Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pope Francis Addresses Slovakian Bishops -- Many Words Without MuchIntegrity

Edit: Catholic Culture likes to cling to these kinds of addresses as though they contradict the very highly documented and public acts and omissions of this papacy. Here, Pope Bergoglio urges Slovakian Bishops to stand fast to their Catholic identity during their recent ad limina visit as very hopefully offered by Jeff Mirus at Catholic Culture.

Their ability to tolerate two or more contradictory propositions on principles they claim to hold dear, uttered by a person they regard as above all reproach is truly a feat to behold.
[Catholic Culture] In an address given to Slovakia’s bishops during their ad limina visit, Pope Francis called upon Slovaks to “maintain their cultural identity and heritage of ethical and spiritual values,” a heritage that is “closely linked to the Catholic tradition.” [Empty words, since +Bergoglio himself is advocating the mass imigration which even threatens the Vatican itself.]
The nation of 5.4 million is 74% Catholic.
“I very much appreciate how much you are doing on behalf of the family,” the Pontiff continued, nine months after the nation’s bishops urged voters to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman and to bar adoption by homosexual couples. [Why does Mirus have to fill in the blanks for him?]
Noting that youth are tempted to “hedonism, mediocrity, and instant success,” the Pope told the bishops that young people “need to have from you clear instructions about doctrine and morals, to build, in the city of man, the city of God.” [The bishops have their work cut out for them when +Bergoglio makes his own pronouncements appearing to legitimize and encourage the "homosexual lobby".]
“In our day, it is even more necessary to illuminate the path of people with Christian principles, seizing the opportunity the current situation offers to develop a new evangelization, which, with a new language, makes it easier to understand Christ’s message,” he added. [I shudder to think. He wants to add Pelagian confusion even to things Christ was clear about.]

Pope Francis also called upon the bishops to welcome migrants “in a spirit of charity and respect for the human person, in the context of a necessary observance of legality.”
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Amos said...

The neo-conservatives are always trying to do mental gymnastics in interpreting the conciliar and post-conciliar gobbledygook. Now they are filling in the blanks? They do realize that they shouldn't have to do this if we had good prelates in charge, something that hasn't happened for decades I'm sorry to say.