Thursday, November 12, 2015

Confidant of John Paul II: "We Are in the Midst of an Islamic Invasion"

Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek: "The EU is Aiming
to Islamicize Europe"
(Warsaw) The EU cares more about the interests of the financial oligarchy than the real concerns of the poor.  At the same time they are aiming at the  Islamization of Europe. These are the words of Msgr. Tadeusz Pieronek, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Sosnoviec and former Secretary General of the Polish Episcopal Conference. The Professor of Theology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow is considered an expert in canon law and was a great friend and confidant of Pope John Paul II.   Msgr. Pieronek is titular bishop of Cufruta in the former Roman province Bycancium in present-day Tunisia, which has been under Islamic rule since 698.  Bruno Volpe led an interview for La Fede quotidiana   with Archbishop Pieronek. Here is an excerpt from it.
Archbishop Pieronek: "I do not make policy. But I think of the recent elections in my country. The Liberal Party, which was in the government, had pushed  too far to the left, followed  EU directives without contradiction that today often do not coincide with the Christian values ​​and the Catholic tradition of our country. As Poles we have to pay attention to our peculiarities and our identity. 
As European citizens, we have not only the possibility, but - I would say - even the duty,  to peacefully rebel against this Europe, which is currently managed by different standards than those that we want and that are contrary to Christian values. 
An EU that is very attentive to the interests of financial oligarchies, but pays little attention to those among the real poor. This does not take into account the European Christian values ​​in its. 
In addition, they have succeeded to Islamicize the continent  piece by piece. We are in the midst of an Islamic invasion.
Is Orban right?
Bishop Pieronek: Despite his limits, he is trying to the Christian character of Europe. rope.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Fede quotidiana
Trans:: Tancred


Amos said...

"Confidant of John Paul II"

Well maybe they shouldn't have canonized a man that help set the precedent that Islam was nice and tolerable, hmmm?

LeonG said...

JP II was probably the most guilty in the new church of the Islamicisation of Europe as he was in its dechristianisation. His ecumenical obsession and interconfessional phenomenology were tantamount to an open declaration of war against The Blessed Virgin who, according to St Maximilien Kolbe disapproves of such radical compromises against her Blessed Son.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading "A History of the Middle Ages" and it seems all they do at the beginning is fight off barbaric hordes -- the ones from the south are Muslim. It seems haven't changed a whit in 2000 years (can't say the Huns have changed much either).

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that right after this article of the friend of St. John Paul the Great, ISIS wreaked havoc on Paris. If St. John Paul ll were alive he would have condemned ISIS in a fearless manner. I remember when St. John Paul ll harshly condemned the Mafia in 1993, the Mafia retaliated and bombed the Lateran Basilica and two other great Churches dear to His Holiness. His Holiness in return condemned the Mafia with even harsher words and actions, "Pack of barbarians allow the people to live in Peace". And then issued a Decree of excommunication of all those who committed the sacrilege of bombing 3 Houses of God.

Anonymous said...

JP2 loved Islam,prayed for its protection,and kissed the Quran.That's a fact many of his fans tend to ignore.