Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pope Defends Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon

Edit: could this be a reward for holding to the Old Liberal course? It's hard to get over how this Cardinal insisted that he was close to Cardinal Martini at the 2005 conclave. Praying in the Mosque of Lyon was a step in the direction of the Martini Church, catching up with the last 200 years. Obviously, priests and clergy who defend the Church's teachings in the public eye who are accused of negligence with regards to sexual abuse resign, while Old Liberal bishops are protected.

PARIS -- Pope Francis has voiced support for a French cardinal who has faced allegations of covering up cases of pedophile priests in his Lyon parish, saying he shouldn't resign.

Francis said in an interview with French Catholic daily La Croix coming out Tuesday that a resignation of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin "would be a mistake, an imprudence."

"Based on the information I have, I think in Lyon, Cardinal Barbarin has taken the necessary measures and has taken things well in hand," the pope said. "He is a brave and creative man, a missionary."

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