Monday, August 10, 2015

Msgr. Athanasius Schneider: "Society of St. Pius Should be Recognized, Just as They Are"

(Rome) Msgr. Athanasius Schneider, Bishop of Astana, has suggested in an interview with the Catholic Spanish site Adelante la Fe, that the Holy See is close to recognizing  the Society of St. Pius X.. Bishop Schneider said: There is "no reason to deny the priests and faithful of the Priestly Fraternity of an official canonical recognition".
The auxiliary bishop visited  the seminaries of the SSPX in the United States and France in the Spring. Adelante la Fe asked him whether there are "prospects for a speedy reconciliation" and what is the main obstacle to such.
Schneider said: "The Holy See asked me to visit the two seminaries of the SSPX to perform with a group of theologians of the Society and His Excellency, Bishop Fellay, a debate on a particular theological problem. This showed me that the SSPX is not an insignificant ecclesial reality for the Holy See, but should be taken seriously. I have gotten a very good impression during my visits. I was able to observe in two seminaries a healthy theological, spiritual and human reality. The spirit of the sentire cum ecclesia of the SSPX was obvious as they welcomed me as envoy of the Holy See with real respect and great warmth. In both seminaries, I was glad to see the images of Francis, the currently reigning Pope, at the entrance."
Next the Bishop said: "The singing of the traditional prayer for the Pope ("Oremus pro pontifice nostro Francisco ...) during the solemn exposition of the Blessed Sacrament was moving. To my knowledge, there are no grounds to refuse the priests and faithful of the SSPX official canonical recognition, therefore, they should be accepted as they are."

"Vatican II on both sides overvalued and overstimated"

In his reply, Mgr Schneider also addressed the Second Vatican Council: "I think that the question of Vatican II is to be considered not as aconditio sine qua non, as it was an assembly whose purpose and character primarily was pastoral. Parts of the Council statements reflect the circumstances of the time and therefore have only temporary validity, [emphasis ours] as is customary for just disciplinary and pastoral documents. If we look at the matter from the perspective of two thousand years of church history, we can see that an overvaluation and overestimate a pastoral reality of the Church is present as the Second Vatican Council by  both sides (of the Holy See and the SSPX).
The SSPX believes it celebrates a living and moral life as demanded by the highest moral life and Magisterium  as the Church has done for centuries around the world, and they recognize the legitimacy of the Pope and the diocesan bishops praying publicly for them, they recognize the validity of the sacraments according to the typical edition of the new liturgical books, that should be enough for a canonical recognition of the SSPX by the Holy See. Otherwise, the oft-repeated pastoral and ecumenical openness of the present Church would lose its objective credibility, and raise the story someday  of accusations against the Church authorities of today, because they have imposed on  brothers a greater   load than necessary (Acts 15:28), which is the opposite of what is the pastoral method of the Apostles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Adelante la Fe
Trans: Tancred


Lynda said...

Doctrinal error has no validity. Error is never "pastoral" - that much abused term.

Rescued By Mary said...

The Trembling Bride

The Pope has excommunicated himself from the Church for adultery. Spiritual adultery is the worst kind. By insisting that unrepentant adulterers be received into Christian fellowship within the Church, Pope Francis has become a partaker in another man’s sin. Pity. He is doing no favor to the adulterer by patting him on the back on his way to hell. This is not compassion. It’s a damnable lie. And every catholic knows it. The Pope is not a catholic. The Church has always taught what our Adorable Saviour taught, that divorce was an adulterous thing to do, and to marry another was a mortal crime that kills all sanctifying grace in the soul from Baptism – A catholic excommunicates himself from Christ when he marries outside the Church. This is the reality of the situation, I’m afraid: Mark 10:11 – Read it and weep.

Ladies and gentlemen, Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament of the Holy Roman Catholic Church as instituted by Christ Himself. The catholic cleric has no authority over this Mystery. He is merely a witness to what the two say there before him that day, and the witness there to behold it – The two become One-Flesh. The Marriage vow creates a bond that is closer than blood relations…

Saint Paul follows his Saviour’s example when he hearkens back to the Genesis account to describe the relationship between Christ and His Church; for, “this cause” he says. What cause? For the establishment of the Sacrament of holy marriage, for without it there is no Catholic Religion!

Genesis 3:15 is often referred to as, “THE PROTOEVANGELIUM OR FIRST GOSPEL." I’m convinced that Genesis 2:24 is a foreshadowing of the marriage between Saint Mary and Her Joseph, just as sure as Genesis 3:15 is where we see Christ and His Mary.

From henceforth, Genesis 2:24 will be referred to as, "THE 'PROTOMARITO' OR 'FIRST MARRIAGE.”

Hail! Full of Grace! Saint Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost to Conceive Her own Savoiur, only after She was given to Saint Joseph in marriage. Mary gave Her Immaculate Heart to Her Saviour, only after She had given it in marriage to Saint Joseph. Her first Love was and always will be Saint Joseph!

There is a dead corpse in the Church, and it stinketh; an adulterous body of death, seated right there before us. Beware. It’s got the Church by the neck, and seeks to suffocate Her to death. And how does the enemy plan to do this? By corrupting the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and causing the Church to eat damnation to Herself! The Church of God is under an attack the likes of which the world has never seen. Satan would seek to thrust a dagger forthright into the Heart of the Church, in the Sacrament of Her Matrimony, as the knight falls on his own sword. The Father has chosen to use the Bonds of Holy Matrimony as an analogy of His relationship with His Church, and right now, there are few things as important as protecting the integrity of this analogy. What we are seeing the Pope of Rome doing, on the other hand, is tearing asunder the Marriage between the Son of God and His bride. If successful, this would be a death blow to the Catholic Faith, for without Holy Matrimony, there is no Marriage Supper of the Lamb!

Rescued By Mary said...
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Rescued By Mary said...

The Church, Pope Francis has been quoted as having said, looks upon those in such situations with a maternal heart and, “always looks for the good and the salvation of persons,” in reference to Catholics in adulterous marriages. Really? How can there be any good in an adulterous relationship? What virtue is there in having a commitment to doing something that is wrong even if you do it with another exclusively? Can it really be a good thing to do this forever, to pray while doing it and to do it publicly? What is it that we have here? A commitment to live in gross sin exclusively with another, to do it till death, and pray while doing it. But the Church’s maternal heart can be found in the loving embrace of the tender and desirable arms of the Mother of God – The Holy, Spotless and Lovely Mary. To attach the heart of our Mother to that of a whore-monger is an unspeakable outrage of skullduggery against Her Immaculate and Sacred Heart – It is a suicide mission. Mary, the most powerful of all of God's creations! St. Anthony, the hammer of heretics, learned at Her feet. She must be so very beautiful! Oh, if we only knew the love that my Mary has for our fallen hearts, we could not contain it. True devotion to Mary can drive heresy out of the heart of the obstinate Professed Religious heretic, by a recognition of Her Majestic authority to reveal that the Catholic Church is the True Church, and the realization that without Mary the Gospels would have never been written.

But, I must forewarn you my ordained friend, you will be devastated. It is a great wonder to me how Christ can send His Mother to us with the way she is so mistreated. I couldn't do it. I could not send my mother to do something for me knowing that she would be so hurt, so maligned and outraged by such barbaric and ungrateful men as Mary is! Knowing that She would be blasphemed by every false and abominable counterfeit misrepresentation of Her True presence by minions of the fallen angel who have been wholly given over to the rebellion of their own hearts; attributing to the Holy Mother of God the attributes and character of the despicable imagination of their own lusts. But He does! He does! Is it little wonder then, why He may be hesitant to allow His Mother to be exposed to such trauma? I don’t see how He can do it.

Rescued By Mary said...

A rescue attempt by the Mother of God can truly be a last ditch effort at converting the hardened and obstinate Professed Religious sinner. So, I must warn you. If Jesus Christ sends His Mother in an attempt to persuade the Professed Religious obstinate heretic to forsake his sin, and he rejects Her – he is doomed.

Speaking on behalf of the young children of these adulterous unions, Pope Francis insists that there is an, “urgency of developing in our community a real welcome toward the persons who are living in such situations.” Our, “language and attitudes,” must change with the times as well it seems, as Pope Francis struggles to reconcile the Church’s responsibility to influence parents to raise their children in the faith, while they continue to live in sin, with the clear teaching of the Church that what they are doing is morally repugnant. How can these people ever hope to raise any children in the Catholic Faith if they are committing adultery right in front of their faces every day?

Their children are illegitimate quite frankly, and he knows this right well. To, “hold them at a distance from the life of the community, as if they were excommunicated,” Pope Francis opines concerning the adulterous couple, will somehow prevent the Church from catechizing the next generation of children of these adulterous relationships which seem to be so prevalent in the Church today. This is a real dilemma for those in the Vatican who have created all these societal anomalies over the last fifty years with their Vatican 2ew theology for which they now pretend to offer remedy. I’m sorry. If the Romans do not offer up this compromise, their church will disintegrate.

Pope Francis refers to Pope John Paul II’s, Familiaris Consortio, and demands that we must distinguish between those who caused the breakup of the initial marriage and those who endured it. This sounds so very familiar to the protestant ideology of the “innocent spouse” in such situations. The Pope is here representing Christ as replacing death with divorce, in a roundabout way. But is this not who our Jesus died for? The guilty party? This is nonsense to say that there is an innocent spouse in a divorce who is somehow thereby justified in contracting a subsequent marriage while their true spouse is still alive.

This is not Catholicism. It is Calvinism, of the worst kind. We don’t execute the adulterer, no, we simply divorce the offending party and then go on to marry another, while the guilty spouse must eek out an existence, void of any hope as one who is “spiritually” dead. After all, we’re Catholics, and would never advocate that mortal sins in God’s Moral Government, should also be capital crimes in the civil law as well! Ladies and gentlemen, what the Pope is doing here is rotten at the foundation. It’s disgusting. No wonder he nearly got a standing ovation, “tell us what we want to hear! Or else!” the crown jeers...


Rescued By Mary said...
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