Thursday, July 16, 2015

Parish Festival Not "Grand" Enough: Priest Hospitalized

In southern Italy, a Catholic priest has been beaten up by a parishioner because he is said not to have planned a parish celebration "grandiose" enough. Rome ( In southern Italy, a Catholic priest has been beaten up by a parishioner because he is said not to have planned the parish celebration that was "grandiose" enough. As the Italian daily "Avvenire" reported on Wednesday, the incident in the Calabrian Caraffa del Bianco occurred during a meeting for the organization of the upcoming fiestas in the town of Madonna degli Angeli.

One participant did not agree with the plans and allegedly punched a priest in the face who is native of the Congo, Sylvestre Ibara. He had desired "pomp", the report said.

The priest has been brought to the hospital for evaluation.

The local bishop condemned the act according to the report as a "serious act of violence". This is directed against a priest who had come from far to share the "love of the Gospel" in this place, says the Bishop of Locri-Gerace, Francesco Oliva. (C) 2015 Catholic News Agency KNA GmbH. All rights reserved. Link AMDG


Anonymous said...

Could do the same in Bridgeport, PA - After 90 years Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and whatever feast the Polish Church used to do have been combined into a banal manufactured event by the (local-combined) n.o. priest called "festival of families" (assume all homosexual perverts are welcome w/their purchased 'children') to celebrate how we're all Gosnell live baby killing sell the body parts for cash to support perverts (i.e. U.S. Obomination & Team B united in the perverse heart of Satan).

"Priests, religious and laity have been trained to assist families in preparation and the Enthronement ceremony – providing instruction and materials. Learn more about the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in your home and the twelve promises at" (the link's still broken)

Sure would love to hear someone's started punching out some priests and bishops here too!

Anonymous said...

Although violence is always wrong, it indicates the anger of many millions of faithful and traditional Catholics have towards the general attitude of simplifying,commonizing, degrading further, the Holy Mass an liturgical life of the Catholic Church according to the radical mndset of Pope Francis and his most ardent supporters and imitators.
The recent apostolic visitation of a diocese and Bishop in Brazil who was considered to traditional and liturgically too supportive of "pomp" etc. and his removal is an outrage. The charges against him were made by the liberal malcontents who for the moment have the ear of the Vatican.
This agenda towards simplicity and bare-bones liturgy is having a far more detrimental effect on the Church than did the original radical liturgical reforms of Vatican II...the negative backlash to which the Church is still suffering from. Countries which once had 95% mass attendance before Vatican II Ireland, and even Poland), have seen their totals decline(especially in Ireland) dramatically. In Ireland it is below 20%, and that would have been unthinkable 50 years ago!! In Poland, it is still high, but since Pope Francis' election, vocations are down. Just as they are down even more in most countries.....including the USA where the neo-con Catholics had rejoiced for a few years at increasing seminary enrollment (they would cheer when the totals for USA seminarians went up by 70 over the year before.....and estatically proclaim that enrollment was rebounding. The North American College in Rome, the premiere USA seminary enjoyed during the last 5 years of John Paul II's reign and all thru the reign of Benedict XVI a modest increase in enrollment....up from about 160, to about 225. So much so that they added more rooms. But since Francis, they are declining again....down 25 students last year....and probably (hopefully), more this year. I say hopefully not out of spite or evil intent, but because I know it represents a rejection of Francis and the direction he wants to take the Catholic Church.....and despite the tragedy of these declines, it shows the grass roots negative reaction of the people both to this direction, and to Francis himself.
The millions who come out to see Francis on his Latin American or Fillipino trips probably know nothing of his evil agenda for the Church....they come out simply to see and cheer "THE pope" whom they assume is still a Catholic....and the guardian of Catholic tradition and teachings.
I have read in recent days that the Pope's acceptance of the "Communist Crucified Christ" statue and his positive comments about it were considered deeply offensive and an outrage not only in parts of Latin America, but in Eastern Europe which suffered under those symbols. Pope Francis offering the medallion of the same designed crucifixion to Our Lady at her shrine in Bolivia was considered in Italy and many other places to be scandalous and outrageous. Francis won no support with those actions!
So, the action of the parishioner represents a current.....increasingly strong, of traditional Catholics who are against what is happening in the Church, and increasingly against the Bishops who stand with Francis.
It is a reaction which I hope manifests itself very strongly so that Francis will think twice before pushing any more of his radical ideas.
What he said and did in his Latin American trip was a scandal for he Church. I hope it turns millions of Catholics...including "fence sitters" who until now have been willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, very strongly against him and his thugs who implement his directives.

Damask Rose said...

"So, the action of the parishioner represents a current.....increasingly strong, of traditional Catholics who are against what is happening in the Church, and increasingly against the Bishops who stand with Francis."

If a traditionalist struck the priest then this is despicable behaviour. Especially from a traditionalist, who should no better coupled with their endless spiel of how traditionalists are so exemplary at practicing their faith.

If there is tension in a parish regarding the priest, I would at least expect traditionalists to pray, make sacrifices and get a Mass said for the priest.

The problem with the Church today and seminary formation of priests, is that many good priests don't know any better. The evil arises when the priest does and understands 'better', but will give you garbage anyway.

I'm not sure from the article what type of pomp this is. Is it traditional pomp the priest didn't want or liberal sacrilegious pomp?

Boniface said...

Agree with everything above - but did the original article in any way insinuate that the angry parishioner was a traditionalist?

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

You cannot was the godfather who didn't liked it, every religious event in southern Italy is always under the protection of some mammasantissima, even the statues of the Holy Virgin take a bow in front of the godfather's' s normal.....

Tancred said...

Probably just a regular guy who is fed up with the degrading of the liturgy. Pomp isn't necessarily a pejorative.

Tancred said...

Im sure that has something to do with it, but that's not all.