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French Pastor Threatened by Prefect and Punished by His Bishop -- An Unwanted Truth About the Attacks in Paris

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(Paris) The minister spoke of an inconvenient truth and was punished for it, and not by those who he had criticized, but by his superiors.
On Sunday, November 29,  Msgr. François Schneider, the pastor of Wisembach in the Lorraine Vosges addressed the bloody bombings  which had 16 had days earlier shocked Paris in his sermon. He also mentioned that "Satan sang" at the concert in the concert hall Bataclan during the time of the attack of Islamic terrorists,  and thus pointed to a link. In the attack 89 concertgoers were killed, hundreds were injured.

Bishop demanded a public apology from the priest

This statement was made immediately by the competent Bishop, Msgr. Jean-Paul Mathieu of Saint Die. This called for the priest to apologize publicly for his statement, and in turn, to do this in a Sunday Mass. A statement, which Msgr. Schneider was to comply with last December 20 at the end of the liturgy. He is to practice "self-criticism" and read a statement, which - according to Riposte Catholique - was drafted by the bishop. In this the priest expressed his regret that there had been outraged media reactions because of his statements to the laity there present.
According to the daily newspaper Vosges Matin the Department Prefect had even threatened the pastor with criminal penalties on the instructions of the French Ministry of the Interior.  The Catholics of Wisembach are appalled at the harshness against the pastor by  the media, authorities and his superiors. "One wants to put a  muzzle on Christianity" said Corrispondenza Romana of their mood.
The pastor also received numerous expressions of solidarity. Parishioners wrote the local newspaper. It says: "He is a good priest, we have always appreciated. What he is going through, in no way changes our attitude towards him. He has been criticized by those who almost never go to Mass. [This is almost always the case that those who are the most ignorant of Catholicism and do not live its precepts feel they have the most right to criticize it and be heard.] "

Lyrics "inspired by Satanism" - parish was ordered "collective transformation"

Jesse Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal in Bataclan

Pastor Schneider was also defended by Emmanuel Delhourne, the President of the association "Christians in Politics". "What was said by Msgr. Schneider was the truth. The lyrics of the group Eagles of Death Metal is inspired by Satanism," said Delhourne. The American rock band Eagles of Death Metal was playing on stage when the terrorists struck.
The journalist Yves Daoudel expressed the suspicion that behind the whole affair the government desires to suppress unwanted opinions. Also Riposte Catholique wrote: "The Marxist-Leninist dictatorship does not give up, no matter under what name, till the class enemy is destroyed."
The Vicar General of the Diocese of Saint Die which declared: "Our first goal was that Msgr Schneider makes this declaration.  Now it is only to wait andd  watch the thing to consider further. It is still too early to say anything."  He hinted to the fact that the matter had therefore not yet been completed. It became known that a priest who is active in the field of hard rock music, soon to come after Wisembach to provide the Catholic faithful with a "collective transformation" when it comes to hard rock music. "That the Church has such a penchant for self-destruction, is something that not even their most bitter opponents had dared to hope," said Corrispondenza Romana.
At the time when Islamic terrorists struck the Bataclan, the band played Eagles of Death Metal on stage the song "Kiss the Devil". In the chorus of the song, the words repeated in a penetrating way: "Who'll love the devil? Who'll sing his song? I will love the devil and his song! Who'll kiss the tongue of the devil? I'll kiss the devil on his tongue!."
But this part of the story does not seem to fit into the image of the French government, which is why it  the Prefect makes his threats, to apply pressure to the diocese and the media rushing against a country parson.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Inotos / Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

I hope this French pastor is a man and not a ninny who hides behind false obedience when betraying the Faith. If necessary, he should resist and leave for an independent traditional group (of which there are many in France) and tell Bergoglio's Anti-Church where to go---which seems to be the place where they are exactly headed to. It is no longer possible to pretend that true Catholics can co-exist in fraternal communion with these heretics and totalitarian liars. RC

Anonymous said...

He needs to leave the novus ordo

Luciano said...

Why would you suspect he is a ninny? Does charity and respect come to mind for his courageous act?

Anonymous said...

Lets face it they died singing a hymn to Satan ,how tragic is that ,God have mercy on them ,a Priest gets an earful for speaking the Truth new Church thinks Satan is a fairy tale

Anonymous said...

Ben said...

Retreat into sectarian cults is the solution for cowards. If you cash in your membership card, you lose the right to be taken seriously as a loyal critic.
It's for this reason that sede-vacantists should be regarded as weak, thin skinned and fractious cowards.

Eirene said...

Truth is stranger than fiction! Here we see a 2000 plus year old Church, steeped in Tradition, naming the Trinitarian God as Supreme, DENYING the existence of the devil and ordering a pastor/priest to do so, publically, at the end of the Holy Mass in front of the Altar where the Holy Eucharist had just been consecrated! False obedience is too kind a description
of what this priest agreed to do for his "sins"! As for the Bishop - well - words fail me totally! Bring on the Day of Judgement! Judas is in good company with this lot! France is doomed, as is Europe. Am I the only one who can see this???????

Nicolas Bellord said...

I must say I wondered what this group Eagles of Death Metal were singing. It is useful that we now know. We simply do not want to acknowledge that there are aspects of our culture which are evil and which give a spurious motive for the Islamists to destroy it. Just think of the average of 555 deaths every day of unborn babies in the UK and compare that with the activities of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Pray that the priest makes his statement and then remains in silence when ordered to recant it. He cannot change his Bishop, but he does not have to deny the truth.

David Volk said...

What is the bishop's justification? Does he say the priest's claim is untrue?

Anonymous said...

France is doomed and lost, but Europe isn't very well, remember the ancient motto : If Sparta cries, Athens doesn't laugh.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this priest perseveres and does not recant. His bishop is 75 and will soon be out of the picture anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ben, Why don't you go worship w/the Muslims, the Jews, the Lutherans or the Evangelicals, like your "popes" do? Your "mass" that you think you are attending where you get the Jesus Christ who begs forgiveness for teaching at the temple (escapade) while sodomites, adulterers and fornicators get to receive "holy communion" while still in a state of mortal sin is a beach ball bikini youth day joke! And your priests are fairies. At least sede-vacantists don't follow heretics to hell while calling themselves strong, thick-skinned, peaceful (i.e. will take any insult hurled at Jesus Christ and His Father lying down--after all the fairies aren't insulting you) but oh how BRAVE (where do you get that? that you're willing to go to hell rather than face the truth?) you are!

Anonymous said...

The band is from the U.S.

Go here at 3:49 see the whole crowd grammies wearing devil horns & flashing devil sign shouting they are on the highway to hell

Year before was a mass sodomite wedding:

Anon said...

The setting was a Jewish owned club. The band had recently been playing in Israel and spoke out against the movement in the US to stop buying Israeli goods. The stage had been rolled back. Why? Why was there no mobile phone footage of the attacks? Isn't it de rigueur for pop concert goers to record the songs on their smart phones. Why is it all the people - French and English - interviewed on television just came across like actors (particularly on BBC)? I should know I work with them.

If you go to which is Jim Stone's site you will get his take that it was French commandos who did the carnage. You have to scroll twice to the older material to find it. There is a very good reason why the media will control the story, because the truth stinks. And there is a very good reason why Our Lady said that Paris will be destroyed. Because of the filth that the revolutionaries continue to spout out upon mankind.

But fellow posters. Do not write off France. We are told that the Great Monarch will rise up and claim the French crown. This is an ancient and oft repeated prophecy. There is good reason why Tradition has an encroaching hold over the people. BUt France must suffer gravely first.

Anonymous said...

Remember the novus ordo made the Sacrament of holy orders doubtful in June 1968.
A doubtful Sacrament is to be avoided.
These 2 men in article may not be a priest or a bishop.

Anonymous said...

To hope someone is not a ninny is not the same as saying he is one. Have people lost the ability to read and reason as humans? RC

Anonymous said...

Ben's comment above shows the typical mentality of those who would have us sit passively in our pews, dish out the money, sing "Kumbaya", and pretend that Bergoglio and his mafiosi are all holy men. Such are the cowards who have kept us in the post-conciliar Babylonian captivity. Going to the SSPX or even an independent group is not joining a cult or an act of cowardice---quite the opposite, it is an act of great courage in defense of Holy Mother Church and of one's soul. No one above has mentioned sedevacantism as an option, as it is really not a good one. But to remain in the real cult---the cult of the Pope's personality and false obedience---is indeed an act of the ultimate cowardice and betrayal to Christ and His Church. Archimago

Anonymous said...

I attend a Catholic Chapel that does not recognize Jorge as anything other than a European leftist politician.Our priest celebrates pre-1950 Holy Week and Sacraments.He was ordained in the pre-1968 rite by a bishop who was ordained/consecrated in pre-1968 rite.I state all of this for a reason.Our priest in private & during sermons doesn't mention anything about the supposed "crisis of faith".He teaches the Catholic faith and his sermons reflect the epistle,gospel,and how to live our faith.We aren't concerned with who is wrong/right,is R & R or sede's correct,etc...we concentrate on saving our souls and honoring our Blessed Lord.In my opinion,this is the future of Catholic chapels.Let go and let G-d is simple yet true.He will take care of the large important issues.We need to take care of our salvation and let the leftists turn on each other,fight,argue,compete for power,& destroy each other.At this point,it doesn't matter what view you hold on the papacy.Rome is not Catholic and arguing with each other won't change that fact.Practice learn and live your faith.Trust in our Lord he will settle the score in his own time.