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Celibacy: Is Pope Francis Going to Ordain Married Deacons to the Priesthood in Mexico?

(Rome) The divorced and remarried and homosexuality are only two fronts. Behind the scenes there is struggling in the Catholic Church about much more. A meeting began at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome this afternoon, whose theme in view of the circumstances of the time has been particularly explosive: "Priestlly celibacy is a path of freedom." The Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet will be siding with the defense of priestly celibacy in the Latin Church. "But Pope Francis gave the German bishops again to understand that he wants to break with this tradition", said Vatican expert Sandro Magister.

Notable conference with an outstanding cast

The mere realization of the meeting was thus something extraordinary in itself. In Rome there are usually very sensitive responses about  papal wishes, and the signals from Pope Francis for some time already have been going in another direction.
Particularly striking is the starring cast of the conference. The presence of the Cardinal Secretary of State and Cardinal Ouellet reveals the importance given to this topic. Ouellet's presence is aimed at bishops, since only they can administer the sacrament of Holy Orders. Ouellet was the first speaker today. He talked about celibacy and the marriage-like union between Christ the Bridegroom and His Bride the Church.
Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin is took the floor on Saturday morning   as the last speaker and addressed the in persona Christi of ordained priests.
The most conspicuous absentee was therefore Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and thus actually directly responsible. Stella is one of the heads of dicastries  appointed by Francis. His absence in the list of speakers showed his partisanship.

The German troublemakers

Priesthood: Ordained in persona Christi

The latest signal of Pope Francis to admit married men to the priesthood, earlier coming from the demands of  '68  liberal church circles, has come again from the German-speaking countries, the actual source of unrest in the Catholic Church since Pope John XXIII. in 1963, when the Second Vatican Council opened.
That "the Germans" are again behind the attack on  priestly celibacy, one could already recognize in earlier signals. The Austrian missionary bishop and Catholic leftist Erwin Kräutler plays a role in the forefront with his " Amazon workshop." Although Kräutler completed his 75th year in July 2015. Francis did not acccept his canonically prescribed resignation to date.  He still seems to have a task.
The "Amazon Workshop" is an attempt to overthrow priestly celibacy on the grounds of a "pastoral emergency," which was caused by an acute shortage of priests. The Amazon was therefore chosen since   Kräutler  rules as the hustling Bishop, whose  real situation in the remote Amazon anyway no one knows,  but arouses all the more, the  socially-romantic associations of the "noble savage" to protect the rainforests.
That Kräutler consciously hides the spiritual dimension of the priestly vocation as grace in favor of unilateral structural reforms, and in this question proves himself more of an ideologue than a shepherd, is passed over in silence.

The German urge to "change" celibacy

Bishop Erwin Kräutler in the Amazon

The German bishops would like to abolish  celibacy directly, yet this does not wear well in the universal Church, which was shown by  in the recent double-synod. The schism was inevitable. Therefore the detour was attempted and the question shifted to a remote corner of the earth. Thus one takes himself out of the firing line and activates an old proven method: an extreme and hardly verifiable exceptional situation is made the lever.[!]
There is talk in Rome in connection with the "Amazon Workshop" of a " German-Brazilian axis," but it actually turns out to be German-German axis on closer inspection. At one end sit bishops and theologians from the German-speaking world, the push for "change in celibacy",  organizing these in the background and sponsor. At the other end sits the Austrian Kräutler. It's no coincidence. They   understand one another, and this does not only mean the language, but also the anti-Roman, German thought. "Anti Roman" does not mean the current Pope, but the papacy in general and Catholic doctrine. Whoever thought that protestantizing, nationalist ecclesiastically minded Germans would become papists with Pope Francis are mistaken. The objectives are unchanged. With Pope Francis they only see "only" a better chance to complete the Copernican turn initiated 50 years ago. 

Hans-Jochen Jaschke Follow Erwin Kräutler and Wunibald Müller

Bishop Jaschke: "The Pope did not  shrug it off."

After Erwin Kräutlers Visit with Francis and Wunibald Muller's correspondence with him, it is now Hamburg Auxiliary Bishop Hans-Jochen Jaschke, who hailed papal intentions. Jaschke was a guest  last weekend guest on the SWR talkshow Nachtcafé . There he described the ad limina  visit  of the German bishops with Pope Francis, which took place on November 20, 2015. At that time it was said that the pope had "read the riot act" to the German bishops. From Jaschke there was no mention of it. On the contrary.
The ad limina visit proceeded quite differently. Pope Francis only distributed the prepared speech.  It had a single indictment of the failure of the German bishops, which had led to an "erosion of the Catholic faith". The speech came obviously not from Francis, who led instead entered into a conversation with with the bishops.
When the discussion was raised by the German bishops, including the possibility of using married priests in godforsaken and  areas with a shortage of priest, especially in Latin America, "the Pope didn't shrug it off.". It was "an alternative model"  and  "included other ways of being priests and married priests" as "alternative models," indeed the pope did not dismiss it. Jaschke's story was entertained by the media of the German Bishops' Conferencewidespread on Monday with obvious satisfaction.

Married priests be "acceptable worldwide"

Jaschke was offered a view behind the scenes of the anti-celibacy strategy during the  program.  The Pope was "not a dictator", said the Bishop, which is why he would make such innovations "acceptible worldwide."  This is how the will work. In the universal Church, there is no acceptance of the abolition of priestly celibacy, therefore this is why it  must be precisely established.
That Jaschke campaigned on the same occasion for an "uninhibited" dealing with homosexuality, fits into the picture of the precarious state of the German Church. The SWR had, in addition to the Hamburger auxiliar bishop, invited the suspended Polish priest, Krzysztof Charamsa  who had been "outed" the day before the Synod of Bishops in 2015 as an aberrosexual. The Pole has been since enjoying  the media attention and appears to be not entirely comprehensible.

Battering Action: Will  Francis consecrate married deacons in Mexico to the priesthood?

"Among the German bishops it is rumored that during his visit to Mexico in mid-February, Francis did intend to consecrate some married deacons of the Chiapas diocese San Cristobal de Las Casas," said the Vatican expert Sandro Magister.
A haphazard action of the Pope to make the abolition of priestly celibacy "most acceptable"? The bishop of Chiapas diocese, Msgr. Felipe Arzmendi Esquivel, has all but denied the rumors in this direction. However, the story offers a glimpse into the impatient expectations at the top of the German Church.
Even the papal master of ceremonies, Msgr. Guido Marini, Sandro Magister assured that the Pope when visiting Mexico "is not going to conduct any ordinations during Mass."

Cardinal Marx: "Pope assured he  knew nothing of the speech text"

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich, President of the German Bishops' Conference and member of the C9-Cardinal Council to advise the Pope,  wanted to know what the  Francis text distributed for the ad limina, had in it. The Pope had assured him, that he knew nothing of the text and had not read it. At least the latter seems doubtful since he summarily renounced the lecture.
"In fact, the text shows no trace of Bergoglio's style, nor his sympathy for the German bishops. The text appears as if it were written by Pope Benedict XVI, flowing as a continuation of his speech for the detachment from the world of the Church, which he had held on September 25, 2011 in Freiburg," said Magister.
Therefore, suspicion falls directly on Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Prefect of the Roman Congregation, as Benedict XVI. has an excellent knowledge of the German situation. The German bishops, led by Cardinal Marx see in Cardinal Müller their great opponent, they ignore him almost ostentatiously in his capacity as guardian of the faith.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Heralds / MiL / Settimo Cielo
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

Patriarch Krill would approve! So would Marty Luther! Bet Rorate, the Remnant, Church Militant, aka Catholic, Tradition in Action, Fellay, Burke, Schneider, Pell, EWTN etc. all will approve also by their SILENT consent and/or their "?" This will pave the way for sodomite and PEDOPHILE priests (who are already open).

It is so funny how Josephinum breaks all contact w/Joel Wright, but the clowns above keep walkin along singin a song straight to hell.

Danneels catechism: i.e. the CATHOLIC Church taught CHILDREN under their care that toddlers WANT to have SEX w/adults (mom & dad!) - and this is who Bergoglio especially, personally appointed to Synod on SEX for SODOMITES!!!!! And who has walked out? Phil Lawler? "DR" Mirius? Bishop Fellay? Michael Matt? Louis Verecchio? Tancred? Chris Ferrara? Rorate? John Venari?

Let's look at the picture one more time (and this has been known at the vatican for 20 years--during JP2 (sAint) who never did nuthin about Maciel's pedophilia either!):

The people WALKED OUT on Nestorius -- but WHO will walk out on Bergoglio, Danneels, JP2, Benedict 16, Paul 6 and JP2 naked women offering gifts (at mass)?

Tancred said...

Actually, Maciel was suspended under John Paul II.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you get this info:

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI removed Maciel from active ministry based on the results of an investigation started under John Paul II concerning sexual impropriety.

"Evidence has emerged of Maciel's abuse of seminarians as long ago as the 1940s. An American bishop sent detailed evidence from a former Legion priest to Rome through official channels on three occasions. Nothing happened. Meanwhile the cash flowed into the Vatican's coffers from Maciel's wealthy friends.

"By 2004, Jason Berry and the late Gerald Renner had exposed his double life in their book and documentary Vows of Silence. The following year, Maciel stood down from running the Legionaries, and just days before the death of John Paul, the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was speaking of the "filth in the church", widely interpreted as meaning child abusers in general and quite possibly Maciel in particular. It took Ratzinger just a year following his election as Pope Benedict XVI to discipline Maciel and invite him to a life of penitence and prayer."

Bill said...

It appears that you enjoy making mountains out of molehills.

Tancred said...

Yep, he actually resigned before JPII died, so your conception that he did nothing is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

God save us from Pope Francis!

Ivan said...

Paying no heed to the long-pending and widely known canonical charges against Maciel by eight of the Legionary seminarians he had sexually molested, John Paul lavishly honored him in a public ceremony at the Vatican in November 2004. Days later, however, then Cardinal Ratzinger “took it on himself to authorize an investigation of Maciel.” [Jason Berry, “Money Paved the Way for Maciel’s Influence in the Vatican,” National Catholic Reporter, April 6, 2010].

Tony V said...

Considering all the trouble we've had with a certain type of "celibate" priests, married priests isn't such a bad idea. How to pay for them, that's another question...

M. Prodigal said...

A homosexual priest will not be helped by marriage...and then you will have the issue of gay "marriage" if priests are allowed to marry then wont the sodomites demand that too? Celibacy is a great gift to the holy Church.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's about time!!! we have...''optional celibacy'',,,that way our church goes back to its' ''original teachings'' of our dear first christian priests...the disciples...they were married men and so was our first dear pope st. peter!!! mandatory celibacy was brought in just for politics!!! shame on them!!! thank God for our dear pope of hope francis for having an open mind and heart on this important matter!!! with ''optional celibacy'' a priest can choose rather to be celibate or married!! about extra payment...they won't need it,,,they will have their wives and their families to help them out!!! it's about time the church goes back to its' original roots!!!! if ten years we will not even have a priest left!!! god bless our dear...pope francis!!! thank you!! and blessings!!! we can't wait,,,for this,,,blessing of...''optional celibacy'' amen!!!!!!

Nestorian said...

I think it is worth remembering that nothing about married priests is contrary to Catholic doctrine.

Moreover, a married clergy is an ancient Christian tradition, as the praxis of all the Eastern Christian churches makes abundantly clear.

Tancred said...

On the contrary, the effort to undermine the celibate clergy by trying to impose a married one on the laity is modernist and Protestant.

Tancred said...

Modernists want to go back to the "ancient" Church in all things but the Faith.

Anonymous said...


Tancred said...

You sound like a Zapatero, not a Catholic.

1. Most sexual abuse is committed by married men, so I don't see what denigrating an apostolic tradition by allowing them is going to help.

2. "Human Rights" doesn't have anything to do with Catholicism. Error has no rights.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! i know that most sexual abuse are by so many pervert married men as well!!! but,,,these so called priests go into hiding and they know that there are victims for them in that field. they are surrounded by youths!! so this sexual abuse is from disturbed people!!! that is what makes it so evil!!! think about it,,,why are so many catholic priests all over the world...sexually abusing youths? how shameful!!! the bible from the begining....God says to man and woman...go forth and multiply!!! so priest or not,,, a man has a right to choose if he wants to be married or not!!!! this is my point!!! mandatory celibacy,,is pagan and hypocritical. do you know how many priests have girlfriends??? many!!! and that is normal!!! a priest is also a man!!! not a robot!!! as the church expects them to be!! thank heavens for...our dear pope of hope francis!!! may god bless him!!! thank you!! and blessings!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see your point!!! but,,,you don't understand!!! married priests will be only...for a man and woman,,,as it was in the begining and always will be!!! it will become optional celibacy. a normal priest will choose to be married or not!! if they are gay,,,well i'm sorry there is no marriage in God's eyes between two men or two women!! i really think that this homosexual thing is a real sickness in the mind!!! i consider it an healness!! so i suggest we pray for homosexuals and lesbians. God created man and woman to go forth and multiply!!! the evil one is really destroying our world!!! yes,,,homosexuals have a real chemical imbalance in their brains. so sad!!! let's pray for them!!! blessings!!!!

Tancred said...

The Church has always had a celibate clergy and it always will have it, people's emotive desires notwithstanding.

Tancred said...

If you're worried about abuses, then we should just go ahead and abolish humanity.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say this to you....but...the church did not always have a celibate clergy system!!! our first christian priests were married,,, our dear disciples...including...saint peter!! along the line...some pope just for ''politics'' out to make the church rich,,,for when a preist past away...not having a family of his own...he left all his wealth to the church...which is why the roman catholic church is so rich now adays!! very shameful!!!! because our lord and savior was born in a show humility...richness comes from the evil one!!! pope francis knows...that mandatory not church dogma!! it is only out for control!!! with a stroke of his white papal pen...he can change it''optional celibacy''...our very frist teachings from our disciples. whith optional celibacy...a preist chooses whether to have a family or just stay celibate!!! it is about time!!!! thanks and blessings!!! i hope i made myself clear this time!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! but,,,our dear pope francis was sent to us from God above!!! all the other popes were good popes but,,,very weak!! pope francis,,is doing so much to change back our catholic church to its' original roots from our dear first priests...our dear disciples...they were married men....and our dear pope of hope franics is going strong to bring in again...''optional celibacy''...amen!!! it is about time!!! no one puts down our dear pope...god sent him to us!!!!!!

Tancred said...

Is he going to bring back severe penances, the Mass of the Catechumens, and liturgical orthopraxis?