Saturday, November 14, 2015

Benedict's Quote Which Bergoglio Found Offensive

  [Father Ray Blake Blog] "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only bad and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." Manuel II Palaiologos (Byzantine Emperor from 1391 to 1425) quoted by Benedict XVI at Regensburg September, 2006.

To understand much of our present situation, the mess in the Church and in the world it is worth reading this extraordinarily perceptive speech.

Just a few thought going through my mind at the moment - The big one is can the West self destructive low birthrate ever be reversed?
But then - must the Church re-examine its relationship with Islam? Must the West? Where will it lead us? What will be the reaction of the majority, the secularists? How do we evangelise Islamists? Is the Church capable of it?


LeonG said...

Once de-christianised, Europe entered into a period of very sure rupture and chaos led characteristically by the NO Church of ecumenical liberal modernism which has been in rupture and chaos for longer than its secular counterpart, since 1965.

LeonG said...

There was no need to apologise for it but the liberal modernist in the man wavered in the face of hostility when a true Roman Catholic would have stood firm in the sure knowledge that Mohametanism is entirely false political movement protesting a god form with spurious scriptures and is destined to be cast aside as such in the fullness of time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the church started praying again (yeah! prayer!) for conversions might get some (especially the rosary). All I hear is the pope and vc2 clergy telling everyone NOT to convert. Baptism is unnecessary. Hell is empty. We are all saved. Muslims worship the same God we do. Turn off your computer now and beg mother earth's forgiveness for your sins against her!

Kathleen1031 said...

But not before raping, torturing, and murdering how many thousands, or more.
Prayer. Military force. Restrict immigration.
These are the only things that will make a difference in this war. May God give us all the wisdom and courage to do what we must do so that not only we survive, but Christianity does as well.

P.J.David said...

This catastrophe is due to the failure of the Bishops,Priests and nuns in western countries and they will be judged severely and cOndemned to eternal fire unless they turn away from their sinful life ,repent and faithfully
Start again their religious duties to save all the sufferings due to occupation of their countries by unwanted people.
The very Head of the church is leading the church and the world in the wrong direction and he is responsible and accountable to the Almighty God.

Michael Dowd said...

Can the West self destructive low birthrate ever be reversed?
Answer: Not likely. The Church itself seems to discourage large families. Most folks are too selfish to have large families.

Must the Church re-examine its relationship with Islam?
Answer: Of course, but not likely to happen under Vatican II thinking.

What will be the reaction of the majority, the secularists?
Answer: Blame the West and themselves and try to buy off the terrorists.

How do we evangelize Islamist?
Answer: Start living like true Christians and put the fear of God in the Muslims.

Is the Church capable of it?
Answer: No. The Church has lost it's faith and fear of God.

Overall: We are in the end times. God is using Islam as a purge and a scourge for Christians. We must pray for a strong Pope to provide leadership and hope.

David O'Neill said...

We surely cannot be surprised at the rise in ISIS terrorist attacks. You simply need to look at the so-called Syrian refugees & note the huge number of fit young men carrying cell phones to realise these can be much more than 'refugees'. Borders must be strengthened & fuller examination made of these men.
Looking at Pope Benedict XVI's quote that anything new from Islam can only be bad must lead us to believe that Mohammed's order to spread his faith by the sword cannot come from the One True God which we worship through Jesus Christ

Marie said...

Pope Benedict had a little bit of a wiggle room in this quote in that he was actually quoting a Byzantine emperor. It was not Pope Benedict's direct sentence.

However, having read the Regensburg address, I think Pope Benedict's purpose of this quote is to show that violence is never the right way to worship God.

Anonymous said...

"Benedict's Quote Which Bergoglio Found Offensive"

Should it not be:
"Ratzinger Quote Which Bergoglio Found Offensive"
or "Benedict's Quote Which Francis Found Offensive"

Otherwise it is just a cheap shot at the Pope like Luther used to do 500 years ago. Can you understand?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pope Francis can offer some examples of "good" that has come from Islam.

Lynda said...

The whole so-called refugee crisis has been planned by the Western global powers.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Lynda, IMHO now it's too late, it's not God's punishment it's only human madness, cupio dissolvi, western world is dead, full stop, only God knows the future, for me this is the end, let's pray 4 our souls.

Tancred said...

No, I don't understand. Who are you, after all?

Hugh McLoughlin said...

"the man wavered in the face of hostility when a true Roman Catholic would have stood firm"? What utter, arrogant nonsense. You are a "true Catholic" but Benedict XVI who devoted his life to the Church isn't? Contemptible doesn't begin to do it justice, but nothing else I might say is acceptable on any website.

LeonG said...

He is a liberal modernist who has helped in the post-conciliar deconstruction of Roman Catholicism - if you bother to read Pope St Pius X on these people who he kept out of his papal administration, for obvious reasons, then you would know and understand. His very acts of ecumenism and interconfessional postures together with his artful agenda of liturgical hybridisation attest also to his equivocation and ambiguity as well as his propagation of religious indifferentism. You cannot pretend otherwise Mr McLouglin - the statistics on the modern church speak for themselves - destruction, closures and chaos..

LeonG said...

The suit-and-tie-clad Joseph Ratzinger was one of the key modernist theologians at Vatican II part of the heretical cabal that included Rahner, Kung, Schillebeeckx and Baum. Ratzinger and company were responsible for hijacking the Council and turning it into the engine of doctrinal, moral and liturgical revolution that would destroy the Church.

Later, as cardinal and head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under John Paul II, Ratzinger produced or approved numerous official doctrinal statements and declarations that contained either doctrinal error or actual heresies.

His Joint Declaration with the Lutherans sold out to protestantism the Council of Trent's teaching on justification. In another case, Ratzinger approved as valid of a rite of Mass that did not even contain the words of Consecration.

LeonG said...

Mr McLoughlin, I have several dossiers about the actions public and private of Cardinal Ratzinger's teachings about the Church which include the following:

1. Schismatic and/or heretical churches are part of the Church of Christ.

2. It is possible to be part of the Church of Christ without being subject to the Roman Pontiff.

3. In every valid celebration of the Eucharist, even by schismatics, the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church becomes present.

4. The Holy Ghost uses schismatic and/or heretical sects and means of salvation.

He has been photographed next to Lutheran priestesses at ecumenical gatherings. He followed JP II's own predilections on this and these are the very same ones pursued by Francis to their logical conclusion. Exactly those that led Ratzinger to give protestant Brother Roger Scutz of Taize Communion at an ecumenical gathering even though he knew perfectly well he was not a Catholic nor had he ever expressed a desire to become one.
There is radical liberal modernism and the post-conciliar revisionist papacies for you. The same ones Pope St Pius X admonished us about.

LeonG said...

No Lynda. On the contrary, it is the consequence of their ignorant stupidity and the crass arrogance of liberal modernist papacies which has led them.