Monday, May 30, 2016

Countless Sexual Asaults During Festival in Darmstadt

DARMSTADT. In Darmstadt, many women have been sexually harassed and assaulted by asylum seekers during a city festival. So far, 18 women have reported to the police, the police headquarters southern Hesse said on Monday. The women were mostly at a young age. During the festival, three victims of sex assaults  had complained to the police and complained of harassment and assaults by "men from the South Asian region."

"The perpetrators should proceed in small groups, have surrounded and touched immoral women". The police could then arrested three alleged suspects Pakistani asylum seekers. However, the investigation lasted still on. The police are looking for victims and witnesses to report to the officials.

Irmer: Who does these things, has forfeited his right to guest status"

The Hessian CDU member of parliament Hans-Jürgen Irmer reacted in horror to the incidents."Here the right of asylum is outrageously abused. This is totally unacceptable," said Irmer  to Junge Freiheit"Let me say quite clearly who does these things, has forfeited his right to guest status. There's only one clear answer to this: after a final judgment, back on the next plane to Pakistan," demanded the CDU politician.

Unfortunately, the incident was not a "singular event", which is why the state should now show a "sharp edge". However, it is also important to make it clear that the majority of asylum seekers do not tend in Germany to such acts.

Only the beginning of May during the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin there have been numerous sex attacks on young women. On New Year's night, there had been numerous assaults for hours on women in Cologne and other cities by asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. The incidents made ​​for a discussion of the internal security and the refugee crisis. (krk)



Kathleen1031 said...

Europe seems to want to be taken over by Islam and disappear. Who are we to say no to what Europeans seem to either want or not care enough to defend themselves against.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Your loathsome Pope bears responsibility for every one of the assaults, robberies, rapes and murders that these Third World savages inflict on the deluded Europeans. The man is without shame.

Unknown said...


Seattle kim

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Bergoglio tells children not to fear Muslim refugees but to embrace them.

Seattle Kim

Anonymous said...

"men from the South Asian region."= Muslims.

"Bergoglio tells children not to fear Muslim refugees but to embrace them."

And last week, Francis received in audience a very high ranking Muslim cleric (a ranking in the Muslim world equal to a Cardinal in the Catholic world).

My question is, why is he pushing Muslims down everyone's throat, and not a word(or very little) about Coptic Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox and Roman Catholic refugees.
Damian Malliapalli

Unknown said...

I dunno Damian. Ockham entertained the idea of a pope converting to Islam. Perhaps that is quietly happening.

Seattle kim

Unknown said...

Not that I actually believe he is the pope. 😏

Seattle kim