Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Map Shows Mass Locations Since Summorum Pontificum

Map of Europe with Mass Locations of the Traditional Mass 

(Rome) The French side ProjectSP5 published a map of Europe which includes the Mass  locations of the traditional Mass.  ProjectSP5 standa for Project Summorum Pontificum. The map highlights the spread of the traditional Rite, which Pope Benedict XVI has restored the traditional Rite again to its official right of residence in the world Church. 

Distinct Geographic Differences 

A glance on the map immediately shows significant geographic differences between the various European states.  Strikingly thick are the Mass locations in France, England and the German language area, less dense are the Catholic nations of Poland, Italy, Dpain and Portugal. Some
Counties, notably Ireland, we're not included.
The traditional Rite is thus more prominently represented in those areas where the Catholic Faith has been historically endangered by great pressure.  That was true for England though the long Anglican state persecution, for France through radical secularization and for the German speaking areas through the Church schism of the 16th century, which separated both the people and the state, and in the last half-century from a protestantizing in progressive Church circles.

Map Documents Counter-Reaction

The "Rheinisch Alliance" from the leading German and French speaking bishops and theologians are in this area and worked a massive influence on the Second Vatican Council. The consequences were an inner-Church break, which has not been resolved and has thrown the Church into a difficult crisis. 
The maps with the Mass locations documented in the same area as the reaction to this development and gives the impression of the vitality of faith and the Church.
The also shows a significant shortcoming. Some Mass locations are missing, others are imprecisely located on the map. . A more precise and comprehensive map, "would be desired and would make the implementation and effect of the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of  Papst Benedict  XVI",  says the traditional site  Messa in Latino. The project of the French blogger is still a noteworthy beginning.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: ProjectSP5 (Screenshot)
Trans: Tabcred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

Thank you Archbishop LeFebvre and Fr. Calmel and a few others they stood up when all the forces of hell were snarling in their faces.

Tony V said...

Agree, we owe them a huge debt.
I can't get to the link, but I must say the map of England looks rather optimistic. Here in east Kent we now have regular EF masses in Ramsgate and Margate, and I guess there's a rotating Sunday Mass on the other side of Canterbury, but they're still fare fewer on the ground than that map would suggest.

Anonymous said...

Can you give a direct link to that map, please? Thank you.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much. In Jesu et Maria, Robert

Chloe said...

A pity Ireland isn't included. I know of at least three places where TLM is offered daily and there are more where it's offered as often as the priests vp an manage it. Cork, Dublin and Limerick for daily masses.