Thursday, December 17, 2015

Archbishop Lori Doesn't Give a Damn for His Flock: Cares More About "Human Dignity"

Edit: it's not like he really cares about the Catholics living in the countries being targeted by Islamists, despite his claims to the contrary, which include Rome. Did you see the story about the Muslims who attacked soldiers at St. Mary Major screaming "Allah Akbar"? All of this fits nicely with a story previously put here on the increasingly menacing presence of Muslims in St. Peter's and Rome itself, where Muslims proselytize. Well, if the Pope won't do it, who will?
We wonder if there were any clerics of his stature in the Church who advocated this kind of accommodation when the Crusades were being preached. It's a good thing we had St. Lawrence of Brindisi instead of him.

(Vatican Radio) The Chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ ad hoc Committee on Religious LibertyArchbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, has added his voice to a growing chorus of Catholic Church leaders appalled by the suggestion – which came from a candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party in the United States in the 2016 presidential election – of using a religious test to exclude people seeking to immigrate to the United States.
In an exclusive interview with Vatican Radio, Archbishop Lori reiteratedsentiments first expressed while he was attending a conference at thePontifical Urbaniana University in Rome earlier in December - a conference specifically focused on the persecution of Christian religious minorities. “Certainly we have to guard our borders," Archbishop Lori told Vatican Radio, "certainly the government has to see to the security and the safety of its citizens – no one doubts that – but it raises the greatest of alarms when we do so on the basis of a whole religion.”
“To say, ‘You can’t come in because you are a Muslim,’ – that certainly is a denial of human dignity, it’s a denial of religious freedom,” Archbishop Lori continued, adding, “and it is, I think, very unfair in its characterization of Islam.”


Lynda said...

"Human dignity" is a coded term for the debasement of humanity through the denial and detachment from God and His Holy Law.

Anonymous said...

I suggest the good archbishop read the Koran before he opens his mouth again.
He will find that he is completely wrong!

Anonymous said...

I suggest someone point out that religious liberty was condemned in the Syllabus of Errors. But hey, what could I know, Im a racist.

Anonymous said...

"but it raises the greatest of alarms when we do so on the basis of a whole religion.”

(1) What is a "whole religion"?

(2) U.S. is currently discriminating against Christian immigrants. They are the ones being murdered in the Mideast by Muslims! So how come the U.S. Bishop Lori (not to mention the pope) isn't defending his own? Guess because the Muslim president Hussein Obama of the U.S. don't pay no bishops (or popes) to house Christian refugees.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many Muslim refugees Lori & his priest secretary are taking in for the year of mercy?

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time The Churhmen have abandoned their own ,happened in Latin America ,Russia and China .Recently Russia said they will not stand by and watch Orthodox Christians been slaughtered by Isis which is why they have launched attacks, there are 3 million Christians at risk in Syria ,Iraq and Libya ,abandoned to their fate ,some of the oldest Catholic Churches in the world have been destroyed .In the past Christian armies would have went to their defence ,Russia has really shown up the Western World .

Unknown said...

With "leaders" like this, we can expect that the Catholic Church will present no challenge to the Islamic dream of establishing a worldwide caliphate.

Anonymous said...

Which is exactly why I pledge my support life & loyalty to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ & eternal Rome.