Friday, May 20, 2016

Cardinal Cañizares Defends Family From Homo-Imperium -- CatholicMercenary Insults Him on TV

(Madrid) The unscrupulous campaign slogans and methods of the world have gained entry  in the Church, and the gate of entry is the departure from Catholic doctrine and ecclesiastical discipline. Just how underhanded someone can be in the ecclesial payroll, is something  Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, archbishop of Valencia is starting to figure out.

The former prefect of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship is defending the Christian family as a "precious asset" against the "escalation of certain political leaders of the homo-imperium and feminist ideologies".

The cardinal had celebrated Holy Mass at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Valencia and recalled the words of Benedict XVI. that he had spoken to the World Meeting of Families in 2006 there.  The Pope had called all nations, "not to ignore the precious heritage founded on marriage."

In recent years there has been a real escalation against the family  in Spain.  Spain stands in last place in the family policy in Europe. Along with Greece is has one of the lowest birth rates, while abortions, divorces and cohabitation increase.

Gender ideology, is the "most malicious of all human history"

The attacks include new laws as they have been submitted by the Regional Parliament of Valencia, with which "the gender ideology is promoted." The cardinal described the gender theory as "the most malicious that there has been in human history."

Cardinal Cañizares stressed the fact that the Catholic University of Valencia could "not remain absolutely passive" in the face of this attack. Rather, the entire academic community must "be of use to the family, because it determines the future of man and of humanity."

Offensive attack

Juan Carlos Mondero

An answer to the Cardinal's words came from Juan Carlos Monedero, professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas and representative of the radical left party Podemos. He described Cañizares as "monster" and recommended that the cardinal "release his sexual tension."

Monedero, an employee of the Catholic Church, accused the former Cardinal because of his criticism of the gender theory on the TV station Cadena Cuatro as having "repressed homosexuality" with which he is "obstructing our democracy."

The party Podemos, founded in 2014, became the new bastion of the radical and extreme left in Spain. The party belongs in the European Parliament Group of the European Left, which will also include Die Linke in Germany and Syriza in Greece.

Monedero, who had previously taught at the State University Complutense in Madrid, has also taught at the Jesuit University of Comillas in northern Spain, which is one of the most important Catholic universities in the country, in the Department of International Development Cooperation.

Monedero is considered the actual "mastermind" of Podemos. His impressive CV owes a considerable portion to the Catholic Church, especially the Pontifical University of Comillas.

Monedero is served by a "verbal brute force", so Infovaticana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana /Wiki Commons
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Typical leftist tactic to use their opponents language with a passive aggressive insult.
The level of stupidity by implying someone is homosexual because someone is against the homosexual lifestyle is mind numbing & childish.

Deacon Augustine said...

Narcissists always try to project their own vices onto everybody else. It's a pathetic attempt to affirm their own normalcy - it always fails.

Barnum said...

The Church really needs to consider getting out of the "respectable" education, social justice, and charity rackets for a while.