Friday, May 20, 2016

"Holy See Bends a Knee" to Marco Pannella and the Spirit of the Times

(Rome) On the death of Marco Pannella, the personification of the Radical Party and possessed of an irrepressible hostility to the Church, Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ made a "genuflection to the world and the spirit of the times," said Antonio Socci. Pannella fought all his life against the Church and for abortion, divorce, euthanasia, artificial insemination and the legalization of drugs. However, he has now been acknowledged by the official voice of the Holy See with the words: "Pannella leaves us a beautiful human and spiritual heritage".

The Vatican spokesman Lombardi said to the TG2000 of the Italian Bishops' Conference: "He felt appreciation and admiration for Pope Francis. With Marco Pannella, we found ourselves sometimes with deeply discordant positions, but one had to appreciate his generous and total dedication to noble concern, like the prisons. That was the issue personally close to him when I had the opportunity to meet him.

He came more than once to visit me personally to express his deep appreciation and admiration for Pope Francis, for the attention and commitment to the issues of prisoners and also for the persons whose rights are often violated. I have a beautiful memory of these encounters with Pannella. He was always very warm and honest while showing his enthusiasm and his gratitude for this initiative of the Holy Father.
He is a person who, from a human and spiritual point of view, leaves us a fine heritage because of the openness of his relations, freedom of expression and in particular the total and altruistic dedication to noble concern. He had a political and social commitment, which sought no self-interest, but was attentive to the problems of the most vulnerable people.

Pope Francis showed his attention to a person who was old and in recent times also ill,  whose appreciation he knew that had been shown to him for his commitment to the prisoners and the marginalized."

The "genuflection" of the Vatican spokesman, aimed at a further "bridge" between Pope Francis and those who don't go to church, yes, even anticlerical circles, sparked  some indignation. among Catholics. These three responses in summary:

Antonio Righi, Libertà e Persona

[...] How much esteem and sympathy? I wonder: What was the life and the struggle of Pannella, and where was he engaged?

1. Legalization of drugs (and therefore of death);

2. Legalization of divorce (the death - brought to the family - or almost). His biggest opponent in this area at that time was Father Riccardo Lombardi SJ, the "microphone of God", the uncle of Father Federico Lombardi. The uncle had to put up with the wildest abuse for his defense of marriage and family from Pannella, yet the nephew prefers to want to canonize Pannella.

3. Legalization of abortion (and thus again the death of millions of violent deaths of unborn children);

4. Attempted to criminalize Benedict VI.  at national and international levels for alleged "coverage of pedophiles" (a fight that Radio Radicale led for several years);

5. Legalizing "gay marriage";
Reducing the world's population to two billion by widespread use of contraceptives, abortion, euthanasia, ...

6. Legalization of euthanasia.

One might add that he ... hauled the mastermind of leftist terrorism Toni Negri, the porn actress Ilona "Cicciolina" Staller, the murderer Sergio D'Elia to parliament.
None of these battles I can agree with, as a Catholic, as a person and as a rational being. There are invariably struggles to the death. [...]

Paolo Deotto, Riscossa Cristiana

[...] These statements are intolerable. They sound like an insult to the truth of Our Lord, whose dogged enemy was the faded Pannella. But they are also a clear signal of a diabolic impurity which now befuddles the heads of the highest degrees of the Church hierarchy.
Why not remain silent in the face of the death of an enemy of the faith? And if you already thinks it's necessary to have to talk, why not stress what the Christian people built. This also includes multiple sins  as exempla ad vitandum.
But none of these things. Pannella had left us "a beautiful human and spiritual heritage". He was an enemy of God? But what does it matter?  He was, as the Vatican spokesman Lombardi sets value, a great admirer of Bergoglio. The admiration was, incidentally, quite another.

One is more than clear: this is not the Church of Jesus Christ speaking. Here is the Church ofBergoglio speaking.
If the Holy See still has a modicum of consistency, we recommend to start a solidarity action for Dom Salvator Riina known as Totò, or at least a phone call, the Mafiaboss has about 200 murders on his conscience. How many million deaths does the diabolical abortion law 194/1978  that Marco Pannella demanded to force by all means, and has enforced? Compared to Pannella the Mafia boss Riina seems almost a dilettante. So he would really need "attention" and "mercy".

Father Lombardi, do it already. Be  friendly. Ask your employer to  Totò  at least. Are we not all "children of God"?

Antonio Socci, Lo Straniero

[...] Having said that, of course, that every person who dies, is owed Pietas. From us Christians they may also expect a prayer. Nevertheless is there really a need for comment from the Pope's speaker, and even then, such a comment?
Should not the wise rule of the (praying) silence follow, at least in the face of death? Or at least a certain sobriety?
In the Vatican - in the time of Bergoglianistic spectacle - one is so eager to get into the media, that they simply can not resist the temptation to stand before the microphone, when it comes to the death? [...]
The homage of the Vatican to Pannella is - to be exact - a tribute to the Zeitgeist, a tribute to the world and worldliness. The reason for this is obvious: Lombardi said that Pannella had a "very great admiration" for Pope Bergoglio.

Given such facts, one might tend for clarity, to find preferable the declared enemy of the Church Pannella to such clerics who do not have the courage of the truth ...

The hostility of an explicit opponent like Pannella, who fought out his destructive, secular fight with open visor is preferable to Bergoglian clericalism, of tearing theChurch from within, while he is claiming She is to "modernize".

Pannella was the pride of his terrible anti-Catholic ideology, at least, was not "free" as those Catholics who are ashamed of their own faith and at the end even of Christ.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: MMF (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Unknown said...

Of course the Vatican loved him---he was a fellow faggot.


Anonymous said...

When I read this story, and of the homage the Vatican of Pope Francis gave to this lunatic and his radical agenda, I thought of a comment another one of the contributors made in another post, referring to Pope Francis. To quote him, he said something like:
"When is that other lung going to give out?" (referring to Bergoglio having only 1 functioning lung.)
You wouldn't believe how many people in Italy think that!
Bergoglio is going to be 80 in December....6 months. Can't be TOO much longer till he's going, going, GONE!
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

As a secnd thought about Francis, which really shows his character (or lack of it), I read that recently, a group of Catholics from Macedonia I believe, presented Bergoglio with a papal and ornamented with hundreds of pearls. I saw a photo of it. It is beautiful. But I read somewhere that instead of an appreciative gesture and smile, Bergoglio scowled/frowned angrilly when he saw it.
After all the beautiful craftsmanship and effort any tons of money gone into creating the beautiful tiara and for Bergoglio to express his displeasure? All I could think of (sorry for saying it but it's how I feel), was "you ignorant, uncouth SOB."
Maybe his reaction like that is why he is disliked so much in Italy. And so are his Italian supporters, his Italian bishops, etc.
Damian Malliapalli

Francis said...

Suck a lemon you witless, gormless twerp.

Anonymous said...

Oh, belt up Francis! Don't get so gutted over what I said. If you don't get it that Francis is the worst thing to have happened in the Church, then you must be slightly barmy! :)
I lived.worked in Britian for almost a year on photo shoots in my former job, so I picked up a lot from the locals. Are you British? Congrats. Great country.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Rattled his rat cage.