Monday, January 11, 2016

The Church is Dominated by an Aberrosexual Clergy

Edit: We know people don't like Michael Voris and his Catholic Network TV, and there are legitimate reasons for that, but he and his people continues to be truly brave and say things and attack figures in the hierarchy that many of his detractors don't do. What's more, he AT LEAST is effective.  To many of you, this headline and story isn't news, but many of the actors haven't yet been named, and haven't been called to account for their frankly criminal malfeasance and misrepresentation.

We touched briefly upon this last week with respect to St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, where grieving parents called upon an evil Monastery to change its ways, and we also pointed out that the story didn't get a lot of traction, especially in the kosher Catholic Press.   A few years back when we broke the story that the Abbey was hosting a naked retreat.  The response was pretty impressive from Lifesite, ChurchMilitant and a large number of other bloggers around and about.  As a result, the retreat was cancelled, and the one who planned it, Father Bob Pierson  went on a one year sabbatical to an Anglican Monastery.  [Since then, this aberrosexual enabler has been relocated to another "Benedictine" institution, which underscores the problem in miniature which troubles the Church as a whole throughout the world going up to the very top, including the Pope himself.]

We're  familiar with the story Voris helped circulate about an aberrosexual in the New York Diocese who was living with a similarly afflicted man to the outrage of the laymen of that parish who eventually drove the parasite out of their parish, with Voris' help.

Now this story is taking on broader dimensions as Voris is moving to take on the entire Archdiocese, calling Cardinal Dolan to task:
Here’s the headline: As much as half of priests and bishops in the U.S. may homosexual. Now the details. 
Back in 2000, just as news of the homosexual priest sex abuse crisis was beginning to break, the  Kansas City Star did an in-depth exposé on a horrible topic: the large number of  homosexual priests dying of AIDS. The newspaper's reporting brought to public light, for the first time on this kind of scale, the issue of homosexuality in the priesthood — albeit through the tragic lens of AIDS. 
The newspaper conducted extensive research into the related issues of AIDS and homosexuality within clerical ranks and religious communities. Far from denying the paper's stories, the bishop of Kansas City at the time, Raymond Boland, admitted the findings were true and said, "Much as we would regret it, it shows that human nature is human nature." 
The issue of the AIDS death aside (God rest their souls), it reveals the reality of homosexuality in the ranks of the ordained — and not just its presence, but its overwhelming presence.


Anonymous said...

Please, what would be the legitimate reasons not to approve Voris? Ehabibhabib

Tancred said...

He's not very clear about the history of the Matt family for one thing. I think Mike described the situation accurately here:

Tony V said...

One of my first patients as a medical intern in a teaching hospital in a northeast US city in the early 1990s was a priest with AIDS. I never could bring myself to call him 'Father' on morning rounds, which wasn't very charitable, perhaps (maybe he assumed I wasn't Catholic).

Personally, I suspect there's a genetic linkage between a gene that predisposes to a certain type of male homosexuality and another that predisposes to performing (whether NO-style Masses or the stage/screen). As well as to another that predisposes to interior decorating. But hairdressing...that only goes with poofery, in my experience. But there are many types of homosexuality, just as there are many types of depression, schizophrenia, etc.

Roseanne said...

I know a priest who died of aids in the 1980s. No one but a very few of the immediate family knew of it. He was a very well respected priest in his diocese and full to the brim with works of charity. He did go to Confession to a very orthodox priest immediately before his mind got too bad to be responsible for sin, so, I must hope God gave him the gift of forgiveness and salvation. God rest his soul if he's in Purgatory.

Anonymous said...

There is something really funny about queenie priests dying of AIDS. The Germans call it schadenfreude.

Bill said...

The Germans call is "schadenfreude" however you should not call it that. We should never be happy about another's misfortune. Jesus would like it.

Tancred said...

Do shut up, Bill.

JBQ said...

There but for the grace of God go I.