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Only "Administrative Decision" on Medjugorje -- Cardinal Puljics Recommendation to the Pope

(Rome) Cardinal Vinko Puljic, Archbishop of Sarajevo and member of the Pontifical Commission of Inquiry, which is mandated to study the phenomenon of Medjugorje, said to have "recommended" to the pope to come to a decision on Medjugorje only on "administrative" aspects, but not on the "phenomena" and messages. [The messages are obviously heretical, if words can mean anything at all.]
The Virgin Mary is alleged to have regularly appeared at a parish of Medjugorje for the past 35 years to six "seers", which is  under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Mostar. Bishop Ratko Peric, like his predecessor Pavao Zanic (to 1993), regarded the Medjugorje phenomenon with great skepticism.  Bishop Zanic declared as competent ecclesiastical authority that the alleged apparitions were "not supernatural" in character ( non constat de supernaturalitate ). This decision was supported and confirmed in 1991 by the Yugoslav Bishops' Conference  and still applies today.
People have "the right to go to Medjugorje to pray and do penance," explained Cardinal Puljic in December for the Turkish state news agency Anadolu Agency (AA). Medjugorje "is one of the largest confessional benches, not only the Balkans, but in all of Europe, and that has to be somehow taken into account when deciding which one will meet".
Cardinal Puljic therefore recommended to the Pope a decision to "solely" address the "administrative aspects", responding in  "no way to the question of appearances." "When it comes to visions and messages, which are still under consideration,  the Church does not move quickly.  The Church does not hurry, but always arrives at a conclusion. I'm not worried about the attitude of the Holy Father or those of the CDF. "
Concerning  the pilgrims, the Cardinal, that which has already been said  applies: "It is important that the people who go to Medjugorje, pray for the strengthening of their faith and are comforted in returning home."

"Solomonic" or "Educational" solution?

Behind the scenes there has been a tug of war for years in the Vatican   around Medjugorje. The Vatican became increasingly cautious, while some Church officials, including the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Schönborn, are convinced of the authenticity of the phenomenon. [Not exactly a vote of confidence.] Since the 80s, however, there has been a negative decision on  Medjugorje. Since then, it is argued by proponents that Rome had not yet decided. A decision of Rome, however, not canonically necessary to be  provided. Among the supporters  of Medjugorje, there is the claim that Pope John Paul II. and the then faith Prefect of the CDF, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger have commented positively about Medjugorje, which has been denied in writing by Cardinal Ratzinger 1998.
In 2009 the CDF confirmed the jurisdiction of the Bosnian bishops and thus the negative decision of 1991.
In 2010, Pope Benedict XVI. finally established a Vatican commission of inquiry to examine the phenomenon of Medjugorje and bring about the much-discussed decision in Rome. The signals emanating  from the Commission  were negative in the matter. At the turn of 2012, the final   report  was placed in front of the Pope.
Since then,  a decision has been delayed by some church circles, helped along by the unexpected resignation of Benedict XVI. The Commission of Inquiry had completed its work, yet remained  for another two years in office until 2014.
A postponement is argued for since it is concerned that a negative decision could unsettle many believers and shake in their faith. In fact, those in the know confirm that tension is very high among Medjugorje. The danger of divisions within the Bosnian Franciscans makes the regular rounds.  An argument  from experience- which is not taken lightly in Rome,  confirms the reluctance of Pope Francis. Francis has expressed himself repeatedly against "an addiction to apparitions and messages."
On 6 June 2015, the Pope had himself expressed the view of an early decision on the return flight from Sarajevo.  But nothing has happened since then. At the end of June, Andrea Tornielli, the  papal  household vaticanist said that a decision would wait until "after the summer break", perhaps would even be  given "at the Synod of Bishops".
An "administrative" solution has presented itself after months. A decree lays on the desk of the pope which has been formulated since the spring of 2015. Medjugorje is recognized as a place of prayer, entrusted to the pastoral care of the Franciscan Order, but is subordinated to the jurisdiction and supervision of Rome. There will be no light  construction because it interferes with the rights of the Mostar diocese. Public appearances of the "seers" are also suppressed or completely prevented. As far as  a non-decision on the "apparitions" and "messages"  it is argued that the phenomenon is still ongoing and therefore, to make a final judgment prematurely was indeed impossible.   There is talk in Rome  of a "Solomonic" or "educational" solution.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Cari Filii / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred
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Eirene said...

An Administrative Decision? What the ....?!
No guts, no garters, no integrity! Sure, the Church "moves slowly. . . " ON SOME THINGS! Get out of town, Cardinal who ever you are!

Anonymous said...

His Eminence fumbles the ball on the one-yard line.

Jeremiah Methuselah said...
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James said...

So... Basically money was spent, talk was talked, and nothing changes.

Leo Darroch said...

Jeremiah Methuselah - I have to say that the link you have provided for Michael's book is not a version authorised by Michael's family and it should not be published as a reference on Medjugorje. My name is mentioned by Michael on page 9 as his proof reader. I fulfilled this role on a number of his books but when I read the text of the version to which you have provided a link I found many errors and I asked Michael to remove my name. It is well known that Michael was terminally ill when he was revising this book and, unfortunately, it severely affected his concentration. He died before the revision was completed and I was asked by his family to complete the revision in collaboration with his son Adrian who speaks fluent Croatian. This revision was completed in 2006 and this version is the only one approved by the Davies family. I would be most grateful if you would remove this link to the book and not use it again.
Leo Darroch.

Anonymous said...

They really do think we are a bunch of stupid groundlings. What hubris.

S said...

Over 40,000 visits by BVM. I don't think St. Joseph himself would approve at this point. What a joke. Card. Showboat had Ivan the seer live streaming the BVM (NOT) blessing sacrementals at one point last year. If it is not free masonry it is mental retardation.

Anonymous said...

Shut the place down is a deception from the devil anyways.

Anonymous said...

One more case of the shallowness, stupidity and fecklessness of the bihops. God is punishing us through the so-called "shepherds" His permissive will has allowed to be placed in positions of leadership in the Church. Maricusa

Slick said...

Here's an idea. Go to your parish to find Christ, for He is there. Go to confession in your parish, for the bench is there.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment doesn't apply to this news posting, but I thought everyone should know this bit of news:
Today's "Family Day" in Rome, a demonstration in favor of the traditional family and Catholic family values drew over 2.2 million people to Rome, according to enormous rebuke to Pope Francis and his people. the wonderful Cardinal Bagnasco stood up and proclaimed traditional Catholic values to the crowds, amid cheers and applause.
Because of his lack of support for the traditional family values in this campaign, I read that Pope Francis is truly hated, reviled, and despised due to his agenda by millions of Italian Catholics. Good Riddance. Good people of Italy and Rome, bring Francis and his people down....and out!
Dsmisn Mslliapalli

Anonymous said...

In other words the money is rolling in

Boniface said...

People need to know the background; once you do, the farcical nature of this become so self evident.

Eirene said...

Medjugorje "is one of the largest confessional benches, not only the Balkans, but in all of Europe, and that has to be somehow taken into account when deciding which one will meet".

My further question, fuelled by this post by Jeremiah, is this: Have all the many priests hearing confessions in this largest European confessional bench been APPROVED BY THE LOCAL BISHOP so to do??? Also, have those who celebrate the Holy Mass in that place also been given approval by the Local Bishop so to do?

If the answer is "NO" in each instance, does that invalidate what everyone is doing there? Or should this be a purely "Administrative Decision"? (Actually, is it a purely Financial Decision posing as an Administrative Decision?) Lord have mercy on those deceived by rogues and charlatans!

Anonymous said...

Even the adversary can pose as an "angel of light" to lead souls astray. Discernment!

Lorraine Holloway White said...

It is more than obvious these messages are not from Our Blessed Lady, but are a huge deception by Satan. This is not how Our Lady would appear and is not how supernatural gifts are given.
God always has a purpose and predictions are given that can be proven correct. There is no way in the world they would have to wait half a century for anything either. It is time people learnt to test the spirits and that means of those claiming to be heavenly beings as well as the living. No one tests the spirits, no one and this is why millions now are being deceived. Even these so-called visionaries have not tested the spirits, but have believed blindly. With these alleged words and visions, they are copying too much about Fatima with secrets, but these secrets have been revealed to no one so they can be checked. The pope will know for sure, as he is a man with the supernatural gifts of God and the gift of discernment. I have no doubt he will arrive at a decision that will leave no one in any doubt, as he DOES have the courage to put into words what others don't - as do I.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the devil wanted us to go to confession, read the bible, fast, pray the rosary and live the holy Mass. Talk about a kingdom divided. how could the devil stand giving advice like that?

Tancred said...

Or disobey legitimate Church authority and drive a Beemer. and promote maudlin heresies through fake locutions, which, let's face it, you'd have to really suspend your disbelief to believe.