Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Deeply Disturbing" --- On March 19th The Post-Synodal Letter About the Family Appears

Archbishop Paglia in Portugal:  Pope Francis Will Publish the Post-Synodal
Letter in March

Edit: Rorate is saying that it will be Tucho Fernandez who writes the letter.

(Rome) The post-synodal letter to the Synod of Bishops on the Family will be published in March. The chairman of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, told the Portuguese news agency Agencia Ecclesia.

The Agency wrote:
"The information was reported by Agencia Ecclesia, quoting the President of the Pontifical Family Council, Don Vincenzo Paglia, during the training days scheduled for priests which taking place until Thursday in the southern ecclesiastical province in Albufeira in the Algarve."

Initially it was said that the post-synodal letter would appear in February. The letter will be eagerly awaited. Since Pope Francis has creaated considerable tension in the Church when announcing the double-Synod of Bishops on the Family in 2013. A fundamental dispute about the indissolubility of marriage and the Catholic moral teaching has broken out. It is about the admission of remarried divorcees to the sacraments, and thus to the de facto recognition of a second marriage, and the acceptance of homosexuality. Both points are being promoted by the liberal group in the Church. The spokesman for the divorced and remarried is Cardinal Walter Kasper. One of the spokesmen for the recognition of homosexuality is curia Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

The Synod of Bishops ended in October 2015 with a laborious compromise which just avoided a break in the Church. The Kasperians were supported by Pope Francis suffered a defeat, but they want to still want to twist by way of "interpretation" and thanks to support from the Pope, into a victory.

The draft "puts the natural law in question"

The Vatican expert Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register reported today that the letter will be unveiled to the public on March 19, on the feast of St. Joseph and the third anniversary of the inauguration of Pope Francis.

According Pentin's "well informed sources" Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez, the ghostwriter of Pope Francis and rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, should be the principal author of the letter. Fernandez is one of the closest confidants of Pope Francis. He even appointed him as Archbishop of Buenos Aires Rector despite great resistance by the competent Roman Congregation for Education. When Pope Francis was elected, he let those feel his wrath, who had at the time opposed the appointment of Fernandez, while he raised Fernandez to Titular Archbishop and personally appointed him as a votinng member of the Synod of Bishops.

A moral theologian, says Pentin, has seen the draft and is "deeply disturbed" about it. The draft "puts the natural law in question".

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Secretum meum mihi (Sreenshot)

Trans: Tancred

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Ana Milan said...

Maybe this will be the moment when Cardinals will be forced to censure PF. This apostasy cannot continue. For Christ's sake stop it NOW.

Ryan said...

Maybe is right. The majority of our cardinals are with Francis, just check the voting record from the sin odd. Anything short of open and outright advocation of homosexuality as an intrinsic good or divorce and remarriage as permissible and no obstacle to sacraments we will see same as usual from our hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they release it on pervert parade today (i.e. St. Patrick's Day). Guess they have to drag every saint through their pervert communist fairy hell hole.

Anonymous said...

I expect Francis wilfully chose the 19th March in order to insult St Joseph, just as he insulted the Blessed Virgin with the light Show on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. May God remove him before that date if he does not repent.

Robbie said...

This document should not be allowed to be published. If Vatican Cardinals Muller, Sarah, Pell, and even Ratzinger are the devout Catholics we are lead to believe, they, and as many others as they can find, should march into humble Bergoglio's hotel and demand he leave the Vatican. They can even give him a first class ticket back to Argentina unless he prefers to travel by tramp steamer.

Honestly, I simply can't understand how the Cardinals can allow this madness to continue. This man is committing heresy day after day and it's crickets from them and the bishops. Where is the outrage?

Unfortunately, I know why we hear nothing. The Cardinals and Bishops are men who lack conviction. They see their titles as little more than ceremonial knighthoods. In other words, a capstone to their careers.

Ratzinger's abdication will go down as the most destructive self inflicted move in Catholic history.

Clearly, God is punishing the Church.

Anonymous said...

Rome is a cesspool of iniquity and franny, a snow-covered pile of dung. Hopefully God will rebuke him we humbly pray and St. Michael the Archangel will kick his stinking donkey ass into the Lutheran pit of hell...

Now trannie frannie is 'blessing' mixing animals w/humans-- guess that will make for a great team b ricca, danneels, mccarrick, o'malley, mahony, martini orgie.

Anonymous said...

For the present, this might look like victory for Francis and all the evil associates of his. Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez is a radical liberal, and I saw a posed picture of him...leaning against a window. It is a pose/picture that only someone who is 100% gay would do.
This might look like the radicals and heretics won out....but I think the reaction against this letter will be so massive, that Francis will choose to resign before the year is out....And is crew will be gone too.
Damian Malliapalli

All the good Cardinals I think are just waiting for the right moment. Francis' days as Pope are numbered. Someone the likes of him will not be elected again.

Anonymous said...

I agree to insult the holy family (pervert into the unholy family) St. Joseph & virtue of chastity (pervert into vice of sodomy). Beast World/Darwin's Monkey Man Conception vs. God's Immaculate Conception or beasts in control of the Vatican.

Just like perversion of the Church (VC2 Council) announced on feast of the Conversion of St. Paul:
address was delivered to 17 Cardinals in the Basilica of St. Paul-Outside-the-Walls on January 25, 1959

P.J.David said...

Is PF putting to test "God's Mercy" or making fun of it ? God knows it. Soon we will know soon how far he can go . It is very clear that he has no fear of God as he does talk , do things confusing the world to the advantage of non believers. It is quite appalling that most cardinals are on his side.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Damian, how I wish you were right about the demise of the traitors now in charge of our dear Mother the Church! But I fear you are not. Most of the evidence points to a self-serving, cowardly hierarchy castrated by two things: self-serving careerism and a paralyzing papolatry that makes them feel somewhat comfortable in their cowardly betrayal of their office and solemn duty to be pastors to Christ's flock. I fear---and fervently hope I am wrong---that we are in for the long run, with Francis naming radicals and outright heretics like him to the Sacred (or once sacred) College of Cardinals. But God is good, and He is good all the time; perhaps there will be a great surprise from our Good Father in Heaven, but not of the machiavellian type that Francis is always talking about. Oremus. RC

Anonymous said...

It's at a stage now where only the direct intervention of God will be of avail ,when it comes it will be spectacular ,that victory is reserved for the Immaculate Virgin and was promised by Our Lady of Good Success and will occurr when all seems lost .

Consecrate NOW! said...

God is giving us a chance to follow Him...or the Devil. Lets not be among the numbers who follow the Devil as the Protestants did when they followed Luthifer.

Anonymous said...

As an aside,I saw a clip of Leonardo di Caprio visiting the Vatican and meeting Pope Francis. Both are interested in protecting the earth and enviorment. That's fine for Leonardo, in fact it's very commendable. But that's not Pope Francis' job....nor is it celebrating the Reformation in Sweden with Lutherans, etc.
But I. just wanted to say that Pope Francis didn't look wise , in the face. You can tell when someone is not well. I showed the clip to my brother, who is doctor finishing up his residency and soon will be able to start his own practice.
He said of course he couldn't diagnose anything, but agreed that Francis does not have the look of a well person.
Of course, I;m not wishing Pope Francis sticken with a terminal illness of course, but I asked my brother and he said that he could tell that Francis has the look of someone who does not feel well.
It's up to God, of course :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Oremus pro Pontifice

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God! Please save us from Pope Francis and these losers he has put in charge! Save us from the kissing archbishop with the warts on his face and the crazy document he is ghost writing! Help! Please help!

Nicolas Bellord said...

Despite all the manipulation of the Synod the Bishops managed to produce a Relatio which was shorn of heresy. This was a defeat for the Liberals. It may be an unsatisfactory document in many respects but the Bishops probably did their best against the machinations of the Secretariat under Cardinal Baldisseri. If Pope Francis is supportive of the liberal agenda I do not think you can claim that the majority of Bishops and Cardinal are with him.

Anonymous said...

Kissing Archbishop with warts on his Face??? HAHAHAHA. Do you mean Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez ?
I would bet $50.00 he's gay.

Damian Malliapalli

Carl said...
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Anonymous said...

The way Francis is appointing bishops and cardinals, getting an orthodox prelate in a diocese or a Catholic pope elected at the next conclave becomes, at least from purely human perspective, almost impossible. Only a huge miracle can save the Church now. This is partly the result of the blind obedience of many, both lay and clergy, when the saintly Marcel Lefebvre sounded the alarm and acted as both a true shepherd and a real man. I have no doubt that many writing on this blog now at that time denounced him as "schismatics" while enabling the real schismatics and heretics in control of the Church under the fond illusion of being very obedient. Now we have the results of that ignoble cowardice and stupidity. It may too late---though I fervently hope I am wrong. RC