Thursday, February 12, 2015

Muslims Demonstrate With Pope Citation: “Whoever Insults My Mother, He Will Get My Fist."

Muslim Demonstration in London With
Pope Citation
(London) While on the German mainland freedom  of expression and  of assembly by Pegida is restricted by the State in Dresden, Leipzig, Vienna and Linz, under false pretexts and the peoples' resentment of politics and the media is attacked, Muslims may  in Britain unhindered and even appeal to Pope Francis.
Thousands of Muslims did this last Sunday in London is the front of the residence of Prime Minister David Cameron in Downing Street. They were protesting against the left-wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo which published cartoons about Islam. The rally participants condemned the abuse of freedom of expression by the satirical magazine. The right to freedom of expression of Charlie Hebdo , so say the Muslims, is  used as an excuse to insult Mohammed, who is "holy" to Muslims.  Above all, the cartoons against the “prophet”   was called an "assault on the norms of civil society". Their publication in the satirical newspaper was "a violation of Islamic law." As an added attraction point it was noted among the protesters that the weekly newspaper was owned by the Jewish Rothschild family since 2014.

Pope's quote: “If He Insults My Mother, He Will Get My Fist"

Among the slogan boards of Muslims many had a quote from Pope Francis,  that said after the  Paris terror attack: "Insult my mum and I will   punch you (Pope Francis) "(" insult my mother and I will punch you" ). This is what the  Pope is quoted as saying on the flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines. When Doctor Gasbarri [the papal trip's marshal], who is my friend, insulted my mother, he gets one with my fist,”  is what Pope Francis said jokingly to the show the limits of free speech, is literally being claimed  ​​by the Muslim protesters.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Foglio
Trans: Tancred


C.J. said...

At last a flock that that can relate to the theology of Francis.

LeonG said...

The high price of an unfettered tongue - and one that jabbers unceasingly in public.

Anonymous said...

Francis puts his fist through those that serve Holy Mother Church -- like the FFI, faithful bishops and laity (famous mother of eight, rosary counters, etc.) so Muslims who deny Jesus Christ and murder Christians are truly his church militant of Satan (same w/homosexual 'leather' gangs who march/process in "pride" parades and women who 'deserve the right to choose' who march/process in "slut" parades).