Friday, October 16, 2015

Cardinal Burke Challenges the Febronianism of the Synod

Edit: Febronianism is an old heresy that never really seems to go away.  Cardinal Burke doesn't know where it comes from? Surely he does and is just being polite!

Oct. 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - On Thursday morning, LifeSiteNews had an opportunity to sit down with Cardinal Raymond Burke in Rome, after a press conference he attended hosted by Voice of the Family. LifeSiteNews spoke with the Cardinal about the ongoing Synod on the Family, and in particular a controversial proposal, promoted by a participant in a recent Vatican press conference, to allow local bishops make decisions on how to deal with issues like homosexuality and divorce.  

Cardinal Burke also critiqued the so-called "Kasper Proposal," saying that it is based upon the false idea "that somehow doctrine and pastoral practice are in conflict with one another." 

The following is a transcript of this interview:

LSN: What do you make of the idea of “regional diversity” in the Church? Should local bishops have the authority on a pastoral level to deal with questions pertaining to the “social acceptance of homosexuality” and with “divorced and remarried persons?”


Anonymous said...

God Bless Cardinal Burke. More Cardinals and Bishops after this disaster of a Synod must rise up against Pope Francis and his gang.
He must be forced to resign and take his people with him. The wreckage of the Church and the scandals were next to nothing under Benedict XVI (in fact there were signs of a return to Catholic Faith in many countries, especially France and Italy under Benedict XVI).
Francis and company are destroying the Catholic Faith. They must go.
Did anyone see photos taken this week at the Pope's general audience? There were a few clips where Francis is slumped in his chair, holding his head or grimacing in pain. I don't think he's well.....oh well time for a new, true Catholic Pope anyway.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Please God save us from the tyranny of Pope Francis!

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is an angry man on the wrong side of history. God bless and keep His Holiness Pope Francis.

susan said...

Hey Rosica...give it a rest...everybody knows you're 'truth-challenged'. Why don't you spend a nice afternoon shopping with your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...


Polemarkhos said...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the humble umbrella that the Holy Father is so humbly holding is not smaller and with at least one humble spoke humbly sticking out. I'm also surprised that his humble folder which he is humbly holding in his other hand is not even more humble with papers falling out mad a humble brown-bag cover like I used to make for my grade school text books.

Anonymous said...

"On the wrong side of history"---the classic buzz phrase of liberals and Marxists used to stroke their sick egos into imagining that they are the future. Quite the contrary is proven by history: the future belongs to the young, and the young in the Church today are almost totally on the side of orthodoxy and tradition (with the exception of those deluded by Franciscan University types). Those really on the wrong side of history are the ageing hippies in orders---like Francis, Daneels, Martini (who now has seen the true side of history), and the rest of the octogenarian gang of heretics. Burke represents the future of a now-almost-destroyed Church that will, per the words of the Savior, never be destroyed. If you don't believe it, go the campus of Christendom College, or Thomas Aquinas College, or any traditional Mass on any given Sunday and you will see many young, numerous families. The "progressives on the 'right side' of history" are the ageing nuns on the bus (with their tacky 70's polyester suits), the white-haired monsignori mouthing off bland or quasi-heretical sermons to mostly empty churches, and the occasional younger drum/guitar pseudo musicians, lacking another venue for their atrocities, torturing the blue hairs with their caricature of ecclesiastical "music." Those are the pathetic ones on the wrong side of history---today and always, for error is as ancient as Satan and as passe and as boring. RC

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:24.......You're the guy on the wrong side of history and supporting the wrong man. LOL!!!

I had an interesting polite argument with a radical/liberal/femminst nun the other day at my parish when I was stopping in for a quick visit to the Church. She was there, directing a crew of underlings in decorating the Church for a wedding. She, like the two other nuns in the parish who likewise manage/direct "ministries" at the parish is in her early 70's.
I had read that her Order was withdrawing form three parishes in our Archdiocese next year. I did a little research into her Order which has it's motherhouse in the suburbs of Philadelphia as do afew other once great teaching Orders of sisters. In 1962, before the disaster of Vatican II, they had 2,800 sisters and staffed 101 parish schools( out of 385 in 1962) in our once flourishing Archdiocese of Philadelphia. They had in addition, 4 private elementary/highschools for girls in the Archdiocese, and 1 college, for women(as of in order to stay open, it's co-ed). Back in 1962, they had 145 novices(an unbelievable total today.. when some of the "traditional" Orders of sisters today think 20 novices is huge! They also had over 125 postulants, for 270 in formation!!
Today, after 50+ years of radical liberalism, feminism and dissent, they have 700 members with a median age of 76, and 2 in formation! They also staff/teach/work at only 18 parishes! Next year it'll be 15.
She made a comment that morning when I was visiting Church how wonderful it was to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia, and how he is invigorating the Church. Her praise of him was expansive, but she also let loose with afew subtle insults directed against Francis' predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.
:Really? Francis is invigorating the Church?"" I asked her, stunned. "Yes, " she assured me.
"In which way///has he helped Mass attendance, devotion, Catholic practice, vocations to the priesthood and religious life?"
"OH NO!" she said. "Everyone is so much more free, many people no longer feel persecute in the Church, there's a place of the divorced, for lesbians and gays and transsexuals, Women feel more empowered and not persecuted or under suspicion!!!!!"
"Uh huh" I knodded. And how has almost three years of Francis helped the Archdiocese. Has Mass attendance at the parish increased, or enrollment in the school, or Catholic devotions and monitary contributions for the parish?"
"Not really." She admitted, alittle nervous.
"How about your Order, do you have a lot of new vocations since we have Francis?"
By now she was getting nervous, and shook her head.
"How many does your Order have in formation, Sister...because I know that before Vatican II you had nearly 300?"
She seemed ill at ease, but finally piped up proudly "We have three in formation this year!"
"Wow, three!! That's impressive!" I said. I admit that was snarky.
:I know where you're going with this.." She snapped
"You;ve really convinced me Francis is doing a great job Sister.....if he's in much longer, we won't even have a Church!"
At this she had no answer, but instead turned and stomped away mad.
She had no defense. I knew I had won the argument.
Damian Malliapalli

Anothersoul said...

Well you certainly wiped the smile off that old ladies face. How christian of you. That you both boast about and revel in your deed is a sign that perhaps, rather than question the popes catholicism, you'd be better advised to question your own humanity.