Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blasphemous Charlie Hebdo Magazine Attacked by Unknown Assailants who Shouted Islamic Slogans: False Flag?

Update: we removed the offending photo.  Hope people are more angry with Charlie Hebdo than they are with us.

Edit: this graphic cartoon didn't get much press outside of France that we recall. There certainly wasn't the kind of response from the Christian world that there has been in the Islamic one.  The Christian world has cravenly stood by as a silent and ineffectual spectator with respect to such things.

Still, the identity and the motivations of the perpetrators are unknown.  Until an organization takes responsibility for it, which to date no one has, it will be impossible to know.  But even if it was Islamics, surely no one expects that the blame will be put where it belongs.

Photo: courtesy of LC


jac said...

Blasphemy against prophet Muhammad isn't a blasphemy since Muhammad is nothing but a man. No blasphemy here, only an insult.
I am much more worried about the salvation of the soul of the journalist of Charlie Hebdo who dared to sketch this blasphemous picture of the Holy Trinity. May Jesus forgive him !

Tancred said...

Look at the photo again.

anti-stupidity said...

That's what makes me scoff at people who push the 'free speech' angle when Muslims get mad at people insulting Muhammad. These wonderfully Christian 'conservatives' and libertarians wouldn't ever think of banning blasphemy against the True God. Atheists are just jerks, whoever they're going after. If they trash Muslims, it's just their usual nihilist hipster sneer selves in action, and they will happily do the same to us. It has nothing to do with patriotism, truth and the French way. Nothing laudable about it, and certainly nothing worth cheering on.

anti-stupidity said...

God rest the victim's souls as well.

Anonymous said...

The murders of the people in question and the sufferings inflicted upon the wounded victims are horrific and without justification.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the above victims.

Tens of thousands people throughout France today marched publicly to proclaim their horror at today's mass murder in France as well as support for the people involved with the controversial publication Charlie Hebro.

(I am aware that certain victims in today's attacks were not employees of the magazine in question.)

The publication in question had never hesitated to blaspheme God and His Holy Catholic Church.

The publication Charlie Hebro insulted Mohammad, according to various Islamic groups.

Many people today in France in throughout Europe held such signs as "I am Charlie" to support the victims and signify that the people at the magazine in question had the "right" to mock religion (and, for that matter, whatever they had pleased to mock).

Now, I ask the following sincerely: When some 200,000 Catholics (and various religious minorities) last year in Iraq were displaced by Islamic terrorists from ancient Catholic villages and countless Catholics (and additional religious minorities) were murdered, tortured, crucified, raped and sold into slavery by Islamic terrorists, did hundreds of thousands of Frenchmen and various people throughout Europe march throughout Europe's streets to declare their solidarity with the 200,000+ Catholic victims (and non-Catholic) in Iraq, as well as tens of thousands of Catholic and non-Catholic victims in Syria who had suffered via Islamic terrorists?

I don't know.

My question is sincere.


Anonymous said...

Great question, Tom. The way I see it:

1) The bishops in much of Western Europe get government money; the Americans get social service funding from the Federal Government.
2) The populace prefer fun to work. Getting out of bed for a demonstration against the Mohammedan persecution is not fun, and is almost like work, and everyone is saved, anyway (or God who?) On the other hand, a well-policed, well regulated late afternoon saunter for fashionable free speech, with ready-made signs and organized by Lord knows who-- does it matter-- allows for that great feeling of ego inflation and a couple of drinks with pals after.

Damask Rose said...

In some respects, these 'I am Charlie' people are showing solidarity in not having a God, any God. See, God represents constraint in your life. They don't want that, especially in sexuality where they want to have sex any which way they can. Perhaps the Catholics/Christians persecuted in Iraq and Syria of late get ignored because these people are examples of living in constraint for the glory of the heavenly kingdom.

Catholics, take contracepting Catholics as an example, who are in a state of mortal sin every day, probably would be outraged at the picture above, but one wonders if there is a limit to their outrage because if it was truly sincere, they would have to stop contracepting, or perhaps living as adulterers and so on (insert sin here).

It seems that the Catholic hierarchy are useless at defending Christ and His Catholicism. They give the faithful no example whatsoever. Really and truly the Church should make a fuss every time Christ is publically insulted. Remember that awful play that threw shite at Jesus Face and I think (hopefully if I remember correctly) some traditionalists went on stage. They were promptly criticised by some French bishops and I think one bishop even made neutral comments about the play. Some hierarchy, as is becoming obvious, don't want repentance. You cannot defend Christ if you want to allow people to sin, because, just maybe, these clerics want to sin as well.

I suspect many of the 'I am Charlie' people are protesting because of the Islamic element. I don't know how the media/politicians are going to try and neutralise this incident. One wonders what would happen if Christians had killed the Hebdo people - I realise I shouldn't really say this under the tragic circumstances and it's not, well 'good taste'. Sorry if I've caused offence.

This is why we have the Holy Face devotion given to Carmelite Sr Marie of St Peter (1843) by Jesus himself to make reparation for blasphemy against His Holy Name.

The Golden Arrow Prayer reparatory prayer:

May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and ineffable Name of God be forever praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

Anonymous said...

a) Forgot to mention the great number of homosexual bishops, and all that the fact implies and the woes flowing therefrom.
b) We can't all be concerned about everyone, everywhere. because it is not humanly possible, or even wise, but who do contraceptors really care about? And those bishops that abet them or look the other way?

John Fisher said...

The Magazine Charlie Hebdo did not just express a different opinion. Behind it was the same spirit that led to the reign of Terror. Freedom without truth, or respect only insults. It is not about having a different opinion. So Charlie Hebdo was guilty of provocation and maliciousness.
Islam is a violent and exploitative religion. The secret to its spread is violence, ethnic displacement and subjugation. Freedom of speech has rules. Everyone has an opinion. Hebdo was intolerant as intolerant as those that attacked the paper. In any event the French have choices. Face the fact Islam will take over France as a demographic fact. No one let enemies and foreigners move in and take over the country over decades as they are displaced.

John Fisher said...

One idiotic thing they glory in is the French Revolution which butchered innocent people as did every other ridiculous revolution in France. The vandalistic Paris mob wants the freedom to do anything. There is no such thing as freedom or liberty only the ability to make choices good and bad. People are not equal but quite different in degree with things in common and many differences. Fraternity for these people I built on nihilism and you cant be fraternal with someone who wants to kill you!

John Fisher said...

Let me add the Pope and Church in France is not being truthful given the behaviour of Charlie Hebdo. Yes terrorists are guilty of sin. But so is Hebdo. Both in their own ways are guilty of destroying society and peace. France as with Germany should have not chosen to allow themselves to be colonised by Islam.

Anonymous said...

France and Germany, in fact the whole of Western Europe, didn't choose to be colonized by Islam! The powerful and hostile elites who rule Europe made that decision long ago. Consult 'Count' Coudenhove-Kalergi's articles from the 1920's in which he expressed the intention to to transform Europe into Egypt.
Why didn't Popes of that period, and later ones, condemn that evil goal?? I think we both know the answer to that question!

Anonymous said...

Please take down this blasphemous and indecent picture from your site. Was the "artist" responsible for the Holy a Crucifix displayed in urine, with this Charlie Hebdo publication?

Anonymous said...

The French (or US, etc.) intelligence and military could have prevented this if they'd wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Jorge just prayed at a mosque in December and praising islam.

Anonymous said...

Not at all to diminish the deaths of yesterday's victims in question...

--Consider the money that will be spent on the wounded's medical care.

-- Consider the amount of money that won't circulate in France as the result of people who are afraid to venture in public for a time.

-- Consider the amount of money that has been and will be spent on the manhunt for just two on-the-run suspects.

-- Consider the economic damage that the three suspects in question inflicted...and will have inflicted...upon France.

-- Consider the money that will be spent on cameras and additional security measures in the days, weeks and months to come in France.

-- Consider if even just one terrorist each week in France committed an act of terror, then went on the run.

-- Consider the money that would be spent to apprehend such a person.

Hmmm...a country could go bankrupt...or at least suffer staggering financial damage that way.


Damask Rose said...

"Many people today in France in throughout Europe held such signs as "I am Charlie" to support the victims and signify that the people at the magazine in question had the "right" to mock religion (and, for that matter, whatever they had pleased to mock)."

Yes, you're right, Tom.

From Tiberge at GalliaWatch: Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, promoter of Islam and potential candidate for the presidency in 2017 said:

"Islamophobia is a mortal danger. It is a danger of war. This hateful movement must not be allowed to develop. We cannot let this association between fundamentalism, a barbaric form of Islam, and the masses of Muslims spread. We can respond by division (…) but we must respond by humanist values (…) and listen to all those who are partisans of an enlightened Islam. We must recall our common, humanist, European values. Let us develop a dialogue between the religions."

On the topic of an Islamic political party in France, Juppé said:

"Republican values means laïcité. Therefore there cannot be a religious party." [Not even a Catholic one.]

The Socialists really don't get it, do they? "...common, humanist, European values..."

Tom asks why didn't these people march in solidarity with all those 200,000+ Catholics/Christians persecuted in Syria and Iraq? One, these Christians live far away, so who cares; and, two, while the Christians are being extorted, maimed and murdered, the atheists aren't.

So in some way, this dreadful Hebdo atrocity is a game changer, because the atheists have been hit.

Either the socialist or closet-socialist governments will have to admit that Islam is committing these atrocities or they will silence their own nations, as Sweden has. Or there will be a new revolution. If governments do not listen to people sick of multiculturalism et al, I don't know what will happen. But if it is a revolution not based on God, Christian principles, what is it? Communism again?

The French don't seem to understand. They talk of their laïcité, their humanism, but they have forgotten St Margaret Mary Alacoque and the Sacred Heart. St Joan of Arc. The socialist hatred of any given nation's own history have caused the French to forget Charles Martel and why he fought.

But yet they still don't understand. They have no Fear of God or fear of God's Wrath. They are experiencing a kind of somnolescence.

So when women are free with their sexuality, bear children to unmarried partners, loose their femininity through a feminist agenda eschewing motherhood and children and no longer see themselves as mans' companion or when men become emasculated or when homosexuality legally trashes moral and natural law, these people cannot see that with Islam 'at the gates', people are being punished through the wrath of God through the medium which is the antithesis to the decadent west. So women are raped (one in four in Swedish women), and threatened by men who dress Muslimas in black from head to toe for modesty, but still beat and execute them for being raped (God, poor women). Men too, are raped an example being the man raped when the Libyan soldiers went on the rampage outside the British barracks they were stationed at recently. Little Muslim sons can be sodomised by their fathers, notwithstanding that Catholic priests did the same to their altar boys.

Islam, our old enemy has simply waited. Do the Catholics of today have the same faith of a Muslim? And they know we no longer have the Templars. The Pope is weak...

I for one am not looking forward to 2017, what with the 500th anniversary of debauched Catholic priest, Martin Luther's sect, the Bolshevik Jewish Revolution and the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. I pray that Our Lady will be able to continue to hold back the flaming sword the angel holds.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.

Have you got your Brown Scapular on?

Anonymous said...

The irony about this publication is that it's left-wing. A generation or two ago, they disparaged political figures that advocated an immigration policy that would have prevented this from happening. This lack of common sense and reality is prevalent among the left, especially in countries like that. Well, the brought it upon themselves by NOT denigrating the political figures that brought these people to that country.

Anonymous said...

France just elected The National Party to a majority in recent election.Every year,the SSPX celebrate mass before a massive national front March in Paris.The French are waking up much faster than America.

C.J. said...

I second Lynda's request to remove that image. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

Knowing the SSPX march with the National Front after celebrating a traditional mass while the Vatican 2 pope prays in a mosque while veneration the false God allah,can you blame men for not recognizing Bergoglio?Look up the video of SSPX priest being beaten by police while marching for traditional marriage in Paris.They are with the ppl,while Bergoglio sleeps with the enemy.

Damask Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Damask Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

One-million new copies (20 times its regular printing) of the vile Charlie Hedbo magazine will go on sale next Wednesday in France.

"A joint letter from Le Monde and French public TV and radio also pledged to give equipment and staff to help Charlie Hedbo publish, declaring that all French journalists want to “preserve the principles of editorial independence and freedom of thought — principles that are fundamental to our democracy.”

A magazine that has blasphemed God and his Holy Catholic Church will likely be sold out next Wednesday...1,000,000 copies.

A magazine that pollutes minds and is contrary to the Catholic Church's teachings in regard to that which constitutes entertainment and the correct use of media will almost certainly be gobbled up next Wednesday by French citizens.

It is certain that few Moslems in France will purchase and, in turn, line with money the pockets of people who produce filth...of people who blaspheme God.

Conversely, without question, many Catholics next Wednesday will purchase copies of Charlie Hedbo, a magazine that will continue to mock
the God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and God's Holy Catholic Church.

Is there any wonder as to why Catholic France is in a state of utter ruin?


Anonymous said...

Damask Rose..."So in some way, this dreadful Hebdo atrocity is a game changer, because the atheists have been hit."

That is it. Perfect.

That is what, in large measure, has fueled outrage in France and throughout the world among news media and elite types in regard to yesterday's horrific mass murder in Paris.

Islamic violence against Catholics does not matter to the "world".

During the past 10+ years in Iraq and Syria, for example, Moslem terrorists have driven Catholics from their ancient lands.

The world has yawned.

Just last year, Islamic terrorists had driven at least 200,000 Catholics in Iraq and Syria from ancient Catholic villages.

The world yawned.

Note to Moslem terrorists: Attack and murder Catholics.

However, do not dare to murder people who blaspheme God and traffic in unholy "entertainment".

To do so will earn the wrath of the world...(that is, the elites).


Anonymous said...

To save that which has remained of "Catholic" France and Europe from eventual Islamic domination and virtual extinction, Pope Francis must acknowledge that Novus Ordoism must give way there to the Traditional Roman Mass and Holy Tradition.

For the sake of Catholicism's survival in France and Europe, the Apostolic See and the Society of Saint Pius X must make peace with each immediately.

Rome must then task the Society with helping to evangelize France and Europe for Holy Mother Church.

Rome must also tap into each TLM society and group in France and Europe to join in the above.

Rome must exhort each Latin Church priest in France and Europe to (learn obviously) offer the Traditional Roman Mass regularly.

If Rome refuses to throw in with the above plan, then brave Saint John The Baptist-like Cardinals and bishops, Churchmen who will cry out in the wilderness, in France and Europe must lead the way to restore the Traditional Latin Mass and Holy Tradition throughout France and Europe.

In absence of the TLM and Holy Tradition, the Church in France and Europe faces virtual extinction.

That, in turn, means that Islam will conquer France and beyond (Europe).


Paul Hellyer said...

Steve You are quite right. Your solution to our situation is the only one that will save us and Christendom.

Just Passing Through said...

Gee, why didn't Jesus think of that? All He came up with was the Consecration of Russia. Look, some of what you describes WILL happen but only with that Consecration. The promised conversions will be to true Catholicism, not this evil Conciliarist religion and since the Apostasy began at the top so likely will begin the Conversion. "Pray much for the Holy Father."...whomever that may be. There is NOTHING that men can do to fix this because God is allowing all this for the glorious Triumph of His Mother's Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, praying to that end should be our focus. Keep focused. Stay on mission. The Devil loves to distract.

Anonymous said...

Pius XII has already concecrated Russia!!Why do you think Russia has a orthodox govt & literally the only moral society in the West?

Anonymous said...

Steve you are 100% correct! True traditional catholic clergy & churches are the only hope for Europe! It's time the Novus ordo,SSPX, CMRI,SSPV,& all traditional independent parishes/clergy,must unite and work together for the future of the western hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

Paul Hellyer..."Steve You are quite right. Your solution to our situation is the only one that will save us and Christendom."

Anonymous..."Steve you are 100% correct! True traditional catholic clergy & churches are the only hope for Europe! It's time the Novus ordo,SSPX, CMRI,SSPV,& all traditional independent parishes/clergy,must unite and work together for the future of the western hemisphere."

It is great feeling to know that we are united in the belief that the only successful (in the holy, not worldly, sense) way forward for the (Latin) Church in France and throughout Europe is via the Traditional Roman Mass and Holy Tradition.

One news (via Catholic blogs and secular outlets) account after another from France today is that there is widespread acknowledgment finally that France is under siege via a religious war.

Islam is on the rise against the Church and everyone and everything that isn't Islamic.

The problem is that much of French society has played the role of helpless victim.

That is true particularly of the Church.

Thanks to Novus Ordoism, our Churchmen, via an ecumenical/interreligious surrender in particular, bowed to Islam and secularism.

Novus Ordoism emptied France's parishes.

Catholicism in France has been rendered into a state of virtual extinction.

Therefore, few Catholics, speaking relatively, remain to defend Holy Mother Church against religious and secular groups who are determined to destroy Her.

Even more horrific is that Churchmen work against and even persecute the relative few practicing Catholics who have offered or wish to offer a defense against anti-Catholic forces.

Ecumenical and interreligious-minded Churchmen kneel and bow to Islam and anti-Catholic secular forces as they thwart and persecute Traditional Catholics who wish to defend Holy Mother Church.

Perhaps the awful events the past couple of days in France — again, the religious "war" against the Church in France (and Europe) is just in it's infancy stage...the real horror awaits — has awakened Rome and a sufficient amount of (Latin) Churchmen in France (and throughout Europe) to the reality that they must promote to the hilt the Traditional Roman Mass and Holy Tradition.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we are not alone is our reading of the signs of the times. There are millions of us who are on the same page in regard to the above.

Now, let us pray that Pope Francis and the bishops of the Latin Church in France (and throughout Europe) join us in reading the same page.


Anonymous said...

YouTube 'Jewish woman informs Europe they are going into multi-cultural mode'.Europe didn't choose this,just like USA didn't choose 40 Million Latino illegal Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Anon our Lady at Fatima promised peace if Russia was Consecrated. We can all agree there is no peace in the world right?
That's quite bold of you to call our Lady a liar, thankfully I'm not in your shoes.

Anonymous said...

The only "hope" for Europe and the world is the consecration of Russia to Our Lady's immaculate heart. She said it will be done, late but not too late.

jac said...

Steve, since I heard the Pope saying that "he is not interested in converting the evangelicals", I am almost certain that he is not interested in converting Russia.
Therefore, I am convinced that the Pope Francis WILL NOT consecrate Russia to the IMHM.

jac said...

Anonymous, Pius XII, John Paul II made a consecration but these consecrations were not made according to our Lady's conditions.
The name RUSSIA must be in the consecration act and it must be performed in union with ALL the bishops of the world in their dioceses.
The bishops who will decline to comply will be held accountable before Jesus.
These two conditions were not respected until now.

Anonymous said...

Number 1 we are not obligated to believe in Fatima.Catholics are not required to believe in public apparitions.Secondly if you choose to believe in Fatima,the blessed mother never said Russia would convert to Catholicism.Please do research & do not take the word of John Salza.

Anonymous said...

Europe certainly did choose to have the Muslims take over by refusing to be generous in the service of life. Few or no children = no future and the end of European culture. Same can be said of The US. At least the Latin Americans are Christian, thank the Lord! Whatsoever you reap, that you will sow!

Anonymous said...

Actually the Soviet Gulag's have stopped & Russia is in her most peaceful phase since 1914.WW1 & the Bolshevik revolution was responsible for the deaths of somewhere around 50-70 million people.Russia 2015 identifies with the Orthodox Church and is the only moral major power in the World.I didn't call the blessed mother a 'liar'.If you do research it's not what Gruner & Salza hype.