Friday, July 15, 2016

Magnificent Spaniard Builds Cathedral by Himself

H/t: and CNS


Steve said...

This is an amazing achievement. This man is in his 90's. It looks like he's into unleavened bread and goat's milk. See what can be accomplished when you don't spend every waking moment staring at your phone.

German Episcopal Konferenz said...

Why isn't this peasant building a Watikan II style Bauhaus? He must be defunded!!! Schnell!!!

Anonymous said...

God raises up Saints sometimes in the most unexpected places. I wonder how many people know they have a saint living and working in their midst?
Not too long ago, he would have been applauded and praised for his noble work, and dozens of the faithful would come to help him. In Medieval times, sometimes a religious Order was started by a single person, fired by faith doing extraordinary work. Francis of Assisi is the best example.
Unfortunatly, in the Vatican II Church....especially that of Pope Francis, he is probably scoffed at, laughed at by priests and bishops, called crazy or labeled a traditionalist (horrors)!
I hope this video encourages good faithful Catholic people to help him. Wouldn't it be great, if it generated such support that the Cathedral was completed in his lifetime, and he could have his wish to be buried there, and be remembered and honored long after his death.
The memory of this good man and what he did will live on way after Pope Francis and his agenda and supporters are just bad memories.
Damian Malliapalli

Eugene said...

This is beautiful beyond words, brought tears to my eyes, he builds beauty for 53 years and beauty has been destroyed in much of the churches in the same period.
Maranatha Lord Jesus.

Steve said...

If only he had anticipated the post conciliar return to Biblical simplicity. A saucer shape with a plain table altar, say. He could have finished it in 3 years.

susan said...

WOW.....what a holy witness to a debauched world. This is more beautiful than Gaudi's opus magnum. I pray that it does indeed get finished.