Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gaia Instead of the Cross --- Praying to Mother Earth?

 (Paris) A "Christian Ecological meeting"  took place from 28-30th August  in the city of Saint Etienne,  diocesan seat of the French Diocese, whose subjects revolved around the earth and the Eco-Encyclical  Laudato Si  by Pope Francis.   The event was organized by  the Diocese of Saint Etienne, the church newspaper La Vie, the Catholic establishment Service National Famille et Societé and the French Bishops' Conference.  The central theme was "Ecological Repentance," said Riposte Catholique.
Socialism was prominent around the  "Ecological Gathering:"  the former Minister  and current  President of the party Rassemblement citoyen-Cap21, a party reestablishment of Socialists, Greens and left-wing liberals of 2014 for "ecology, humanism and participatory democracy"; Jo Spiegel, Mayor of Kingersheim in Alsace and President of the Metropolitan Region Rhin-Rhone; Benoit Leclair, Vice President of the Rhone-Alpes region, and energy and climate change spokesman of the French countryside; or the militant eco-activist and left globalization opponent Genevieve Azam, who was the meeting's head.

Group dynamics, prominence and left critique of globalization

Bishop Lebrun
The program looked like a nostalgic celebration of  '68: there were endless teach-ins in many circles of chairs, collages, painting, crafts, group dynamic "processes", interreligious elements, much left critique of globalization for a "new world". The central word, "Ecological Repentance", was taken from Pope Francis' Eco Encyclical.
On Sunday, August 30,  as part of  the "Ecological Assembly" a Holy Mass which included liturgically  foreign elements. In addition to  Bishop Dominique Lebrun, several priests took part.   Instead of the cross a home-made globe was plaed in the center, around which all gathered in  a circle, including bishop and priests. Bishop Dominique Lebrun stood with Mitre, Crosier and chasuble, as well as  priests with chasubles, around the globe.The priest pictured right is holding a missal to hand.
Was Gaia, Mother Earth worshiped on Sunday, August 30 in Saint Etienne?  Was this dubious liturgy Bishop Lebrun's parting gift to the diocese of St. Etienne? 
Bishop Lebrun was appointed by Pope Francis archbishop of Rouen and Primate of Normandy last 10 July. The Diocese of Saint Etienne is currently  vacant.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Riposte Catholique
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Barnum said...

Funny how they wear non-gay vestments when they want their crackpot agenda to be taken seriously. I applaud the showpersons.

Anonymous said...

With this Bishop of Rome everything is possible, righteous, cool......welcome to the NWO universal church. God bless+

Anonymous said...

Another even we have this clown in the Cahir of Peter peddling his warped agenda.
I wish he would do/say something so monumentally off Catholic tradtion and teaching that he would be pressured out of office.
Duh, he already has!
How much longer must the Catholic Church suffer him and his gang?

Long-Skirts said...


Beware goddess green
Mother earth’s pagan queen
She’ll recycle man’s faith
Unto doubt.

They will question their existence
Contracept with persistence
If man does not wake…
He’s waked out!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the above spelling errors....I meant "Another event we have this clown in the Chair of Peter peddling his warped agenda to thank for..."

susan said...

Straight out of Lord of the World!
What the hell, what. the. HELL. is wrong with these people???
More of the same....

(tune in at the 27:28 mark; I had to shake my head back and forth really fast repeatedly and listen to it again 5 times before I could believe it...one of the commenters posts the 'lyrics')



Aged parent said...

Nice of all of them to wear green. That was probably because this is Pentecost. Oh, we don't have Pentecost anymore; we have "Ordinary Time".

They must have been wearing green for some other reason....like the Druids.

Anonymous said...

You post a pic of a bishop in robes and miter kissing an image (idol) of the earth and then ask: "Was Gaia, Mother Earth worshiped on Sunday, August 30 in Saint Etienne? Was this dubious liturgy Bishop Lebrun's parting gift to the diocese of St. Etienne? " [but them statues of Mary and the saints they had to go w/VC2!]

Gabriel said...

"Clown in the chair of Peter'? Reads to me as gratuitous invective launched by a brick throwing Orangeman at Christ's representative.

Anonymous said...

Dannnce, dance wherever you may be, for I am the lord of the dance said he..sing it now, eerybody.

Anonymous said...

Okay,how about "not a true pastor but a destroyer." Work better for you?

Jim said...

Sign your post.

Jim said...

Sing you post, party boy.

Anonymous said...

Jim, you're annoying with your "sign your post". Do you work for the blog? I was under the impression Tancred was the blog owner. If Tancred requests I sign my post I certainly will. Until then, save it, not interested.

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Tancred said...

Nope, he's just one of the profligates from the catty "Todd Zuhlsdorf" blog, and I usually scrape those barnacles off the boat, but sign your posts.