Friday, March 20, 2015

Cardinal Caffara: "Insult of Christ on the Cross by Diabolical Perfidy"

Most "Harmless" Photo From Blasphemy
(Bologna) The Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra strongly condemned the action of the local gay organization Arcigay. The organizers spoke of a "heretical and superstitious" evening with "Enttaufungsstelle".
Cassero  calls itself Arcigay -Local in Red Bologna. The recent initiative of the gay organization is called "Venerdì credici", a "heretical and superstitious" evening which was advertised for with posters, flyers and advertised on the Internet with photos in which three men can be seen that are dressed as Christ and the two are thieves, but commit degenerate acts and mime the abuse of a cross. A reproduction of the image is impossible. The most "harmless" was  selected.
On a "ponta sbattezza" (debaptism place), visitors of the event could be "debaptized". (It's a formal process of renouncing one's religion, usually Catholicism, in Italy.)

Blasphemous photos end up at the prosecutor

There were many protests against these blasphemous representation, including the right-wing opposition parties, but also the Catholic wing of the ruling Democratic Party (PD). It especially caused offense hat the homo-organization is funded by the city government under Mayor Virginio Merola with public funds for "cultural" events.
The homo-associations showed zero sensitivity and understanding, much less consideration for the injured religious sentiments of Christians. Franco Grillini,  President of Gaynet only made more insults and taunts on Facebook with "Hands off the Cassero! The religious police of our Ayatollahs have run to the prosecutor's office because of a banal satire against religious oppression." Grillini continues: "A month ago, they were all Charlie Hebdo, but today all Al-Baghdadi!"
Only after fierce criticism came did there come a half-hearted apology from the person in charge of Cassero, which reveals little insight: "Some people felt offended by those photos: out of respect for these people - and not for an ideology or a command - we apologize. Those who call for sanctions  by taking advantage of an opportunity to strike Cassero, they are the real blasphemers. "

The Opinion of Cardinal Caffarra

Bologna archbishop, Cardinal Caffarra, strongly condemned the images and the event: "The photos of the evening edition of 'Venerdì credici' in Cassero of Bologna are an insult of unprecedented baseness and diabolical perfidy of Christ on the cross. For such a contempt of the Christian religion and of those who profess it, did not even spare the death of Jesus on the cross, which is represented by a despicable vulgarity. It hurts, but not surprisingly, it attempts by these means by trying to spread the idea that Christianity, and especially Catholicism, are the enemies of freedom, justice, scientific progress, secularism and democracy. Any ideology that does not manage to subdue the Church, they brutally persecute, either by killing Christians,  or ridiculing what is most precious to them. And it looks correct: in a Church that is faithful to the Gospel, they would not find the unconditional and blind support needed for their every lie, in order to survive. And what is to be said at this moment when the Cassero drama is desecrates  Calvary and the cross and other Christian symbols, and  on the other   shore of the Mediterranean, the Islamic State has destroyed churches? If one refers to the freedom of expression to justify a freedom to insult, one has to wonder if the end of democracy is near. And one also wonders under what title the city government can provide free public buildings to groups, which they use to turn them into places of insult and mockery,"  said Cardinal Caffarra.

The display

Today, several opposition councilors of Bologna and members of the regional parliament of Emilia-Romagna have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor. "It is unacceptable that such kinds of events with which the Catholic Church and the Christian religion are ridiculed, are financed with public funds from community funds and a building is provided free of charge to the value of EUR 100,000 annual rent," said Galeazzo Bignami, the Group President of Forza Italia in the regional parliament.

Homo-association involved for years in programs of school sex education

Manif pour tous Bologna declared in a press release that the aberro organizations should no longer be allowed to participate in school programs. "Whoever despises the values of others, has no place in our schools." The leftist  city government has allowed the aberro organization Cassero, "access to public schools, to teach our children about sex education for years" and "to enable them to deconstruct the stereotypes of sexual identity" and "provide accurate information about sexual orientation, to mediate  gender identity and gender roles," cited Manif pour tous from the self-promotion literature of the homosexual group.  "Such an attack against the family by promoting homosexualization may no longer be tolerated," said the family rights organization.
Text: tempo / Giuseppe Nardi
image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred


Barnum said...

Is this yet another example of "gay gifts" to the Church? Maybe Gaybriel will deign to give us the theological basis of this spectacle.

min | Timeshare attorney said...

i dont think so , many people try to do this tasks,but i dont believe it, also tnx for share

Anonymous said...

God bless Cardinal Caraffa for condemning this.
Would Pope Francis.... NO! LOL!

Anonymous said...

"Caraffa"? Sounds like a fake name. We all know no real cardinal would condemn Begoglio. After all, they were payed off by the NWO to elect him, so they're under contractual obligation to support him of the National Monetary Fund will flip the switch on the microchip implants they received and explode the back of their necks.

Anonymous said...

There is never a vacuum. Where the Faith and morals are rejected, the diabolic replaces them. Many are satanists, many are possessed by demons. Blessed Michael, the Archangel . . .

Tom said...

Everything the Cardinal had to say is true, but I only wish that he did not include “Catholicism” as a mere add-on. In the course of his response he rightly complained as to how the homosexuals were behaving, but the thrust of his complaint was how they were degrading “Christianity”. Then, almost as an afterthought, on a single occasion he says “especially Catholicism”. It’s as if he believes that the Protestant religions are of the same level as the one and only Church established by God.

These bishops, it seems to me, only wake up when the anti-Catholics poke the stick directly into their personal eye. Outside of that they’re as quiet as church mice. If the bishops of today were like the bishops of old (pre-Vatican II) perhaps these diabolical homosexuals and their followers would be less emboldened than they now appear to be.

Anonymous said...

""Caraffa"? Sounds like a fake name. We all know no real cardinal would condemn Begoglio. After all, they were payed off by the NWO to elect him, so they're under contractual obligation to support him of the National Monetary Fund will flip the switch on the microchip implants they received and explode the back of their necks."

To Anon:

I was laughing when I read this.....sorry for the spelling's Caffara...who would have made a better Pope than this Bergoglio.
You must have seen the recently released movie "Kingsman, Secret Service". Great film....lots of action and also some comedy. No wonder it"s soaring at the box office.

But your statement about cardinals is wrong. Any good Cardinal who knows what Bergoglio and company are pushing is wrong would oppose him. If they do not just because he is for the moment Pope, then the Catholic Church has become a cult of the papacy and deserves to go down.
If more good Cardinals like Cardinals Ottaviani, Bacci, Siri and other had stood up to Paul VI and said what he was doing with the Mass was wrong, perhaps we never would have had the N. O.
The entire Polish episcopate has just come out to repudiate Bergoglio and his agenda of "mercy" with regards to the Sacrament of marriage, etc. Bravo for them.
We must oppose this Pope Francis, Pray that he drops (like the evil people on Kingsman !)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen "Kingsman, Secret Service" and don't plan to. Sounds like NWO propaganda and distraction. More of the "you don't have to worry about the NWO because some elite team of superheroes will" crap. From the trailer I get the following: Samual Jackson (Obama) says he wants to wipe out the majority of humanity. Some team of spies stops him. This is to make us think there's some elite team of spies somewhere with a goal of protecting rather than subjugating us, so don't worry about exposing the NWO, don't worry about doing anything, just wait for the Demigods who can dodge bullets and move at the speed of light to do it for you...that way the NWO can rise without so much as a wimper from us. Hellywood has so far been very effective in its propaganda, wouldn't you say? And in the same way, so has the Vatican. Vatican One has prevented most dissent from the VII popes with its heresy of papal infallibility that keeps everyone kissing the popes toes no matter what heresy he spews.

Anonymous said...

You can' t even imagine what's life like in Bologna under ultrared administration, Caffarra is a true hero, it takes a lot of courage to oppose this kind of NWO of the way today the boR visiting Naples, had a dinner with trannies and prisoners.....that's new springtime, baby, don't you know???

akp5401 said...

Tom O'Reilly, it could be that the Cardinal says Christianity because Catholicism is the true Christianity. In Church documents the faith is generally called Christianity, in the same way as the Catholic Church is refered to as the Church.

Anonymous said... you are saying that Vat 1 set the ground rules for Vat 2. Was this intentional or an unintended consequence of Vat 1?

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is a young nun in one of the Orders of Italian nuns which still wear the old 1950's style habits (there's more Orders of sisters that dress like that than you'd think in Italy). She left the USA and joined this Order in Rome because although they use the N.O., they are traditional in discipline and habit, and are growing. She professed vows with a class of six other girls....but there are 15 new postulants behind her....most Italian but one other from USA.
My friend is in St. peter's Square every Sunday for the Angelus to see Francis, and e-mailed me (when she is allowed ), that the crowds coming out for him are way down....and going down further every Sunday.
The Romans at least are sick of his " I'm so poor" crap.
I think we all are :)

Anonymous said...

The "look at me, I'm so humble" garbage was bound to wear thin. In two years, Bergoglio has made it clear the sole mission of the Church is to feed and serve the poor. Saving souls is but an afterthought. Basically, he leads a spiritual version of the Salvation Army.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pope Francis did it again today! He went to Naples, and aside from several religious events and condemning the Mafia, this Bergoglio had lunch especially with prisioners which also included gays, lesbians, transsexuals and transgender persons whom he welcomed with praise.

Disgusting. There a lot more to say about this Bergoglio, but most isn't fit to print!

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army is actually a Protestant church. And they actually have doctrines about salvation too. So they're way more spiritual than Bergoglio's pure communist version.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the bishops doing the voting intended any of this at V1 or V2, but I think the devil who led both councils intended it all.

The point needs to be made too that all the ecumenical councils in the past were located different places. Now every council is at the Vatican. Because the devil is consolidating power there for the antichrist who will be a pope. Who knows, Francis may even be the one, or it may be one yet to come.

Anonymous said...

How I wish the Church would add another petition to the Good Friday Prayers, such as, for the conversion of the diabolical gays. As for the Persecution of Roman Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVl called on the United Nations to be fair and grant the same protections to the Roman Catholic Church as they grant to the Muslims and Jews. The UN wouldn't hear of it. Jesus Christ did tell us that like him we would be hated, persecuted and lied against. Lets thank God that we belong to him.

Anonymous said...

Saint Francis told us exactly who this guy was in his "not a true pastor but a destroyer" prophecy. I'm not sure why some folks are still in doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

God is not a spray, who am I to judge, thank you for coming to the end of the world to find me, god does not exist, don't breed like rabbits.

Anonymous said...

If it were the cardinal's intent to equate "Christianity" with "Catholicism," there would be no need to say "and especially Catholicism."

The quoted material: "It hurts, but not surprisingly, it attempts by these means by trying to spread the idea that Christianity, and especially Catholicism, are the enemies of freedom, justice, scientific progress, secularism and democracy."

Anonymous said...

Once again Our Lady of La Sallette & Our Lady of Good Success predicted this would happen.

Damask Rose said...

"A month ago, they were all Charlie Hebdo, but today all Al-Baghdadi!" (Franco Grillini, 'Gaynet' President.)

"If one refers to the freedom of expression to justify a freedom to insult, one has to wonder if the end of democracy is near."

Well said Cardinal Caffarra. Ah yes, the Hebdo marches. When thousands cried in unison for the official insult to faith and morals.

Excellent that Cardinal Caffarra spoke up and defended Christ, His Crucifixion and the Church.

In all honesty, one could say that all the gays did was perform their own 'Passion Play'. Either gays do it to provoke and they know its blasphemy, or they don't know any better because society is too far gone.

What with all the Catholic gay masses and 'affirm yourself in your gayness church services' can we be surprised at this? I often wonder how many gays in the average gay community know what was going on with regards to gay priests at the height of homosexual practicing priests in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has simply shot itself in the foot with regards to homosexuality.

Just imagine if gays in London had put this 'show' on. Do you think that a priest in London would be able to hold a 'Mass in reparation for the gay blasphemy' if they make special accommodation for LGBT Catholics at Farm Street (can we forget the Soho Masses)? Or how about San Francisco? Do you think a priest in New York would be able to say a Mass in reparation for gays marching in the St Patrick parade?

Though it is most admirable that Cardinal Caffarra has spoken up, what is scary is that there is no uniformity on sexual morals any more in the Catholic Church. It's like it's just all hot air and the wolf can blow our house down.

Anonymous said...

I've often thought that VI and the doctrines on the Pontiff could play right into the devil's hands. The dogma of Papal infallibility is on par with incarnation. A denial of it results in hell. Suddenly unity is not found in common Faith but in the Pope. The confusion of today can be attributed to this. The last few Popes have uttered things that have seemed heretical but nobody dare question because they are the Pope, the supreme ruler and judging him leads to hell. 2 billion Catholics follow a heretical Pope, not because of unity of Faith but out of fear that not following him will lead to hell. Sedevacantists dream up ideas that he can't be Pope because he doesn't hold to the Faith handed down. VI and VII have done resulted in confusion and division, if anyone were to take a serious and honest look.

James said...

It's a bit late for the cardinal to complain - this is a fruit of the rejection of the traditional Magisterium by the authors of Dignitatis Humanae: that document opens the way to persecution by totalitarianism, to Satanolatry, to the advertising & use of condoms & the Pill, to obscenities posing as art, to ISIS, and a lot more such stuff.

The NuChurch has no right to start complaining when its errors blow up in its face - it has brought these things on itself, by its rejection of Catholic doctrine in favour of its unorthodox novelties. If it really objects to this kind of thing, it needs to be consistent & to reject its errors, and to return to the true Faith.

The occasional bit of Catholicism from the wreck that is the NuChurch does not meant the NC is Catholic.

James said...

Caffarra is just another V2- worshipping blowhard - I notice its OK to use tthe word "perfidy" of gay people; but use it of Jews, and all Hell breaks lose. Gays are an easy target for the Vatican - Caffarra would not dare to speak in similar terms of the Jews. As for the Muslims, this disgusting death-cult goes uncriticised in the Vatican because murder is its stock in trade.

I'll believe Caffarra & his fellow-dwellers in the Vatican are not cowards picking on easy targets when they criticise religions & nations that have power to harm them - and stick to their criticisms. They behave like politicians, who do something wrong secretly, are shown up, then spew some insincere form of words they call an apology. The hierarchy is composed of politicians, who put diplomacy above the Faith, the world above God, man above Christ.

susan said...

This one hittin' a little too close to home 'James'?

Anonymous said...

I have heard Vatican ll criticized, but Vatican l ? Lets not forget that the Council of St. John XXlll was never realized, the progressives hijacked the Council. St. John XXlll and Cardinal Ottaviani prepared 9 schemas which were to make up the whole of the Council. The Pope lived to see one of the schemas discussed in the first session. I saw an interview on TV with an old Cardinal from England who said this, "After the first session of the Council, Pope John XXlll called his closest Cardinal collaborators together, I was one of them and asked us to think of a way to gracefully end the Council, as he saw trouble ahead". St. John XXlll is said to have been more traditional than his predessesors. His idea of the Council was to confirm all that the Council of Trent said. It was to be a Pastoral Council because there was already a great loss of Faith. After his death the progressives voted the other 8 schemas out. 5 of those schemas have been translated from the Latin into English. I read part of one of the eliminated schemas and it blasted me away. All these years many of us blamed St. John XXlll, read the eliminated schemas and one see's the true greatness of St. John XXlll. Where we traditionalists have made mistakes, we have got to admit them in order to be true defenders of the Church founded by Christ.

susan said...

Andrew, can you provide a link as to where to read these schemas in English?....I'd very much like to. Thanks.

Tancred said...

susan said...

Many thanks Tancred...will sit with a nice tea, read these, and no doubt weep.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that St, John XXIII was nbot the radical liberal that the progressives like to picture him as being.
There are two sad things about Pope John XXIII that not many people know. One is that he had stomach cancer. He was already having stomach problems when he was elected, and it gradually got worse.
The second thing is that he was really a very orthodox pontiff. And he loved the Mass....especially the most ornate, Baroque celebrations and processions.
When Pius XII was elected Pope in 1939, he was a man of very refined taste. He accepted the Papal court and the ceremonial, but he did not elaborate on it. He curtailed many ancient ceremonies, suppressed others, eliminated some of the antique Papal vesture, strongly suggested that nuns modify their habits (a grave mistake), and he also shortened the length of the trains of cardinals and bishops cappa magnas....and he did away with the one the Popes always wore! Despite all this, Piis XII was a great Pope, and kept some papal pomp, but didn't expand it.
When John XXIII was elected, and the Masters of Ceremonies were planning his coronation, John is said to have requested more Baroque music, pomp, and ornament. He is know to have said " the more, the better". Pios XII's coronation in 1939 was basically bare bones at 3 hrs long. John XXIII's coronation was a full 5 1/2 hours of pomp. Sadly, today we have Papal "installations" finished in 1 hr.
John XXIII restore musch of the Papal vesture Pius XII avoided, over done in bad taste. He was very cultured. John restored the length of trains on the cappa magna for cardinals and bishops, loved the traditional habits for nuns, and insisted that monks in Rome continue to wear the shaved heads and monastic tonsure that had been traditional since the Middle Ages, So despite all the bad press that John XXII wasa radical pope, and he was a revolutionary....he really wasn;t. And he would not at all have approved of anything that came from Vatican II, or the way the Church is now. I am sure he is crying.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I hope Tancred gave you the link to the translated schemas. If not just click in, The 9 schemas of Pope John XXlll for the Second Vatican Council. One of the sentences I read was something like this, Many out of weakness fall into sin, but that does not lessen the gravity of the sin committed. Also the session on "Religious Freedom" was supposed to have been on, "Religious Tolerance". Two of the schemas were titled, "On the Blessed Virgin Mary" and, "Errors that have crept into the Church", no doubt the errors of the modernist heresy. We Traditionalists need to discover the true St. John XXlll. The modernists have completely distorted him. St. John XXlll had a Diary, in one entry he describes how he went to a certain European Nation and attended Mass at a certain Church. He was horrified that the Mass was being said with the Priest facing the people. He writes that he contacted their Bishop about this, "GRAVE LITURGICAL ABUSE", and writes that he was sure that their Bishop would correct this "GRAVE ERROR".

Anonymous said...

The Coronation of St. John XXlll is on you tube. It is the most elaborate ceremony I ever saw. It is amazing!!! Long, but worth watching from beginning to end. When the Pope is offering Mass, his lace Alb actually has a long train. The Video shows the Pope and all the Bishops and priests in the Ad Orientem. WOW!

Anonymous said...

The Pope's long train of his alb is called a falda. It is an antique Papal vestment used when celebrating Mass and other occasions, and dates from the 12th century. Pius XII used it only rarely. John XXIII loved all the vesture, and used it all the time at big Papal Masses. Pius XII didn't.
It was Paul VI who discarded it. He wore it only once....the day of his election.
I so much admire Benedict XVI, because in his short nearly 8 year reign, he brought back a tiny fraction of the traditional Papal vesture. I never thought I would see the Papal fanon again (worn over the chasuble at Papal masses, a striped vestment in white silk and gold embroidered with a large cross in the middle). But Benedict XVI brought it back for a canonization in 2011. He wore it for Christmas 2011, Easter 2012, and several other times till he resigned in 2013.
When his knees began to cause him great pain walking, he added a chair atop the Papal "pushcart-platform" John Paul II invented for use rather than the sedia. It was a rather ridiculous looking thing, but with the chair atop, it was almost like the sedia. Benedict was wheeled into a big audience on this cart with the chair high atop it, and the people exploded in applause. Right after that, it is rumored Benedict XVI was toying with the idea of bringing back the Sedia Gestatoria, and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, his secretary of State, was all in favor of it....surprisingly.
But Benedict XVI resigned shortly after that, and the rest is sad history.
Now we have Pope Francis, who I am sure if he could, would discard the Papal white soutane and walk around in black pants and a white open necked clerical shirt!

Anonymous said...

He does in Santa Marta there were some pics of him in black pants, normal shirt and regard Pope Benedict' s chasubles and fanon, well, don't kill me anymore I got my own great pain in remembering his celebrations......yes, all the rest is a very very sad history. God bless+

Anonymous said...

I found this on the Internet which is attributed to Rorate. "Vatican ll's original schema on the Church". Which was rejected by the modernist Council Fathers and replaced with Lumen Gentium. It has 10 points which were to be discussed at the Council concerning the Catholic Church itself, approved by Pope John XXlll.
1. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ.
2. The Christian Religion Cannot Be Practiced Except in and Through the Church That Christ Founded.
3. The Church Is a True, Perfect, Spiritual, and Supernatural Society.
4. The Church Is a Visible Society.
5. The Visible Unity of the Church.
6. The Church Is a Society Absolutely Necessary for Salvation.
7. Outside the Church No One Can Be Saved.
8. The Indefectibility of the Church.
9. The Infallibility of the Church.
10. The Power of the Church.
This was supposed to make up a Document of the Council but was rejected. I say the Council is not complete until it is reformed and the original 9 schemas discussed. Of course in the next Papacy, as Francis and his ghouls would surely destroy it.