Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Piero Marini Appointed as New President of Liturgy Commission for Eastern Churches

Msgr. Piero Marini is the New President
of the Special Commission for the
Liturgy of Oriental Churches
(Rome) Pope Francis renewed the composition of the Special Commission for the Liturgy of the Congregation for Eastern Churches. The new President  he has appointed is Archbishop Curia Piero Marini, the former master of ceremonies of Pope John Paul II.
Msgr. Piero Marini was not confirmed in this post by Pope Benedict XVI.. He was replaced by Msgr. Guido Marini, who in spite of the concurrence of the same name, has a different liturgical sensibility. Piero Marini is a student of Curial Archbishop, Annibale Bugnini, the creator of radical liturgical reform of 1969. Guido Marini, however, is a disciple of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, archbishop of Genoa, whom Pope Pius XII. had considered his "natural" successor.
Archbishop Piero Marini, who had customized unusual, colorful vestment creations for John Paul II.,  repeatedly expressed himself disparaging over the attempts and efforts to recover the sacredness of the sacred liturgy by the German Pope. Instead of new acquisitions, the German Pope took advantage of the pre-conciliar vestments of his predecessors, to also be a signal of continuity in the Church also about the Council  (St. Francis of Assisi Instead of Annibale Bugnini -. Benedict XVI Exhorts Bishops to Respect Liturgy).
About the choice of Francis as Pope Piero Marini commented, saying that now the "stuffy air" at the Vatican has come to an end and you could "again breathe fresh air"  (Ex Master of Ceremonies Piero Marini: Under Francis "breathes fresh air after marshy, stuffy air "). Msgr. Piero Marini is one of the prelates, who has an advocated an opening towards  homosexuals  (three cardinals, two archbishops and Vatican Spokesman for Compromise with Homosexuals? - What Does Pope Francis Do? ).

The Special Committee is now composed as follows:

  • Archbishop Piero Marini,  President
  • Andrew McLean Cummings, secretary
  • Father Tedros Abraha OFM Cap.
  • Father Cesare Giraudo SJ
  • Father Thomas D. Pott OSB
  • Archimandrite Manuel Nin OSB
  • Father Rinaldo Iacopino SM
So far, the liturgy of the Eastern Church has been untouched by  the liturgical reform of the Vinentian Annibale Bugnini.  That could change now. Curial Archbishop Piero Marini is proud of his heritage as a Bugnini student. The Maronite rite could  be especially affected by corresponding changes.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


susan said...

The Maronites and the Melkites will tell this poofster poseur to go pound no uncertain terms. And I'm sure they'll have an amusing suggestion as to what marini can do with the tie-dyed vestments he'll no doubt be trying to push on them.

Aged parent said...

May God in His mercy remove Piero Marini from this world, before he can do any further damage to the Liturgical Treasures of the Church.

Benson said...

Piero just ADORES liturgy!!!!

Gabriel said...

Pope Francis has made a very constructive choice in appointing Archbishop Marini to this position.

Unknown said...

A number of sedevacantists attend these chapels as their liturgy, priestly and episcopal consecration rites were untouched by the wrecking ball of Vatican 2. Guess that may change...

Seattle kim

Unknown said...

Pope Francis greatest attribute is that he knows how to destroy. I pray those other members of the Church pulverize the evil influence of Piero Marini. May God grant us the power to resist and defeat all evil against his Church.

Unknown said...

You are correct kim...this is a bad omen...thing is the Ukrainains and Ruthenians are already antiRoman and thats in the soft USA....I cant imagine the reaction of the slavs in europe. If anything this could form a new schism

Anonymous said...

D&G thank mons. Marini for choosing their smart colored chasubles and shoes. Anything to declare? God bless+

susan said...


Brian said...

Господи помилуй и ізбави нас от Марині!

Gabriel said...

Both PJ II and Benedict XVI consistently taught that Vatican II, which you stupidly call a 'wrecking ball,' incorporated all of the other preceding Councils.
Your views are schismatic.

Tartar said...

Co to jest?

Barnum said...

Where does one start with you, Gaybriel? Unknown did not say that V2 is a wrecking ball. He said "the wrecking ball of Vatican 2." You and your early baby boom pals hiding behind V2 are that wrecking ball, bur the glint from your besequined vestments always gives you boys away.