south.

But Maria Wald Abbey is under the diocese of Aachen, which just had a Franken-bishop appointed Sept 23rd (2016), Helmut Dieser. The previous bishop, Archbp. Heinrich Mussinghoff, was a friend of Catholic tradition and a 1994 JP2 appointee. He supported fully Vollmer's leadership. The new man is an associate of Bp. Stephan Ackermann of Trier (who was his principal consecrator), and Ackermann is a Card. Reinhard-Marx-man all the way (=his Principal consecrator). Dieser is a solid Francis-progressive that views the Latin Mass and its adherents as an aberration in the Church, and wants to stamp them out.
Dom Vollmer was astute an observer to place his abbey under another arch-abbey's affiliation (Maria Wald was a sole foundation), because he may be able to stave off a situation like what happened to the Franciscan of Mary Immaculate. It was an extreme step, placing the abbey under a Dutch Trappist abbey that is not traditional: only time will tell if it will work out. But staying under Aachen's new progressive episcopal leadership was not an option, obviously. I will find out more from my daughter who lives nearby in Germany soon.

Unknown said...

By the way, "Bp." Stephan Ackermann, Dieser's protegee, was the one who had himself publicly "re-baptized" by a Protestant minister back in 2012, just to show you what his opinion about being Catholic really amounts to (next to nothing), and what a very bad association for his naming and consecrating Dieser is. Ackermann also is on public record stating the Catholic Church must change its teachings on sexual morality, so you can bet your bottom dime his friend Dieser buys into the same thing.