Friday, July 8, 2016

Tübingen: Tabernacle Stolen With Blessed Sacrament

Around 10,000 euros damage and on top of that violation of religious sentiments no less Catholics by the theft of the Blessed Sacrament.

Tübingen ( Around 10,000 Euros damage and on top of that, no less than the violation of the religious sentiments of Catholics by the theft of the Blessed Sacrament. This is the result of thieves at St. Pancras in Buhl in Tubingen (Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart). The thieves stole the whole tabernacle and its contents, they pulled the heavy loot apparently on a rug in the church and then to a vehicle parked near the parsonage. This was reported by the "Südwestpresse" and other media. Tübingen police have asked for witnesses to step forward.

The tabernacle contained, according to the "Südwestpresse," two hundred year old gold gilded chalices, interiorly lined with gold pewter and two golden patens.

The perpetrators entered the church through the unlocked main door, then broke the sacristy door and stole the tabernacle out of the sacristy, according to the press reports.

According to Catholic understanding Jesus Christ is physically present in the Holy Eucharist. A theft as described above is, therefore a very serious sacrilege for Catholics.
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Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is wholly present in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.....whether understood or not.

Anonymous said...

When I was a little child, my grandma said that There was no more religion.....that it is, Jesus is always present in the Holy Sacrament in the tabernacle, always, and that's what I was taught, and still believe.

Tancred said...

Well, it *is*, they're funny like that.

Anonymous said...

If the Consecrated Hosts, the viaticum, are in the tabernacle, then Christ is present body, soul and divinity. To think otherwise is not Catholic. This is of grave nature, a sacrilege. Every opportunity must be made to recover those sacred hosts in order that they not be profaned in any manner.

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to post "Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity". Errare est Humanum.