Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jesuit, Jesuitical, Jesuitized -- Applied Sybyline Semantics

(Rome) Chiesa e postconcilio published nearly a spotlight on one of the hot topics of our time which is moving the Church. And the language in which Pope Francis deals with the subject.The suggestion comes from the Catholic Blog Esistenzialmente PerifericoCitations from the catechesis of Pope Francis at the General Audience of 15 April 2015th.
The main vice of Jesuits today: the problem with the clarity ...
"I wonder, for example, whether the so-called gender theory is not an expression of frustration and resignation, which aims to obliterate the difference between the sexes, because they no longer understand how to deal with it. [...] The covenant of marriage and the family is something serious, this is true for everyone, not just for the faithful. I would call on the intellectuals, not to neglect this issue as if it had become irrelevant for adoption in favor of a freer and more just society. "

Applied Sibylline Semantics

The Jesuit representation is, in most cases, a treatise of applied  sibylline semantics:
The formulation of the doubt ("I wonder ..."); misleading terms ("expression of frustration and resignation"); Generalities ("the covenant of marriage and the family is something serious"); multifunctional tags, which are found again  and which can be thrown in any order ("for use in favor of a freer and more just society become irrelevant").
The slogan of the current pontificate is: "Who am I to judge?" It is packaged equally advantageously with the question. The media have raised it to papal motto. And Pope Francis has so far made ​​ no attempt to correct this. Qui tacetconsentirevidetur .

Sandro Magister: Gay Lobby in the Vatican Increasingly Stronger

Once again, the famous Vatican expert Sandro Magister  put the finger in the wound, which is now an open secret: the existence of a massive, militant, homosexual lobby in the Church and especially the Vatican. A lobby that has grown stronger at a prodigious rate under this pontificate.
Despite the incredible incidents at the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family (with the relatio post disceptationem which even ascribes transcendent "qualities" to homosexuality, this lobby has not yet dropped its mask. It does it slowly.
On the other hand, the  homo-ecclesiastical coming out, the emergence of "Lady Cardinals" and "bishops" with the "small" vices (often inseparable fromt the homo-Ephebophilia that of the media describes tout court as  "pedophilia") will sooner or later emit from hidden poison canisters. Better sooner rather than later.
You know by the way, how much the homosexuals - from a series of psychological motives - love Exhibition,  the inflated and cathartic display of their problematic identity.
Text: Esistenzialmente Periferico / Chiesa e postconcilio / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Actualidad
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

It's just because of them that Ratzinger was fired, where is the dossier that the 3 cardinals named by pope Benedict wrote? As far as I know it was handed ovet to the BoR, so what happened? Maybe they've had the 30 silver talent from NWO masters....

jac said...

The late Fr Villa and Franco Bellegrandi actually exposed the beginning of the gay clericalism during the papacies of John XXIII and Paul VI (who himself was homosexual). From then until now te gay lobby didn't cease growing.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the lobby wishes to out itself. They are probably waiting for two crucial events to transpire this year: the U.S. Supreme Court's decision regarding homosexual marriage and the October Synod on the Family. If the outcomes of these two events prove sufficiently progressive to the cause, then I believe "La Lobby Gay" will begin to expose itself (pun intended).