Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pope Francis Blames Benedict for Corruption Passes Buck on Chaoqui

Edit: there are suggestions that Francesca Chaoqui is a member of the Italian Secret Police, but it's impossible to believe that Pope Francis didn't know more about her when she was brought on board, than he suggests in his interview.  She was a high profile appointment obviously conceived to present a more open, inclusive Vatican.  It's difficult to discern what he's saying, but it also looks like he's accusing Pope Benedict of the corruption he's pretending to fight with the C9, made up mostly of some of the most liberal and princely Cardinals of the Church.  It's hard to call most of them Catholic.

(Paris) The Vatileaks 2 scandal is substantiated in a lawsuit by the Vatican court. Therin, none of the   details are spared that  make for all the ingredients of the perfect Sex, Crime and VaticanStory. That the bustling Francesca Chaouqui should betray her Vatican mentor, Msgr. Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda, since the police of the Vatican  showed up, makes them even more interesting to the media and even more embarrassing for the Vatican. Her appointment shall be directly attributed to Pope Francis on the recommendation of Msgr Vallejo Balda

When questioned by journalists,  Pope Francis  gave reply on the return journey from Africa regarding Vatileaks 2. His full answers:
Question: There is much talk about Vatileaks. Without going into details about the process, which takes place just: How important is the free and secular press in uncovering the corruption?
Pope Francis: The Free Press, the secular and ecclesiastical, but professional in any case: The professionalism of the press may be secular or religious. It is important that it has professionals and that the messages are not tampered with. For me it is important because the accusation of injustice and corruption is a good work. The professional press have to say anything, but without falling into the three most common sins: disinformation, which is to tell only half the story, and the rest not; defamation, if the non-professional public spotted the people; and the defamation that has things to say, which takes the reputation of a person. These are the three flaws that threaten the professionalism of the press. We need professionalism. And when it comes to corruption, it's good things to say: "Corruption exists here, here and here." And if a truly professional journalist was wrong, he apologizes.
Question: We could get into the COSEA appointing Monsignor Lucio Angel Vallejo Balda and Francesca Chaouqui.?Think of having made a mistake?
Pope Francis: I think that was a mistake. Vallejo joined because of the role he had and did have up until now: he was secretary of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See. How did she get in: I am not sure, but I think I am right in saying that it was he who said she was someone who was well acquainted with the world of business relations. They worked and when the work was complete, COSEA’s members kept some positions in the Vatican. Mrs. Chaouqui did not stay in the Vatican: some say she was angry about this. The judges will tell us what her real intentions were, how they did it. It did not come as a surprise to me, I didn’t lose any sleep over it because they showed everyone the work begun with the commission of nine cardinals, to root out corruption and the things that are wrong. There’s one thing I want to say, not about Vallejo and Chaouqui. Thirteen days before John Paul II’s death, during the via Crucis, the then Cardinal Ratzinger, talked about the filth in the Church. He denounced the first one. Then John Paul II died and Ratzinger, who was a dean on the "pro eligendo Pontefice” Mass, talked about the same thing. We elected him because of his openness about things. It is since that time that there has been corruption in the air in the Vatican. Regarding the trial: I have not read the charges in full. I would have liked the whole thing to have been over and done with before the Jubilee but I don’t think that’s possible because I want all the defence lawyers to have time to do their job and the freedom of defence.”
Question: How will you proceed, to prevent the recurrence of these things?
Pope Francis: I thank God that there is no longer Lucrezia Borgia! [laughs] But I do not know, with the Cardinals, to do away with the Commission. Not true? Thank you.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi/Vatican Reports translation
Image: Mil
Trans of Nardi's Text: Tancred Link to Katholisches... AMDG


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Anonymous said...

This Pope is a slimeball, the lowest of the low. Is he really intent on being hated? He doesn't realize how many people love Pope Benedict XVI, and wish he was still reigning as Pope. Especially in Rome, he is very well loved. This guy Francis seems to me to be a megalomaniac, one who likes himself and his power, and his opinions so that he's not afraid to shoot off his mouth on every subject. He doesn't know how ignorant he soulds, or rude, or crass, or boring, or even mean-spirited and cruel. All this will bring him nothing but enemies.....and he has more in Rome and the Vatican than he ever had before he opened that big, gapping hole in the middle of his face.
Francis should be told to keep quiet, pack his bags and leave town quietly, on his own, before he is politely told to leave by the good Cardinals, and all the other faithful Catholics he has insulted.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Puke, puke, puke.....Benedict was a great pope, honest, staunch, he really loved the Church and tried to do everything to rule in the right way the Vatican, but some others didn't want him anymore, they fired him and put the jefe on, Chaoqui was chosen by the BoR and his thugs, I'm very disgusted, Benedict was and will always be my only and one Pope, and I mean it for ever, I owe him my conversion ......nothing to be added. God bless him.

Anonymous said...

Again and again Francis proves himself to be a repulsive ideologue who hates the Church and the Faith. With him the revelation of the Communist convert from the 1950's, Bella Dodd, becomes incarnate: We have infiltrated the seminaries with thousands of our own. The enemies of the Church had to wait, but this is the hour of their triumph. RC

susan said...

evil, vile wormtongue....the false prophet in the flesh.

stay confessed....this garbage can't go on....God's patience has got to be running out.

Anonymous said...

But Bella Dodd converted, did penance, made reparation and lived the remainer of her life as a good Catholic. At least that is what I read.
Very soon, Francis will get his reward either in this life or the next, for all of his obnoxious actions, words and deeds.
If it is in this life, Francis will get the shock of his life, and be humbled and humiliated and brought low by those he has treated with insults and contempt.
IN the next life, only God can judge.
But in this life, Francis and his thugs will be humiliated beyond words. It'll be big, big news, and on tv for weeks.
People who love Benedict XVI and the Church will be rejoicing. Francis and company will be crying. BOO HOO ! :) We ain;t seen nothing yet about Francis scandals, but the one coming will .bring him down and out
Damian Malliapalli

Ben said...

They gave into filthy thoughts.