Monday, December 21, 2015

Opus Dei Greg Burke Will be New Deputy Vatican Speaker

Greg Burke Will be the New Deputy of Vatican Speaker Father

(Rome) In recent days there have been rumors that Father Federico Lombardi SJ would be replaced as the Vatican spokesman and might be replaced by a layman, was  already the case  under Pope John Paul II.  in Rome. At that time, the Spaniard, Joaquin Navarro-Valls was the Vatican spokesman.

The rumor has not been confirmed, but a change of the Vice Vatican Spokesman has been announced.  So far, the Passionist Father Ciro Benedettini from the tiny country of San Marino is Lombardi's deputy as the Vatican spokesman. Father Benedettini was introduced in 1994 by Navarro-Valls in the press-service, and appointed in 1995 as deputy director. After 20 years there is now a change. Until January 31, 2016 Father Benedettini  will hold this office. From February 1, the American Greg Burke will be  Lombardi's new deputy.

Greg Burke began in the 1980s as Rome correspondent of the weekly National Catholic Register, from 1994 he was in the same function for  Time Magazine and from 2001 for Fox News. In 2012, he was appointed under Benedict XVI.  as Communication Advisor to the Vatican Secretariat of State. The appointment was seen in the context of ongoing criticism about inadequate public relations of the Holy See and a bad media image of the German pope.   Critics then held   the then Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone responsible for this.

Will Greg Burke Really be Vatican Spokesman?

Then came the unexpected resignation of Benedict XVI. and with Pope Francis everything seemed quite different. It was said that Burke was held in disgrace  because of his appointment by Benedict XVI. membership of the Opus Dei by the new Church leadership. Indeed,the American had become silent, even before he could put the expectations placed in him to the test. Senior Communications Adviser Burke got his own office at the Secretary of State but his exact field of responsibility was not defined.
With his appointment as deputy Vatican spokesman, these voices have been proven wrong, while those  who predicted that the Jesuit Lombardi would be replaced by Burke in 2012  have received new confirmation.  Father Lombardi has been Vatican spokesman since 2006.  In August 2017, he will be 75 years of age.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Famiglia Cristiana (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Aged parent said...

Does that mean we wont have to have the face of Rosica glowering at us day and night anymore?

Anonymous said...

OT Magister's back home again! He's got his new account by Vatican press, fr. Lombardi said this morning......

Anonymous said...

Greg Burke covered the election of the great Benedict XVI from Rome, I don't remember of it was for FOX News, or MSNBC. But he is an excellent and fair reporter, not a nutjob liker like John (I forget his last name) the columnist for the National Catholic Reporter.

By the way everyone....the Pope is apparently ill...supposedly with the flu. Today was the annual Christmas Greeting and speech to the Curia. Francis started it off saying he didn't feel well, and that he felt too weak to give his speech standing, as his custom, so he sat to given the speech (the way all Popes always did). But for him to admit to being unwell, and to sit instead of stand (remember he hates to do anything Papal, so he really must be sick if he sat ) LOL!
He looked very pale, thin in the face, and tired. Oh well, too much plotting his next move with his liberal cabal dissidents I guess.
I think he has more than the flu.

My great aunt, is a nun (she is 81, and was a young nun from Mumbai staying at her Orders' motherhouse in Rome (Franciscan Missionaries of Mary)when John XXIII died. She e-mailed me from NYC whenre she has been stationed since 1996 to say that she saw the Pope's speech on a Catholic channel this AM and he looks terrible....and has more than "the flu".
She said when she was in Rome, for months before John XXIII died, every time he was ill and cancelled audiences, the Vatican claimed he had a "cold" . She remembers them claiming he had "the flu", about four months before he died.....of terminal stomach cancer.
Damian Malliapalli

john said...

I wouldn't call Benedict XVI "great," he continued on with the ecumenical hogwash.

john said...

I wouldn't call Benedict XVI "great," he continued on with the ecumenical hogwash.

Anonymous said...

Agreed the "popes" since 1963 did and same things as Francis.The difference is Jorge Bergoglio is more open and "in your face" than the previous 4 "popes".