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Pleading For Sandro Magister and Against the Poison of the New Courtiers of the Pope

Sandro Magister
(Rome) The expulsion of Sandro Magister after 41 years as an accredited journalist of the Holy See has  led to diverse reactions, between unbridled glee and states of shock. The withdrawal of accreditation "is the worst thing for a Vaticanist" gleefully wrote wrote Magister's  opponent Francesca Chaouqui who is one of the "new courtiers" of this pontificate. The statement hits the point and explains the state of shock of those who afford themselves an independent view outside the jubilee choir for the Argentine pontiff. It's an attitude that is increasingly becoming a dangerous luxury when even when one as veterate and renowned as Sandro Magister Vaticanist must be put to the sword without mercy. While the courtiers have erupted in loud jubilation over the slaying of their "enemy", the voices among Vaticanists  can be counted on one hand, who dare to take sides for their previously highly respected colleagues, to move some things into perspective.
One who has done so publicly is Riccardo Cascioli, the chief editor of the Catholic  Internet newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ). Here is plea for Sandro Magister and against the "new courtiers" in the Catholic Church.

No mercy for Magister

by Riccardo Cascioli
The premature announcement of documents is never a pleasant thing, but it is difficult to understand why the pre-publication of the Pope's encyclical Laudato si  two full days has brought the Holy See to the brink of a nervous breakdown and some Vaticanists laughably losing even their sense, are claiming the incident as a conspiracy to damage from Pope Francis.
What kind of a conspiracy could depend on the contents of the encyclical being unveiled two days early? On the contrary, the initiative of the Espresso appears to have heightened the attention of the official press conference to present the Encyclical  on 18 June at 11 O'clock. And it was only in order to determine any differences between the already known version and the final version.

The Public Pillory and Toxic Malice for Magister

Yet the advance publication has been treated like a conspiracy, so that the Vatican press office even took the drastic measure and indefinitely suspended the accreditation of longtime Vaticanist Sandro Magister, who is believed to be the culprit of the incident. Not only that: The letter by which Magister's sanction was announced  was publicly posted in the press service of the Vatican and published with great luridness on the semi-official news blog Il sismografo.That's not all: as if it were not already enough punishment to publicly pillory Magister without any process, there appeared tons of poisonous comments on the internet  by colleagues and Vatican representatives against Magister.
Magister is a very famous Vatican expert. His official website chiesa.espresso and his blog Settimo Cielo are much read and at the international level. For many Catholics, but also journalists, Magister is an important reference point in order to be informed about developments in the Catholic Church and the Vatican, which go beyond the official statements. It is obvious that he has made some enemies ​​over time. The way he is now treated, in any case, raises a number of questions.

Nothing like that at Vatileaks - did not violate any embargo period

Eugenio Scalfari took the place of the Pope and formulated its own answers  of the same - impunity
Mainly because there were no comparable penalties in connection with the Vatileaks scandal, as numerous personal and confidential documents from the desk of Benedict XVI. were stolen and published and caused a scandal. By comparison, the preliminary publication of a public encyclical is ridiculous. In addition, Magister can at best be only indirectly responsible for the publication, then the copy of the encyclical-draft - as has been said from the very beginning - was landed on the table of the Espresso  -Chief Editors who decided the publishing and asked Magister to write a short introduction.
Ultimately, you can not even speak of a violation of the embargo period, as the American Vatican expert John Allen remarked. An embargo period is there when a document shall be made in available in advance to  journalists to give them time to read it and to prepare for the publication. In practice, this means: I give you a document in advance  and you commit yourself to not speaking about it before a specified time. In this specific case, the Holy See, however, had decided, which is unusual and not very pleasant, to present the Encyclical only a few hours before the press conference. No journalist had thus officially received it and was therefore bound to a fixed vesting period. A moral obligation of the Espresso chief editor would only be given if the invisible hand that has leaked him the text  would require experts to comply with the embargo period on June 18., but that seems highly unlikely.
Nevertheless, the wrath of the Vatican erupted over Magister: no extenuating circumstances, no mercy, only public disgrace and expulsion from the Olympus the Vaticanists.

No Mercy for Magister - a Reward for Eugenio Scalfari

One behaved quite differently  with the old fox Eugenio Scalfari, as in the two interviews published with Pope Francis. One in October, 2013, the other in July 2014. Both caused no small stir in the Church. Then it became known that the first interview statements were put in the mouth of the Pope by  Scalfari, which he had never said. And that the second interview was supposed to never be released because Scalfari had committed, not to speak publicly about this private conversation with the Pope. The only measure against Scalfari was a public statement by the Holy See. But on the contrary. Scalfari was even rewarded for the two interviews. Both were printed a few months ago in an official book by  the Lev Vatican Publishing house.

Reckoning With one Who did not Join in the Chorus of Adulation

The gloating of the papal Commissioner Chaouqui about Magisters expulsion
One can reasonably assume, therefore, that Magister, is rather than paying for the advance publication of the encyclical, but instead for his constant informational activities with which he strives to brighten backgrounds and illuminate decisions and statements in a way that does not correspond to the chorus of adulation which surrounds and damages this pontificate. The incident with the encyclical is just a pretext to settle accounts with a leading journalist, but is considered as a reference point for the opposition. A precise signal that is being emitted by the new courtiers and to all who dare to question, and according to an old strategy: to teach one hundred strike one.
It is therefore no coincidence that those who spread the poison against Magister, are among the enthusiastic supporters of the new charity. This includes those who should of their own volition and on the basis of their institutional position, employ a certain lack of self control. There is the s PR expert hired for a Pontifical Commission, Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui who has never forgiven Magister that he publicized her  tendency to too great loquacity, wrote immediately after becoming aware of  Magisters punishment on Facebook:
The entry ends with the words: "Happy Sandro, Ex-Vatican expert". Any further comment is superfluous. Law has Chaouqui was only correct in stating that the withdrawal of accreditation is "the worst thing for a Vaticanist."

Betting that L'Espresso already published the final version

The entry gives testimony that the spurting of venom from the Vatican is far from past. This is evidenced by a further signal: Il Fatto Quotidiano has named  the Secretariat of State Security as a source of the copy that the Espresso leaked. The daily newspaper also claimed, it involves  an alleged act of sabotage by "conservatives" against Pope Francis.  Information that has been properly spread not by chance. Rather, it appears to be a notice that we will soon be informed of things quite differently.
NB: The Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi explained that it told Espresso  that it was  only a draft of the encyclical and not to publish the final version version. He made ​​it clear that the text has undergone further changes. But we are willing to take a bet that the published text already represents the final version. On Thursday we will know it.
Text: Riccardo Cascioli / NBQ
translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: RAI1 / Dagospia / Facebook (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Magister is a great journalist and the greatest vaticanist in Italy......the rest is silence, but just to remember that before the new Vatican Era there was a Renaissance court, beg pardon, Renaissance Pope with a luxury court......wasn't this papacy the poor's and misery and merciful, was it? May be I had a nightmare 2 years ago and still have....

Tancred said...

The accommodations of the Popes since Saint Pius IX have been fairly modest. +Bergoglio has a whole floor of the hotel to himself, considerably more room than Benedict XVI's apartment.

Anonymous said...

"Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui who has never forgiven Magister that he publicized her tendency to too great loquacity, wrote immediately after becoming aware of Magisters punishment on Facebook:The entry ends with the words: "Happy Sandro, Ex-Vatican expert""

Happy Francesca Immacolata Whore -- only kind of (ex-Christian) gossiping, publicity & money hound tart Frances and Fairy Team B appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Real Franciscans of the Immaculate they persecute.

Lynda said...

A "draft" a matter of days before the formal launch is of course the final text. They're not going to have removed all the heresies and falsehoods and had it reprinted between the weekend and Thursday.

Carmine said...

The former Pope happens to live in a converted convent which held a rather large community of contemplative sisters.
"....more room than Benedict XVI's apartment."?

Dieter said...

For the edification of the readership and to forewarn the Faithful, what exactly are these 'heresies and falsehoods' to which you refer?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Catholics — if there still are any — don't storm the Vatican and throw the Pope in the Tiber, as they sometimes did in earlier centuries.

susan said...

Now THAT I would get on an airplane to see!...or perhaps take part in.

Attila said...

Like the ones who attempted to pitch Pio IX into the Tiber, the one Bl John Henry Newman wished driven out of Rome?

Tancred said...

About 7 or 8 of them. Not particularly large.

Tancred said...

They are consecrated laywomen, you pillock.

Geremia said...

" NB: The Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi explained that it told Espresso that it was only a draft of the encyclical and not to publish the final version version. He made ​​it clear that the text has undergone further changes. But we are willing to take a bet that the published text already represents the final version. On Thursday we will know it."

And the text is the same, modulo some very minor typos / omissions. See the diff here:

Anonymous said...

"An embargo period is there when a document shall be made in available in advance to journalists to give them time to read it and to prepare for the publication. In this specific case, the Holy See ...had present the Encyclical only a few hours before the press conference."

The Encyclical was available online to the the journalists the previous day, and then a paper copy the morning of the press conference. It is obvious, even to casual observer, that the Vatican was specifically attempting to avoid a premature publication. Equally obvious is the requirement of a ethical relationship between the Vatican and it's designated press corps. It is a mystery why Sandro Magister, after 41 years as an respected journalist of the Holy See, would have consented to write an introduction to the leaked documents. It publicly exposes his ethics as, at the very least, duplicitous, and justifies the sanctions against him.

Equally distressing was the glee to which the news was reportedly received! Dr. Magister's colleges might benefit by considering the "15 Spiritual Disorders" of PFrancis!

Hopefully all will be resolved in due course and we can once more benefit by the important perspective of Sandro Magister.

Tancred said...

Even if it were Magister's decision to publish the Encyclical, it's pretty mild compared to the malignant behavior of Bergoglio's suite, and other journalists like the Mason Scalfari.

susan said...

no, the ones opposite those.......duh.

susan said...

start with this...

Carmine said...

Clearly on the WWF 'protected species' list.

Anonymous said...

If Magister published the document unofficially, and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who are we to judge? Mercy, please.
Luis Alberto.

Anonymous said...

I offer my excuses for this comment of throwing the Pope in the Tiber. This was an uncharitable thing to say and I request the Moderator to remove it. We should pray that Francis will return to the truth of the Gospel and stop distorting it with a false mercy. I fear that this Pope simply doesn't get how he is at odds with the fundamentals of Catholic faith and morals, and Church tradition. The craziness of which is happening during his pontificate is just unbelievable.