Saturday, September 5, 2015

Islamists Hunt for Proselytes on St. Peter's Square

Islamic State at St. Peter's Square
Edit: nature abhors a vacuum.  If Catholics scorn proselytism, the Muslims don't.
(Rome) Two women covered from head to toe, and three young bearded men.
They defy the hot midday heat and the sultry air. For a good quarter of an hour they posed for pictures against the backdrop of magnificent facade of St. Peter's Basilica and the mighty dome of St. Peter.
An Islamic family, who, like thousands of tourists every day  mad a commemorative photo, on vacation.
It's an increasingly frequent image that one gets to see in Rome at St. Peter's Square. An image that was completely uncommon a few years ago.

More and more Muslims to St. Peter's in Rome

There is a long way between these innocuous images and when a bearded man was photographed on St. Peter's Square with the black banner of the Islamic State (IS). Or the photo montages with the black flag waving on the dome of St. Peter, published on the internet for the  propaganda purposes of the Islamic State (IS). The Islamists are in the center of Christianity. Images that went around the world and triggered some shudder.
If you stroll through the most visited streets around St. Peter's Square, the Borgo Pio about Borgo Vittorio to Borgo Sant'Angelo, you may find that the many Muslims there, including the particularly strict Salafists and Wahhabis, has become customary, allowed to behold St. Peter's.
The waiters of the restaurants and trattorias that have the safest view of the  bustling throng, confirm it. They come not only as tourists. Some seem like spies, and harbingers of things to come. In the neighborhoods around the Vatican, more and more Muslims are settled. Here and there, are businesses opened that are run by Bengalis, Pakistanis, Tunisians or else a Muslim, next to a kebab shop are bags, towels ...

Victory sign in front of St. Peter's Basilica - "You Want Allah?"

In the weekly supplement Venerdì of the daily newspaper La Repubblica,  Vaticanist Filippo Di Giacomo has written an article: "There is an Increasingly Stronger Presence of Islamic Prayer around St. Peter", about which he reported on the increase of Muslims in Rome and in the streets around the Vatican.
Di Giacomo also reported that it is increasingly frequented by groups of men in oriental sack clothes and beards that take selfies before St. Peter's Basilica. With one hand they hold their smartphone, with the other hand they make a victory sign. The gesture is in need of interpretation, the first thought in any case is not necessarily reassuring.
Di Giacomo especially described the bearded men who ask tourists and locals alike in the streets and squares around   St Peter's: "Do you want Allah? Do you like Allah? "

While the Vatican discusses,  the Vatican neighborhood has the largest Islamic density

From 9 clock in the morning Muslims recruit for Islam in the shadow of the dome of St. Peter every day. They hold the Quran in the air and carry hanging poster boards for Allah and Islam. This appearance is now  frequently seen in many European cities. From Hamburg to Cologne, Stuttgart and Zurich, from Vienna to Berlin they "decorate" the cityscape  in German-speaking countries.
Also in Rome bearded men invite the Moslems to pray to Allah. There is no shortage of larger and smaller to the smallest prayer rooms, sometimes even the backyard of a business  run by Islamic immigrants. Also in the Borghi around the Vatican, they are in existence  and there will always be more.
While their Islamist peers in the Middle East and Africa are hunting down Christians, raping them, driving them into exile, murdering, the  Islamists engage unmolested in prosylitism in St. Peter's Square.
"While the Vatican is  discussing, the Vatican neighborhood already has the largest concentration of Islamic prayer rooms of Rome," said Di Giacomo.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred
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Catholic Mission said...

The Grand Secret : Vatican Council II says all Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Protestants etc are lost

Sandpiper said...

So chilling that the streets of our holy city are overrun with Mohammadans. But we know that ultimately this too will end, and they will be converted to Christ.

How close is the nearest archery range from VC? I'd have our guys monitoring that fersher.

Liam Ronan said...

A 'hijrah' is a jihad by mass emigration. Google it if you wish, but here is an article published today on the subject:


M. Prodigal said...

Was just at the Vatican and saw NO muslims when I was there. But they are pouring into Europe. Oh, so sad because there are refugees in dire straits and that is on purpose because the Christian has a duty to see to needs of helpless immigrants. But in time they will turn on those who cared for them. Just give it time. They are driven out of their homes for a reason and are pawns in the demonic expansion.

Anonymous said...

"According to "A Concise Dictionary of Theology" by O'Collins &Farrugia, S.J.
The word proselytism in the past was often synomous with evangelization. In fact, The Second Vatican Council affirmed The Churches right to evangelize & make converts. However, proselytism often has the negative meaning of forcing or otherwise manipulating people into accepting a particular faith. Religious & civil societies have often condemned this type of proselytism, which was also decried by Vatican II. " In the best way possible, always be ready to give charitable, yet firm declaration of The Faith when approached.

David O'Neill said...

They tried to blame us for the deaths of a mother & 2 children yet surely the blame rests on the parents for putting their children at risk. Whilst everyone mourns the death of innocents it cannot be used to force a way into Europe. How do we know how many of these immigrants are in fact jihadists. In 2014 we saw in Edinburgh Muslim men & women standing on the main street giving out free copies of the Koran but they refused to pray with Christians although they expounded that we all believe in the One God but with different names

Lynda said...

The whole "crisis" is highly contrived. The people are being exploited to cause chaos and an impression of emergency and the need for "emergency measures" which will collapse the countries giving more power to the Globalist dictatorship. The intentionally-dumbed-down populace is easily manipulated and controlled.

Tancred said...

The word appears in the Septuagint. The problem isn't with the word, but with Jesuits who are ashamed of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

"Edit: nature abhors a vacuum. If Catholics scorn proselytism, the Muslims don't."

Do Catholics scorn proselytism or does the VC2 Sect and the man you insist is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth (edit: stop blaspheming the holy ghost!)?

"Proselytism is solemn nonsense, it makes no sense."

I wonder if Protestants will show up next or if they will have to confine themselves to Luther's square?

Jim said...

Sign you post, Cranky pants.

Tancred said...

People these days like to design their own wedding vows, their own holidays, it's all them, they even create their own religions.

_ said...

heh, you are referencing the 3rd secret of Fatima I believe.

Jim said...

Yes indeed, and not too far from here.

john said...

To see to their basic need, but not let them into Europe. They should be provided with food water, and sent on trains to Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. So that their Muslim brothers and sisters may take them in. Christian nations have no obligation to take them in.

john said...

To see to their basic need, but not let them into Europe. They should be provided with food water, and sent on trains to Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. So that their Muslim brothers and sisters may take them in. Christian nations have no obligation to take them in.

Anonymous said...

Father Andrew Apostoli:
interesting view on Fatima and Muslims, starting here and about 4 minutes forward:

We need to pray for conversion of Muslims.

Liam Ronan said...

Let us compare, for the sake of argument, the 'plight' of the majority of these reputed refugees with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Suppose, as some refugees have done, the man set upon by robbers rebuffed the Good Samaritans' attempts to provide shelter, medical care, and food because the man set upon by robbers did not want to go to the particular inn to which the Good Samaritan had taken him.

These refugees, none of whom have been seen starving along the roads or in want of hydration, etc., have refused assistance offered them in Hungary and other countries along their migration route as they are determined to live where they demand to be settled and belittle the care they have received by the well-intended EU nations along their route to date.

To my mind the Christian response has been already extended and accepted with sheer contempt by many.

The mind of the public, if it has one at all is profoundly darkened.

Tancred said...

It's an inverse of the Crusade, but instead of the courage and might of the Latin armies, you have the cowardice of EU functionaries and the complicity of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the "official" 3rd secret released by the vatican which of course anyone who has studied the matter knows is 100% balderdash, a complete fabrication. At any rate we would have no reason to be concerned with that supposed version of the "3rd secret" because we were told it's about John Paul the awesome getting shot by the turk in St Peters. So you see, all is well, the 3rd secret is nothing to think about since it was fulfilled years ago.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right Tancred, they finally got their wish at their vatican council and the Church officially became a Church that doesn't proselytize. Who was that Jesuit in South America I read about a few years ago who bragged that he had not baptized one soul (among Indian tribes) in all the years he had been there. No doubt he was sent to one of the warmer sections of the lake of fire.

Damask Rose said...

Lynda at 3:08, I think you've hit the nail on the head there.

Re what Liam said at 5:46 am. It reminds me of when Jesus said the apostles can shake the dust off their feet and move on (meaning the Muslims spurn the Christian's help) and a Christian doesn't behave according to Christianity, St Paul said they should be excluded from the community. Yes, I know these are Muslims but, in the midst of our Christian community, they do not want Christianity or what it offers them ie even humanitarian aid. Liam, thanks for the Hijrah info.

David at 2:53. "They tried to blame us for the deaths of a mother & 2 children..." It's a little like the guilt we should all bear for the Holocaust. Personally, I think Germany is being punished, big time, but I'll leave it there, because I don't want to be thrown off another blog....

:"Do you want Allah? Do you like Allah? "
"While the Vatican is discussing, the Vatican neighborhood already has the largest concentration of Islamic prayer rooms of Rome," said Di Giacomo."

Scary. It's like the Muslims have had a massive tip-off.

I'm sure they've been watching the "Decline and Fall of the Roman [#2]" Catholic Church for the last half-century. But why now? NWO anyone?

In correlation, you need to observe what is happening in Judaism. We've had the Rabbi teaching nursery children in London that the goy are evil recently and the trashing of the Church in Tagbah. I'm sure recentish a Rabbi in the Holy Land called for Churches to be attacked. In the meantime, the Sanhedrin is up and running and the Noahide Laws have been passed in US Law (Education Day, I think) which were also ratified unbelievably by Benedict XVI. Remember the Jews followed the Moors into Spain.

It's amazing how God will instruct his children in ways they don't expect, and the very oppressors we fear via Islam are living the religious life we should be (yes, with the caveat that no doubt fear plays a large part), in that they are observant, totally respect their religion and prophet (do you think they'd have EHMC's?), proselytise (or, um, convert of die) and well, yes, they certainly seem to be living/practising Humanae Vitae. I don't think they would ever trash Saladin and his armies and no Grand Mufti or Imam is going to kiss the Bible anytime soon.

Michael said...

You'd probably get a warmer welcome in your new refuge at Mudabor the Discontented.

Anonymous said...

Hey tancred wazn't me who said "there's no catholic God" - it was your VC2 sect 'popie' - be sure to take in a muslim this year of mercy and don't even bother to convert because they worship same god you do. Just kiss the koran like your Saint popie Jp2 - and throw your new testament in the trash.

susan said... no attention to the little fop in the tutu...gaybriel thinks his nom de plumes are clever. The fact that he's stalking you on another blog just exposes one of his myriad pathologies. Perhaps he'll next dip your pigtails in the inkpot.

As to the muslims, don't think for one minute that they're "living the religious life we should be"; highest pornography usage on the globe, massive sexual, physical, psychological abuse, rampant pediphilia, etc. Yes, they're zealous for their 'allah', but their allah is satan, and muhammad (their "perfect man; worthy of all imitation") was one sick SoB. God may well use them to scourge us (as we deserve--our harlotry makes the OT Jews' unfaithfulness look like the girl scouts), but have no illusions about their religious behavior...those of a pure islamic faith are ISIS; and they are demons of the first order.

We are indeed in unprecedented times; a quickening of evil across the globe, and a tangible sense that (literally) all hell has been loosed. We have a one world order of evil being bank-rolled quite efficiently by george soros, with his Open Society Foundations being the head of the mammon's tentacles are into, and financing, EVERY evil initiative going on in the world today, and he keeps a low profile, under the radar, exactly as you would expect satan himself to do.

We have a vile leader of the once-great USA, who has pitted every group against the other along class, race, sex, and religious lines. He's fomented hatred and division, asks God to bless Planned Parenthood, never met an abortion he didn't love, and works in every way against the best interest (spiritual and temporal) of this once-great land and her people. He is a snake of the highest order.

And then we have bergoglio. Ooooooooohhhhhhh God, we have bergoglio. I don't need to rehash his sad resume; the astute readers here well know his record of working to destroy the Deposit of Faith, only to replace it with the church of man. And he is well into his work, with a phalanx of minions. This sin-nod is going to be one wild ride, and even the likes of the usually reticent Fr. Z are getting the word out.

So there we have it; what appears for all-the-world to see; the unholy trinity; antichrist, beast, and false prophet.

You ask, "But why now?"

The Eschaton.

I might be wrong, but what if I'm not?

"Watch and Pray." Be ready....and stay faithful. If I'm wrong, then we will have been on spiritual point, not letting down our guards in this evil morass where 'pinching the incense' will be so very easy, and so very deadly. If I'm right, then we will have been on spiritual point, not letting down our guard in this evil morass where 'pinching the incense' will be so very easy, and so very deadly. So, I choose to see what looks pretty clear, and it has awakened me from what could have been a deadly slumber. Let's pray for each other...we are going to desperately need it.

Michael said...

She's upset.

susan said...

ok, that's funny.

Bill said...

This will eventually, sooner rather than later, result in some serious and violent acts by muslims to destroy at least some parts of the Vatican, or kill a group of Christian tourists. We must act now, somehow to stop these barbarians as did Pope Leo 1 when he confronted Attila the Hun turning him from sacking Rome.

Bill said...

This will eventually, sooner rather than later, result in some serious and violent acts by muslims to destroy at least some parts of the Vatican, or kill a group of Christian tourists. We must act now, somehow to stop these barbarians as did Pope Leo 1 when he confronted Attila the Hun turning him from sacking Rome.

Bill said...

This will eventually, sooner rather than later, result in some serious and violent acts by muslims to destroy at least some parts of the Vatican, or kill a group of Christian tourists. We must act now, somehow to stop these barbarians as did Pope Leo 1 when he confronted Attila the Hun turning him from sacking Rome.

Long-Skirts said...


The bells -
They stopped years ago
At the Consecration
Of many a Mass

Where kneeling down
Their Savior adore
The people said "...that
We'll pass."

And now at six
The happy-hour
When the Angelus
Used to chime

There are no bells
To remind the people
Pray your souls
To prime.

And in the night clubs
Dancing till dawn
The people sin
No regret…

And now at six
The “mourning” hour
Bells die with each passing

Anonymous said...

And this Jesuit Pope wants us to welcome more and more of these Muslims into the Holy City and Europe as refugees. No way!! Go back where they came from. Whereever they go, they cause trouble and try to convert people and are insulting to the Catholic Faith.
Gee, that sounds just the same as our USA gun totting, bible thumping good ol' boy Bubbas and their hot airbag preachers on TV and in missions in traditionally Catholic countries trying to "win souls for Jesus"

Anonymous said...

Christians are being slaughtered and the "catholic" pope who FORBIDS proselytism is now calling on all Catholics to take in MUSLIMS!!!!!

What a hero on ABC -- maybe he'll get the NOBEL prize - and SSPX will praise him (holy holy holy father!)! But here's what St. Paul says (if anyone running this blog cares anymore):

Therefore, whilst we have time, let us work good to all men, but especially to those who are of the household of the faith. Gal 6:10

Anonymous said...

Catholic Church becomes a mosque: The Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity in Syracuse, New York, was sold in 2014 to Muslims, who transformed it into a mosque in June 2015. ...Holy Trinity Church was founded in 1891 to host German and Italian immigrants who inhabited the North Side of the city. As you can see by the first photo, there was always a large congregation. The plan to close / sell / transform this Church into a mosque was duly approved by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The faithful led by Anna Giannantonio, fourth row below, appealed to the Vatican, but all their efforts were to no avail.

"As soon as the Muslims were approved by the Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board, they removed the six large external crosses and took out the more than 10,000 internal crosses carved or painted, as well as got rid of all the other religious symbols.

"The Muslim community in Syracuse has increased largely due to the financial support of CATHOLIC CHARITIES under the pretext of helping refugees. Taxpayer money is helping with the reforms. Any opposition to the growing Muslim immigration in Syracuse is promptly suppressed by those subsidized by George Soros' groups.

"In short, you have Vatican II religious authorities promoting the profanation of the Catholic churches. Another sad example of auto-demolition. "

Marcel said...

Enough to kill a brown dog.

Gabriel said...

It might be a good exercise in moral catharsis for all to remember some of Catholicism's moral hubris during the course of its history:

In 1452 Pope (St) Nicholas V issued the Bulla 'Dum Diversas' which authorized Spain and Portugal "to invade, vanquish and subdue all Saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ, to put them in perpetual slavery and to take away all their possessions and property."

Barnum said...


I say hubris rests with you and the V2 hijackers. You and your pals love clarifying what Christ really meant about marriage, homosexuality, etc. It extends to your ex post facto judgment of Nicholas V. You and your ilk would rather that the modern democratic state enslave its own citizens, not the menacing foreigners who seem to be its "class ally."

If you are so smart and knowledgeable, and your religion so simple and pure, why night go to Rome and convert these people? No doubt they'll listen to you, the smartest boy in the Vatican, and be converted to Godless neo-socialism on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Long Skirts, here in Florida, the local Chuch, Novus Ord but built in 1930 with much still intact. They put up a bell tower recently and started ringing it during the day, it was like a small bit of heaven. Today I noticed it stopped or that I hadn't noticed it in a while. I don't know the story but I'm sure one of the residents in the neighborhood complained and stopped it. So sad.

Michael said...

Gabriel has you rattled.

Mark Thomas said...

The following article from the Daily Mirror reports on the surge of Moslem converts in England.

The article begins with "the figure has almost doubled in ten years — with the average convert now a 27-year-old white woman fed up with British consumerism and immorality."

A vast amount of young Britons are in search of a religion that brings meaning to their lives. They desire a religion that will strengthen their resolve to combat the emptiness that has pervaded life in Great Britain (and, for that matter, throughout the West).

Sadly, Christianity in Great Britain has been unable to deliver the above to people in search of lives filled with meaning and morality.

Only a miracle can reverse in Great Britain the not-too-distant-future virtual death of Christianity.

If unleashed by Rome (and the bishops in England), Catholicism centered upon the TLM and Holy Tradition would attract many young people in Great Britain who desire to distance themselves from consumerism and immorality


Mark Thomas

Damask Rose said...

Perhaps you would like to move to Lesbos, Greece, Gabriel.

Damask Rose said...

"The article begins with "the figure has almost doubled in ten years — with the average convert now a 27-year-old white woman fed up with British consumerism and immorality."


"Sadly, Christianity in Great Britain has been unable to deliver the above to people in search of lives filled with meaning and morality."

And this.

Anonymous said...

Franis is trying to do as much harm to the Catholi Faith while he can, because he knows his time is short.
The next Pope will be directly the opposite to Francis, and rather than being loved and adored by the media and the radical liberals, he will be hated.
Traditional Catholics will be happier and more secure. The new Pope will not exactly be 100% traditionalist, but he will be close. The liberals will be crying....or running for cover. He will make history at his election because he won't be on anyone's list of possibilities. He will appear on the balcony like a real Pope.....the first inkling to the liberals that their day is done.
Francis will be dead......and so will be his agenda.

Anonymous said...

Yeah now F's using annulments to break the church into pieces (same w/vernacular 'mass' & bishop's conferences) - each 'bishop' is now head of his own church -- except when the bishop wants to say the traditional latin mass -- then the homosexual fairy mafia call the media to report pedophile sex abuse and then "retire" the bishop. Meanwhile F's pedophiles get 'installed' even when the people (who "speak for God") demonstrate.

susan said...

Exactly right! And instead of giving them a full-throated Christianity, this is a good illustration of what our quisling bishops give us.... (look at the USCCB's officially approved logo for 'the visit' at the bottom of this great article and tell me what's missing?).....

susan said...

from where on earth do you get your prophecies? you've been saying this for two-and-a-half years and francis just keeps picking up speed and steam, naming more and more cupich-bishops, and handing out more red hats (the guys who will elect his successor). I think the beatings have only just begun.

Sandpiper said...

I invite you to read Hillary White's piece currently posted at the Remnant. You may not be so confident about a next pope.

Dane said...

They are only outting on a show. Just to say "Look at us. We stand in your holy place." It is their Psyops, their psychological operation.

So they stood in St. Peter's Square. So do millions of other people. It isn't like they breeched security. That means NOTHING, you Muslim freaks.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has become a cult of the Pope. If it was still the Church of Jesus Christ, all good Catholics, including cardinals and bishops and priests would have stod up to a.h. Pope Francis and his thugs and brought them down. What he just did regarding annulments is outrageous. Will anyone challenge him and bring him to heel?

Damian Malliapalli

Damask Rose said...

Just wait till they roll out the mat in St Peter's Basilica.

But that's kewl, 'cos we worship the same God.

susan said...

Oh my Lord...this woman is brilliant!

Gabriel said...

The volcanic anger, contempt, resentment and massive goal displacement focused on Pope Francis is breathtakingly spectacular. Another great performance from the sons and daughters of Thunder (Thor?).

Anonymous said...

I read her post from your link and she is right, 100%. I know of many formerly "middle of the road" Catholic who were willing to nod their heads and watch EWTN-TV and say "yes Holy Father". Not anymore. Very many have gone over to the SSPX, a few attend the Greek Orthodox Church (but didn't convert), and some go no where. That's the fruit of Pope Francis.
I also believe the same as the end of her article, that after October and the Synod, there will be the faithful Roman Catholic Church, and the anti-Church lead by Francis and company (Francis already made his first move against the Catholic Church with his 2 "moto proprios " about marriage today.
But in the end when he's dead, I still think there will be a movement of Cardinals in the conclave, so appalled by Francis and company, that a surprise true CATHOLIC is elected. It will be historic. IN the last 40 years we have had historic outcomes to conclaves, the first Pole, and (unfortunately), now Francis.
The next Pope might not even come from the Sacred College of Cardinals...but be someone who is an archbishop and of very high regard.
That would be even more historic than the election of JP II nearly 40 years ago!!

Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

Would it not be lovely to next see a Pope Athanasius?....

Here's hoping a dove lands on his head at the next conclave, and refuses to leave until the good bishop is elected :)

Michael said...

Airport bishops are not leaders, they're tourists. Schneider fits the description.

Chipster said...

Michael, I am so impressed with that last hilarious airport comment. It shows that you are expanding your horizons well beyond the interstate public rest stops waiting for your local West Coast leaders. You loved it so much there that you slept in your car and ordered pizza.

Barnum said...


Did Fr Wadcwiffe tell you to use the tired old "angry" trope for the zillionth time, or are you just naturally an old boor? Er, Thor?

LeonG said...

JP II embraced The Q'uran, went to mosques, gave permission for the Grand Mosque of Rome to be built, while his devoted successor did likewise by attending prayers with Imams in mosques. They both disobeyed the old catechismal teachings about Mohametenism. These non-Catholic popes are Islam's greatest proselytisers.

Unknown said...

Here is the springtime of the third millenium! Here is the springtime of the new evangelization! Here is the new Pentecost of Vatican 2! No, this is all false. HERE IS THE FRUITS OF VATICAN 2 AND ITS DECREE ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY! This is the truth.