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Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Pope-Critical Vaticanist -- Valli: "Pastoral Line of Francis is Muddled"

Aldo Maria Valli, Chief Vaticanist of RAI: "Pastoral Course of Pope
Francis is Muddled"
(Rome) The chief Vatican expert of the Italian public broadcaster RAI distances himself from the pastoral line of Pope Francis, which he describes as "muddled".
"Surprise: The almost unanimous chorus of Italian Vaticanists who were entranced by the pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been losing more of its members," says the newspaper Italia Oggi . "Last May 28 Aldo Maria Valli, a respected expert on sacred palatial architecture on RAI, has written quite a strong article on his blog about Amoris laetitia, written by Pope Francis with the conclusion of the Family Synod  between autumn 2014 and autumn 2015."
Valli included  a number of critical comments on the papal document in his article.
"Take, for example the point 308", said the Vatican expert and cited Amoris laetitia : "Those pastors, to encourage their faithful in the full ideal of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church, must also help them to accept the logic of compassion for the weak and persecuted, or avoid overly harsh and impatient judgments." On this Valli wrote: "Shall we conclude that it is not the most efficient way to have compassion, to suggest the whole ideal of the Gospel "?
Also Valli stumbles over the "vexata quaestio" of communion for remarried divorcees and wonders: To what conclusion has the Pope come?
"After I read the text and read over and over again, the answer is: Communion yes, but no. Or. Communion no, but yes."  "The text legitimizes both conclusions. This occurs with the case-by-case logic, which in turn is a subsidiary of situation ethics. Do I consider myself as a sinner? Yes, but also no. No, but also yes. It depends."

Shocked by the ambiguity of Amoris laetitia

Being shocked over this ambiguity of the papal document, Valli believes the first place to look for the fault is in himself.  He had missed something or did not properly understand. But even after repeated rereading, he always stumbled over the same places, which made him come to the inescapable conclusion that it must nevertheless be the text.
This realization led the Vaticanist to pass various earlier episodes of this pontificate again in review, and critical review. In most cases, he was rapporteur in person and thus an ear and eye witness.
"When Francis visited the Lutheran Church of Rome  and was asked whether a Catholic and a Lutheran can go together to communion, Bergoglio explained by a long, spontaneous response ultimately: No, but even so, one has to look case by case basis. It is a problem that everyone must answer."
Or the video,  Valli continued, about interreligious dialogue, in which the Pope himself was involved (a video in which a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew and a Catholic priest appeared). "He said that people 'meet God in different ways' and, 'in this multiplicity there is only one certainty for us: We are all children of God.' " That was it?

"Serious Hazard, straight to fall into the lion's den"

Valli draws clear conclusions, citing a large converts, Blessed John Henry Newman, who became Catholic from Anglican. In his famous "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk"  Newman wrote: he had a toast to religion after dinner, he would surely toast the Pope, but primarily to conscience, then only to the Pope. In other words, primarily because of the search for truth, only then to the due authority.
Valli concludes with a theological bombshell:
"That's what: Conscience is capable of truth. If the conscience of Christians leaving the narrow and rough path of the search for truth and  'but also' entering the wide boulevards (who are enlightened and celebrated by the mass media, but dead ends), then I have the impression that he is in great danger of getting lost and falling straight into the lion's den."
"Harsh words for a Vaticanist" said Italia Oggi, "who was so far, like the majority of his colleagues, full of praise for Francis, and since his first appearance on the loggia of St. Peter's with his famous 'Buonasera.'"

"Honest and painful expression of a doubt"

"With Pope Francis in Santa Marta", one of the numerous books of Valli
Harsh words from a faithful man who has made no secret of his affiliation with the Opus Dei. As irritated reactions to his article followed, Valli did not back down, but came back on the next day again. Above all, he defended himself against allegations. "From my side there is no 'maneuver', no project whatsoever to leave any party (which, anyway?) to switch over to another (what then?). There is only the honest and painful expression of a doubt."
The number of leading Italian Vaticanists who criticize Pope Francis, have been so enriched by yet another pointed pen. The first was Sandro Magister, Vatican expert of Espresso. He takes the role of an anti-Tornielli and constitutes "the counterpoint  against the papal department of communication and the popish choir," said Italia Oggi . He was then followed by Antonio Socci (Libero), who presented two books critical of the current pontificate. In the first book he even doubted the validity of the papal election. A doubt he withdrew in the second book, but has not disavowed his critical distance towards the administration of the Argentine Pope.
The critics also include Marco Tosatti (La Stampa), who recites his restrained critical remarks but no less pungently. In Vatican Insider by Andrea Tornielli, the House and Palace Vaticanist of the Pope, Tosatti is the only critical voice in a polyphonic choir rejoicing. Anyway Vatican Insider  has allowed a dissenting voice. This circumstance is due to the cooperation with the daily newspaper La Stampa.  Tornielli and Tosatti are both employees of the newspaper, and so Tosatti must also be tolerated in Vatican Insider.
Among the critics is also  Vittorio Messori, who wrote the 1985 book "State of Faith" presented by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Messori is considered a kind doyen of Catholic journalists. Already in December 2014, he uttered doubts to  Corriere della Sera "about the orientation of Francis".
This renowned team now is reinforced by Aldo Maria Valli.
Gianni Gennari, a columnist of Avvenire , the daily newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference, gets new work. In his column, which he writes with the pseudonym "lupus" (Wolf), he blames inexorably any form of criticism of the Argentine Pope. His work seems to be now not less, but more.
Text. Giuseppe Nardi
Image: AGE / (screenshots) 
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vaticanists on Pope Francis: "Fewer Interviews, Your Holiness. They Only Cause Confusion."

 (Rome) "Interviews are not my forte," said Pope Francis at the beginning of his pontificate.  How right he was. But why then does he give so many interviews? That is what numerous Catholic observers have asked themselves in their comments since the recent flying press conference on the return flight from Mexico to Rome. Some have come to a clear conclusion and even dare to call  out to him. Their wish is: "Less interviews, Your Holiness."
It is contemplated with a certain melancholy that canny supporters   in the first bewildering months after the election of Pope Francis, attempted to persuade Jorge Mario Bergoglio not to give interviews. Interviews are a form of communication that would not suit Francis because of the improvised nature of the answers.

The illusion and the return flight from the World Youth Day

The Catholic world was disabused in the return flight from World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. Since then,  the infamous phrase  "Who am I to judge?" has become an unofficial, but more permanent and authentic motto about this pontificate.
In September of the same year, a no less controversial interview followed with the Roman Jesuit journal Civilta Cattolica and the very singular conversations with atheist Eugenio Scalfari.  Since then there has been a dizzying height of papal gushing  at each impromptu press conference in the assembly line. Thus, Francis has changed the form of communication of the Popes, who had hitherto basically waived interviews.  It is with good reason that they thought this.
Last week there were comments on a bandwidth from A for abortion to Z  for Zika virus, from John Paul II. to Donald Trump, from walls to Moscow.

A contradictory Pope

The Pope speaks and contradicts himself and contradicts his own conflicting and he does not even seem to notice. Opinions differ to the latter.
It is more likely that he knows exactly what he says, and has accounted for certain reactions and effects, wherewith he wants to achieve conscious or at least tacit acceptance. While it seems true that he adapts his speeches to his audience, never the less, the coincidence of the statements is not in the game.
The subsequent corrections, semi-corrections and pseudo-corrections by Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi SJ, therefore, provide for no lack of tragedy and embarrassment. Frequently, the subsequently filed corrections were at best, half-hearted disclaimers. Lombardi, who enjoys no direct access to the Pope,  thereby has multiplied the impression,  to wish to deny something, because it contradicts the Church's teachings, but is  inhibited in this because the statement  might actually concur with the opinion of the pope, or, given a denial, tape recordings could later be presented to prove the contrary. It's a fatal situation.

Reaffirming through half-hearted contradictions

The egg dance about the shocking Pope interviews with Atheist Eugenio Scalfari is unlikely to be bested. But the word  "Scalfari Magisterium' was coined, which carries the core of capitulation in itself.
Subsequently, only Lombardi  denied   informally that Francis had assured Scalfari  that "all remarried divorcees who want to be admitted to communion". At the same time Lombardi explainedthat there would be no official correction. There was also to be no denial. Absent correction, what Scalfari claimed was validated. The overriding conclusion: Pope Francis really said it just as  Scalfari announced it to the world.
The same applies to Scalfari's Pope interviews from 2013 and 2014, now reprinted in a  neatly bound  anthology by the official Vatican publishing with Pope interviews. Since then,   theologians are arguing whether and to what degree the interviews are part of the ordinary papal magisterium.

The Pope as Smoke Machine

Mists around Pope Francis  rise  and he very diligently sets off smoke grenades.
The Vatican expert Sandro Magister explained this papal procedure by using the example of the debate on the legalization of "gay marriage" in Italy: The Pope speaks and acts and sends out signals that are promptly understood by the world to be taken in a certain contradictory manner to the Magisterium. At the same time the Pope and his Adlati who act as smoke grenades to throw good Catholics in confusion and thus to lead them by the nose.
In an almost mocking way, Pope Francis said on his return from Mexico in one breath that he would not  interfere in the political affairs of Italy, and interjected himself at the same time in the political affairs of the United States.
Both times the statements targeted  in perfect focus on encouragement and praise from the same political page. In both cases, the Pope attacked the respective opposition against the ruling political left.  In both cases, the papal statements meant political interference, in Italy by demonstratively asserting noninterference with which he stabbed  Catholic families in the back, defending against their  remarkable action against the legalization of "gay marriage"  and gender ideology, in the US. by  thick headed interference against the most promising challenger to eight year long leftist government. The excommunication-shy Pope,  who has only "excommunicated" the Mafia, but figures like Emma Bonino, who  by her own admission is a child murderer 10,000 times over, and abortion-, divorce-, gender- and euthanasia advocate, he previously dubbed  "Great" and therefore put her on the same level with Pope Paul VI., excommunicated with astonishing thoughtlessness the Presbyterian and thus non-Catholic, Donald Trump from the Christian world.

Political bias does not do justice to the Petrine ministry

The political bias that   the Pope carries before himself like a flag,  might do well for his position as head of state, as Italy is the big neighbor of Vatican City, and the USA is the only remaining superpower. But governments change and tomorrow, Matteo could indeed reign in Rome,  but not Matteo Renzi of the Left-Democrats, but Matteo Salvini of the Northern League. And in the US,  tomorrow maybe Donald Trump will be sitting in the White House. Notwithstanding this: His position certainly does no good as head of the Church, as the successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ. The decisions and statements of the Pope should only  be obligated to his mission to proclaim the truth and to strengthen brothers.
Statements and actions must be measured against their consequences. Which résumé do the Pope's never denied statements about homosexuality, the divorced and remarried , on intercommunion or the Zika virus be drawn? The world reads them as a license and Catholics argue about whether the Pope had already mean it, as he had said it. The one marching resolutely forward with "papal blessing"  and the others are paralyzed in conflicts of interpretation.

The Pope interviews that "at best create confusion in all cases"

Phil Lawler, editor in chief of CatholicCulture asked about the recent flying press conference: "How dangerous was the most recent pope interview? Let me recount." Lawler's "recounting" led to a damning: The many words of the Pope would "in the best case scenario, cause confusion". Lawler's conclusion:
"The frequent public interviews of the Pope and the unfortunate list unfortunate responses have become a predictable source of confusion, frustration and even embarrassment for believers."
His  urgent recommendation follows:
"Pensive Catholic leaders should use their influence to convince the Holy Father of the fact that he was right [in which he once said that interviews were not his strength] and that he is wrong now when he  uses interviews as a regular part of his public office."
The situation of the famous Vatican expert Edward Pentin from New Catholic Register isn't different.  Pentin wonders whether the controversial interviews are not too high a price to be paid, in view of the confusion that this "informal" style creates "by a pope who is not a moral theologian".
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pleading For Sandro Magister and Against the Poison of the New Courtiers of the Pope

Sandro Magister
(Rome) The expulsion of Sandro Magister after 41 years as an accredited journalist of the Holy See has  led to diverse reactions, between unbridled glee and states of shock. The withdrawal of accreditation "is the worst thing for a Vaticanist" gleefully wrote wrote Magister's  opponent Francesca Chaouqui who is one of the "new courtiers" of this pontificate. The statement hits the point and explains the state of shock of those who afford themselves an independent view outside the jubilee choir for the Argentine pontiff. It's an attitude that is increasingly becoming a dangerous luxury when even when one as veterate and renowned as Sandro Magister Vaticanist must be put to the sword without mercy. While the courtiers have erupted in loud jubilation over the slaying of their "enemy", the voices among Vaticanists  can be counted on one hand, who dare to take sides for their previously highly respected colleagues, to move some things into perspective.
One who has done so publicly is Riccardo Cascioli, the chief editor of the Catholic  Internet newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana (NBQ). Here is plea for Sandro Magister and against the "new courtiers" in the Catholic Church.

No mercy for Magister

by Riccardo Cascioli
The premature announcement of documents is never a pleasant thing, but it is difficult to understand why the pre-publication of the Pope's encyclical Laudato si  two full days has brought the Holy See to the brink of a nervous breakdown and some Vaticanists laughably losing even their sense, are claiming the incident as a conspiracy to damage from Pope Francis.
What kind of a conspiracy could depend on the contents of the encyclical being unveiled two days early? On the contrary, the initiative of the Espresso appears to have heightened the attention of the official press conference to present the Encyclical  on 18 June at 11 O'clock. And it was only in order to determine any differences between the already known version and the final version.

The Public Pillory and Toxic Malice for Magister

Yet the advance publication has been treated like a conspiracy, so that the Vatican press office even took the drastic measure and indefinitely suspended the accreditation of longtime Vaticanist Sandro Magister, who is believed to be the culprit of the incident. Not only that: The letter by which Magister's sanction was announced  was publicly posted in the press service of the Vatican and published with great luridness on the semi-official news blog Il sismografo.That's not all: as if it were not already enough punishment to publicly pillory Magister without any process, there appeared tons of poisonous comments on the internet  by colleagues and Vatican representatives against Magister.
Magister is a very famous Vatican expert. His official website chiesa.espresso and his blog Settimo Cielo are much read and at the international level. For many Catholics, but also journalists, Magister is an important reference point in order to be informed about developments in the Catholic Church and the Vatican, which go beyond the official statements. It is obvious that he has made some enemies ​​over time. The way he is now treated, in any case, raises a number of questions.

Nothing like that at Vatileaks - did not violate any embargo period

Eugenio Scalfari took the place of the Pope and formulated its own answers  of the same - impunity
Mainly because there were no comparable penalties in connection with the Vatileaks scandal, as numerous personal and confidential documents from the desk of Benedict XVI. were stolen and published and caused a scandal. By comparison, the preliminary publication of a public encyclical is ridiculous. In addition, Magister can at best be only indirectly responsible for the publication, then the copy of the encyclical-draft - as has been said from the very beginning - was landed on the table of the Espresso  -Chief Editors who decided the publishing and asked Magister to write a short introduction.
Ultimately, you can not even speak of a violation of the embargo period, as the American Vatican expert John Allen remarked. An embargo period is there when a document shall be made in available in advance to  journalists to give them time to read it and to prepare for the publication. In practice, this means: I give you a document in advance  and you commit yourself to not speaking about it before a specified time. In this specific case, the Holy See, however, had decided, which is unusual and not very pleasant, to present the Encyclical only a few hours before the press conference. No journalist had thus officially received it and was therefore bound to a fixed vesting period. A moral obligation of the Espresso chief editor would only be given if the invisible hand that has leaked him the text  would require experts to comply with the embargo period on June 18., but that seems highly unlikely.
Nevertheless, the wrath of the Vatican erupted over Magister: no extenuating circumstances, no mercy, only public disgrace and expulsion from the Olympus the Vaticanists.

No Mercy for Magister - a Reward for Eugenio Scalfari

One behaved quite differently  with the old fox Eugenio Scalfari, as in the two interviews published with Pope Francis. One in October, 2013, the other in July 2014. Both caused no small stir in the Church. Then it became known that the first interview statements were put in the mouth of the Pope by  Scalfari, which he had never said. And that the second interview was supposed to never be released because Scalfari had committed, not to speak publicly about this private conversation with the Pope. The only measure against Scalfari was a public statement by the Holy See. But on the contrary. Scalfari was even rewarded for the two interviews. Both were printed a few months ago in an official book by  the Lev Vatican Publishing house.

Reckoning With one Who did not Join in the Chorus of Adulation

The gloating of the papal Commissioner Chaouqui about Magisters expulsion
One can reasonably assume, therefore, that Magister, is rather than paying for the advance publication of the encyclical, but instead for his constant informational activities with which he strives to brighten backgrounds and illuminate decisions and statements in a way that does not correspond to the chorus of adulation which surrounds and damages this pontificate. The incident with the encyclical is just a pretext to settle accounts with a leading journalist, but is considered as a reference point for the opposition. A precise signal that is being emitted by the new courtiers and to all who dare to question, and according to an old strategy: to teach one hundred strike one.
It is therefore no coincidence that those who spread the poison against Magister, are among the enthusiastic supporters of the new charity. This includes those who should of their own volition and on the basis of their institutional position, employ a certain lack of self control. There is the s PR expert hired for a Pontifical Commission, Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui who has never forgiven Magister that he publicized her  tendency to too great loquacity, wrote immediately after becoming aware of  Magisters punishment on Facebook:
The entry ends with the words: "Happy Sandro, Ex-Vatican expert". Any further comment is superfluous. Law has Chaouqui was only correct in stating that the withdrawal of accreditation is "the worst thing for a Vaticanist."

Betting that L'Espresso already published the final version

The entry gives testimony that the spurting of venom from the Vatican is far from past. This is evidenced by a further signal: Il Fatto Quotidiano has named  the Secretariat of State Security as a source of the copy that the Espresso leaked. The daily newspaper also claimed, it involves  an alleged act of sabotage by "conservatives" against Pope Francis.  Information that has been properly spread not by chance. Rather, it appears to be a notice that we will soon be informed of things quite differently.
NB: The Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi explained that it told Espresso  that it was  only a draft of the encyclical and not to publish the final version version. He made ​​it clear that the text has undergone further changes. But we are willing to take a bet that the published text already represents the final version. On Thursday we will know it.
Text: Riccardo Cascioli / NBQ
translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: RAI1 / Dagospia / Facebook (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 5, 2013

"They Knowingly Lie" -- Franciscans of the Immaculate Defend Themselvesin Official Statement

(Rome), the Franciscans of the Immaculate seem to have caught on after a first moment of shock. The Order has now responded with two official clarifications to a number of false reports that were apparently and deliberately circulated in connection with the decree of the Congregation of Religious. Both explanations are directed against Vatican Insider . The Order has precisely recognized, that this news platform are some Vaticanists, from which emanated the article with false reports. "They are lying and know that they are lying," said Messa in Latino about the behavior of some journalists. Unaudited reports were adopted by Catholic media and broadly disseminated. In recent days, it has been repeatedly claimed that it was not about the Old Mass in the whole thing. In reality, it is first and foremost on the Old Mass.

Vatican Insider as a Smoke Screen against the Franciscans of the Immaculate and the Old Mass

Even the report of the commissarate over the Order of Alessandro Speciale on July 30th was a smoke screen. Speciale reported on the actions of the Congregation of Religious, but also mixed a number of false reports in the article that were to serve to justify the extraordinary measures. For this purpose, he presented a supposed "spokesman of the Order," which he had cited in detail, thus giving the false impression that these were official statements. In reality, it was a leading representative of the "rebellious, progressive minority" (Roberto de Mattei). The statements of the alleged "speaker" was a single ignition out of smoke grenades, which were taken as stated by many Catholic media.

The supposed "spokesman" justified the Roman intervention allegedly because the order had been "exploited" as a "mediator" in the unification talks between the Holy See ands the SSPX (lie 1). He also described the ominous internal "poll" (lie 2) as the first in circulation, and even an "overwhelming majority" (lie 3) of the members of the order report that they would reject an "exclusive" celebration (lie 4) Tridentine Mass "especially in pastoral care in the parishes."

So it went on 2 August at Vatican Insider with the article about the unconvincing attempt by Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi to placate in the matter of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. This time the article was no longer marked by name.

Slanderous allegations against the founder of the Order and the Old Mass

The statement by Father Lombardi was clearly then apparently much for the order. Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate contemplative branch . Now the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have a first official clarification. That an order which is under provisional control, is not necessarily a given. The Order concluded with the statement that the only speaker of the order continues to be Father General Alessandro Apollonio alone. This is a finding which clearly goes against the false statements of the alleged "speaker" spread by the media.

In the declaration of the order states that the product of Vatican insider "includes defamatory statements against our Founding Father Stefano Maria Manelli, assertions that we must reject. The article also contains false or inaccurate information. "

The Premise for the Decision is "not the truth"

Vatican Insider claimed that the "decision of Pope Bergoglio" was justified by the fact that the "Father General Stefano Manelli has forced all communities of the Franciscans of the Immaculate to exclusively say the extraordinary form of the Roman rite in the liturgy."

In contrast, the official statement of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Conception says: "This is not true. It is our duty to respond to the best of our knowledge and belief, Father Stefano has never imposed exclusive use of the Old Rite on all communities. "Rather, he celebrates himself in both forms of the Roman rite. It is important to know that the official explanation that, before, during and after the Apostolic Visitation (July 2012-July 2013) as well as today, that the Old Mass was used following a promotion by the Father General with the General Council was "completely legitimate" and advanced "the Vetus Ordo in Respect to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (2007), in respect of the decisions of our General Chapter of 2008 and in respect of the instruction Universae Ecclesiae (2011)".

By letter dated 21 November 2011 (Protocol 77/2011) was transmitted by the Secretary-General on behalf of the General Council to all branches of the order some guidelines for use of Vetus Ordo (no rules, therefore they represented also no compulsion).

"Even after that some communities have preferred to continue the New Rite instead of the Old Rite. There was apparently therefore no compulsion exerted by Father Manelli. "Some brothers have, however, criticized the letter," said the order in its statement. "Some brothers" apparently already felt the possibility of celebration of the Old Rite went too far and were intriguing against Rome.

Ecclesia Dei Confirmed the Internal Promotion of the Old Mass in Accordance with Benedict XVI.

In the official statement of the order it said, "For this reason we have asked the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei for clarification, in the letter of 14 April 2012, Prot 39/2911L, the compliance of the letter Prot 77/2011 with the "mens" of the Holy Father Benedict XVI. was confirmed in the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae, No. 8."

The anonymous article from Vatican Insider also claimed that the Old Rite could be used only for orders and communities who have been in the "Lefebvrian schism", but were then returned to communion with Rome and placed under the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

"In reality, it is necessary to clarify that according Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum (No. 3) and the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae (No. 8a) the Vetus Ordo may be exclusive or 'primarily' may be used by religious institutions that are not of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, and not dependent on coming from the Lefebvrian 'schism'". Besides that, it was never intended to come to an exclusive use by our founder," said the order in its statement.

It was argued further by the article in Vatican Insider: "The Franciscans of the Immaculate, however, are created after the Council and a survey of the brothers has shown that the majority of them wants the celebration in the ordinary rite."

The order took exception here as well: "The fact that we weren't created until after the Council, does not prohibit us of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, to accept the Old Rite or favor. Incidentally, the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum applies (which was published after the Council) and the Institutes of Consecrated Life (without reference to their date) and also the instruction Universae Ecclesiae specifies that it is that goal 'of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum at No. 8, all the faithful the Roman Liturgy in usus antiquior offer because it is a valuable treasure that must be preserved."

Among 'all believers' is included also the religious."

There was never any "poll" for New Mass - assertion "unfounded"

Regarding the claim of the "survey" and an alleged "majority" of the brothers for the New Rite, (in explanation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception is also expressly mentioned by Speciale in the article from July 30th mentioned by Vatican Insider), according to the official statement of the order, there had been "no survey". "Therefore, the allegations of surveys by an alleged desire of a majority of the brothers is without foundation." Since the order was always bi-ritual, every priest of the order would "continue" to celebrate the New Rite, "as he has always done before." Without further explicitly addressing it, the order firmly asserts execute that there is no justification for the intervention of Rome against the Old Mass.". Regardless of our obedience to the instructions of the Holy See, it is our duty to provide clarity to avoid slander against our founder and hurdles for a peaceful course of the provisional administration."

Tornielli has set out with a hoax - Franciscans react immediately with the second explanation.

In the Declaration, the Congregation for Religious, stressed that their current term Decree was expressly brought by the approval of Pope Francis.

In defense of Vatican Insider it is to add that the first official clarification by the order was issued in full on Sunday.

The Congregation for Religious does not seem to have been concerned about the impact the decree has made decree on pastoral care.

Not only internal to the order, especially for the sister monasteries, but also for the numerous Mass locations in the Old Rite, which are managed by the order. Countless believers are deprived of the Old Mass on the 11th of August, to which they had been long accustomed. The resulting logistical problems and spiritual nature of these believers has not been addressed at all by the Congregation of Religious. Not a word of regret or of encouragement. If it goes against the tradition of the progressive parts of the Roman Curia, and so they behave like a bull in a china shop, and this against a worthy and entirely correctly celebrated liturgy and made the believers to orphans.

A small reconnaissance trip through the parishes in which members of the disobedient priest initiatives in the German speaking involved would suffice to create an abuse register that cries out for intervention. There is enough action. One does not have to look elsewhere for it.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Franciscans of the Immaculate
Trams: Tancred