Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Canonization of Archbishop Romero Attended by the Pope

(San Salvador) Is 2015 the year of Oscar Arnulfo Romero? "Leading circles of the Church of El Salvador are confident that 2015 will be  'el año'  for the beatification of the Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero, assassinated in 1980." They no longer ask themselves whether the beatification will come, but are already discussing the details of where and how the ceremony will take place and who will preside over it, "the blog Super martyrio is dedicated to  the process of beatification of Archbishop Romero (1917-1980).
On New Year's Eve was an interview with the Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvaddor, Msgr. Gregoria Rosa Chavez was given to Canale 21 and aired. Canale 21 is a media network of three television channels and a dozen radio stations, which was created by  Salvadoran entrepreneurs of Palestinian origin.   Auxiliary Bishop Chavez said that everything had been done, what needs to be done. Actually, he expects a speedy beatification:  "The Pope believes  the sanctity of Monsignor Romero   and is sure that the step is set ... The good news is that it comes."

Auxiliary Bishop Chavez, who was employed in the Diocesan High School of San Miguel and worked for Romero, referred to the trip planned for September by Pope Francis to the United States and Mexico. From there it is only a "jump" to San Salvador, and  perhaps the Pope could come "for Romero". 

Carlos Colorado, author of Super martyrio, is already certain that Pope Francis will personally enact the beatification in San Salvador: "Very likely it will take place in the period between mid-February and mid-March" An "appropriate moment" could also be the cardinal consistory of the 12-15th of February in Rome, say Colorado.

Beatification Process under Benedict XVI. Stopped 

Believers remember Archbishop Romero at St. Peter's Square
The blog called  at the same time for  a novena for a positive conclusion of the beatification process. . A Novena to the Three Kings, which began on December 29, Memorial of Saint Thomas Becket wrote Super martyrio: Becket was the "last bishop murdered (1170) at the altar before  Bishop Romero."
The beatification of  the Salvadoran Archbishop had been put on hold under Pope Benedict XVI.  The exact reasons for this are not known. It is speculated that there were fundamental concerns, or whether he wanted to prevent a political appropriation of Romero's image. The archbishop was shot by a right-wing military and therefore became an icon of the political left, especially outside El Salvador, where more than superficial knowledge   of the Central American country is hard to come by, but over which is laid   the right-left-template. In Italy there are many of left local establishments named after Archbishop Romero, streets, squares and public buildings offer testimony of the trial of a political "beatification".
This occurred simultaneously with Romero's assassination at the risk that for the canonization had  less to do with   personal virtues, but more with the "right"   disposition of the person concerned by certain political circles. It was in Europe that the same leftist circles collected the money for the Cardenal brothers and the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, who claimed  Archbishop Romero for themselves. At least after to his murder.

Romero: "They will kill me, I do not know whether the right or the left"

However, the situation in El Salvador and the Church's position was much more differentiated than a filtered left iconography in distant Europe. Archbishop Romero seemed to be sure of being murdered in a premonition. However, he was not sure whether he would be killed by his enemies on the left or right (see report in German Oscar Romero, 30 years after his martyrdom - "They will kill me, I do not know whether the right or the left" ).
Romero's statement is hardly mentioned because it does not fit into a black and white scheme. Would you   remember him in Europe  if he had been executed by order of the leftists? Certainly he  would be otherwise remembered  especially in other circles, even within the Catholic Church.
There is a warning about the  image of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero. This is perhaps the reason why Pope Benedict XVI.  distanced the beatification  or at least to save it for a later, less politically charged time. What was   Archbishop Romero's position  to liberation theology, really? Is his criticism of the military dictatorship to be confused with approval of the liberation theology?
Since the election of Pope Francis,   voices have  not stopped, who are announcing an imminent beatification. Because he is Latin American? Because a "climatic" match is assumed between Romero and Bergoglio or at least claimed? Or because the consistency between political promoters of the Romero-memorial and the new Pope, or is simply assumed by the former?
In April 2013,   Pope Francis did announce shortly after the resumption of the beatification process, warning Jesus Delgado Vicar General of San Salvador against  a " political instrumentalization" of Archbishop Romero.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Super martyrio / Giovani Emissione
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Hughie said...

Neither the Pope nor his delegate (who would usually be the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, currently Angelo Cardinal Amato, "enact the beatification", they preside.

Anonymous said...

So Francis is going to canonize a political saint who may or may not have backed liberation theology yet when Francis visits the US, great "champion" for the poor and downtrodden that he tells us all he is..err..I mean.. is, won't bother to canonize Bl. Father Seelos or Ven. Solanus Casey? I guess the virtue and holiness of these two men can't come near the level required by Francis. Who knows, maybe they can work harder and provide more miraculous cures to the faithful. So far each has only produced a few thousand (that we know of). That won't cut the mustard with holy men like Francis

Amos said...

The canonization process is in shambles, abused, and completely unrestrained. It's in most urgent need of reform.

Anonymous said...

Francis has turned the Catholic Church into his political plaything re the canonization of councillor popes and now this leftist. We are at his mercy but he will have to answer to God also.

Tancred said...

It's a legislative act, innit?

LeonG said...

"We are at his mercy..."

On the contrary, we are not at his mercy.

LeonG said...

It is a gutted remnant of the pre-1983 era, purposely diluted to facilitate political liberal modernist exploitation.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

Which God? He's supposed to be catholic, but he himself said that God isn't catholic......I'm afraid that we have a long way to go before we hit the bottom, with or without this boR.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at Jorge's mercy,nor are any other catholics.We don't need the concilliar church any longer.We have plenty of priests/bishops with valid orders who offer true masses, sacraments,and who preach the true catholic faith.

M. Prodigal said...

Well, there are any number of holy people who should be canonized including some previous popes but they are pre-conciliar so do not meet the agenda of the present administration. A. Romero is post-conciliar and that seems to be a big boost. And he was political and that is okay these days too when a pope spends his time writing about ecology and not about Jesus Christ or the saving of souls.

Anonymous said...

OT Have you heard about the act of terrorism in France at Charlie Hebdo office? There are 12 or 13 dead people, terrorists with kalashnikov, maybe islamic. Ecology? Surviving of Europe I say, but the boR isn't european, he comes from the end of the world, guess the end of the world is near.

Anonymous said...


Archbishop Romero will be a beatify and then be made a saint whether you like it or not.

Most of you don't even know your what you are saying.

Those of us who were priviledge to have met him or to have people close to us who met him know the good Archbishop was a man of God and a man of Faith all he did was stand up against the abuses of the rich.

On the contrary many of you are speaking from the point of view of very close minded people who have only hearsay or read articles that are not telling you the true story of place like El Salvador.

Some of us lived there and we were there we know what happened.

All of you are damaging the Faith and offending God because He who knows it all knows Archbishop Romero was a man of God and God Himself has already made him a saint.

All of you FANATICS just give Traditional Catholicism a bad name wanting to be more holy than what all of you really are.

And you Tancred should close your stupid blog.

You can't handle comments that defy you then that means that you are a coward who wants to control what people say.

Well I have news for you YOU CAN'T.

Damask Rose said...

Dear Anonymous, we can't be canonising holy priests now, goodness, no. It might give the faithful the wrong ideas about what it really means to be a priest. Priests can't be given a holy example now. People need to forget about the likes of St John Marie Vianney now.

So Frs Seelos and Casey have produced around a thousand miracles now. Gosh.

IoM said...

So basically this is your argument:


Praise the Archbishop without giving any evidence or proof of anything


Tell the opposition that they are opposing God without explaining why]

I think Tancred can handle your post as it is devoid of substance (i.e. you say nothing).

But I am sure once we canonize everything and everyone it will all be okay.

Anonymous said...

Set your emotions aside and think rationally for a moment, do you really want Pope Francis to Canonize the bishop? I can tel you that pope Francis's recent canonizations of John XXIII and JPII are likely to be reviewed and taken back at some future point when the Church regains here senses, likely post global chastisement.
You ought to pray that the bishop is left alone and canonized at some future date when the Church is again stable and led by someone less controversial.

Tancred said...

I think Romero was a model Marxian Bishop who did nothing about radical clergy in his diocese who were involved in insurrection and supporting so-called land reform, which tool land away from some people and have it to others.

Anonymous said...

"French analyst: Pope Francis' harshness betrays his growing isolation and weakness within the Church"


This quote ceome from an interview with a very powerful Frency journalist who printed the piece in France. He also states that Franics may resign.

Here hoping we'll have a Catholic Pope in a year or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos X. said...

Dear Eponymous Brethren: I don't expect to convince you, but I want to plant the idea that before you dismiss the Servant of God Romero, whose blood was shed at the altar, as "a leftist" or "a Marxist sympathizer," that you consider the fact that Oscar Romero lived to be 63 years old; for 60 of those years, he was considered an anti-Marxist and an opponent of Liberation Theology, whose appointment as Archbishop received a frigid reception from the Leftists. It was only in the last 3 years of his life that Romero was seen as a sympathizer of the Left. Those years were 1977-1980, years for which statistics show that the numbers of people killed in politically-motivated massacres spiked in his tiny country. Consider that about half of the people killed in the 12 year-long Salvadoran Civil War were killed between 1979 and 1981; the murder rate during those years was 600 a month for a country with the population of the City of Los Angeles. There were 243 TOTAL homicides in L.A. for ALL of 2013. Imagine what would happen if that number went up to 600/month. Would you really expect Archbishop Jose Gomez to keep quiet, or would he have a moral obligation to speak out? When Romero spoke out in that context, the dictatorship labeled him a Marxist and an agitator. Later, the Left took advantage of that and claimed him as their own. But we don't have to fall into those distortions. We can and SHOULD make up our own minds. God bless.

(I am the blogger cited in the main text. My blog is at http://polycarpi.blogspot.com/ )

Anonymous said...

And "First Things" Catholic Magazine here in the USA (which used to stad up for the Pope always......calls Francis a "meddlesome ideologue"....meaning he is a radical fanatic with all their agenda and priorities.

Gone soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

I have made up my mind about why Pope Francis is canonizing this man. It's pretty obvious he's using this to make a leftist statement. This likely completely misrepresents who and what the murdered bishop was and stood for, for that reason alone it should not go forward but the opinions of traditional Catholics mean nothing to Francis and the ilk currently in Rome which is why he canonized Vatican 2 with John XXII not a saint, and jp2, not a saint. He's not going to listen and in fact he'll do just the opposite of what every traditional Catholic wants.

P.S. the Church has no right or left if you hear these terms it's politics NOT The Catholic Faith.

Tancred said...

His actual words and deeds, particularly with respect to land reform give the lie to that.

Anonymous said...

I'll take your word for it Tancred since I am ignorant of what the man said and did and still (I guess a personal defect) try to see and think the best about Church men. But regardless, I do know what Pope Francis says and does which is why without knowing the Bishop, I know what agenda Francis has in mind. It makes no difference in my mind, post chastisement Church will blot out false saints from the record so they can have their imaginary canonization parties all they like.

Anonymous said...

IoMJanuary 7, 2015 at 10:07 PM- Tancred ONLY allowed my comment because he knew he would allow people like you to come on his defence.

Then he would be the innocent and offended party.


Anonymous said...

AnonymousJanuary 8, 2015 at 6:02 PM- wishing death on others is not Catholic but would you know.

Tancred said...

Presumption certainly isn't Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Carlos XJanuary 8, 2015 at 11:40 AM- Don't bother these fanatics don't get it.

I agree 150 % with your comment by the way.

Anonymous said...

Tancred you lack charity and no it is not a presumption it is a fact fanatics ultra-traditionalist ideas like yours and many in who have your line of thinking are not Catholic.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJanuary 9, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Tancred you lack charity and no it is not a presumption it is a fact fanatics ultra-traditionalist ideas like yours and many in here who have your line of thinking are not Catholic.

Carlos X. said...

Tancred, taking the view that some land reform was necessary in 1970s El Salvador does not make you a Communist. In fact, Gen. Molina, one of the puppet military presidents of the era, came out in favor of land reform, and Pres. Duarte, whom the U.S. supported through the 1980s, came to power on a strong land reform platform. El Salvador was unlike any society you know, closer to a feudal society combined with a police state, and opposing this dictatorship does not make someone a Marxist. Patrick Henry himself would have led the charge against it.

Carlos X. said...

And in closing, I'd like to quote that fighter of doctrinal error par excellence, Pope Bendedict XVI who in May 2007 said: “That Romero as a person merits beatification, I have no doubt ... Archbishop Romero was certainly an important witness of the faith, a man of great Christian virtue who worked for peace and against the dictatorship, and was assassinated while celebrating Mass. Consequently, his death was truly 'credible', a witness of faith.” God bless.

Anonymous said...

So what exactly was this land reform? Because if the land was supposed to be divided equally amongst the people then that sounds like Distributism where capital is made available to everyone so they can be self-sufficient. Capitalism and Communism are both evil and are economic systems made by anti-Catholics, a lot of Catholics who fight against these systems will be accused of supporting one or the other due to people being brainwashed into this binary-economic thinking process.

Cardinal Wyszyński took advantage of the Communist takeover and helped create one the greatest agrarian societies in history. 90% of the land was owned by normal people, the small family farm which enhances Catholic life and virtue ruled the day, every other Capitalist/Communist country has the majority of farm land owned by the state or by giant corporate farms.

I admittedly know very little about Abp. Romero, I'm not gonna judge him based on Francis. Marxism is the puss that forms on the open wound of capitalism, Francis has his heart in the right place (economically) but sadly he's a South American Arrupe-Jesuit so his mind is in the wrong place.

The big problem here are post 1983 canonizations which are a big joke and severely lack credibility (e.g. no Devil's Advocate). Any Catholic with a scientific or legal background will see the joke that are post-1983 canonizations and will have doubts over the majority of saints he doesn't know about.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the internet!

I think with time, you'll find that no matter what race or creed, people who comment on blogs or youtube are always angry about something. You'll find liberal-Catholic blogs have these problems as well, especially back when Benedict XVI was pope.

Oh and I agree that it's horrible and sinful to wish death to a pope. "And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity."

IoM said...

Defense of what? You never gave a rebuttal so that I could defend.

Fanatics give no substance to their arguments and yell in comboxes with caps lock on, sounding familiar?

Amos said...


Even if he did good the other issues is the obsession to canonize everything.

Just because someone did good things and was even killed for them doesn't mean they should be canonized.

Canonization should be reserved, as it was before, for individuals that were perfect or nearly perfect in their spiritual lives as an example for the rest of the Church to strive for. Now it seems anyone can be canonized and thus the goal of what one should strive for in holiness and virtue has been severely lowered. Exactly the opposite of what we need in these dire times.

Anonymous said...

CarlosX I think you left out the rest of Pope Benedict's comments, he said the canonization should not occur at this time due to people using the moment for political (leftist) means. Lets be honest here, Pope Francis has a history with the liberation theology which is so pervasive in central and south america. Do you think this canonization is not being politicized?

Patrick Henry was a freemason and "liberty" to freemasons means license so you're probably going down the wrong path with that argument.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55PM So Tancred "lacks charity"and then in the very same sentance "fanatics ultra-traditionalist ideas".
Seriously? LOL, Hypocrite much?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJanuary 9, 2015 at 9:58 PM

You say "Seriously?
My answer is YES!

Tancred has long been attacking Archbishop Romero in this blog and encouraging the few fanatics that come here to do the same.

He also ONLY ALLOWS the comments that agree with his line of thinking and allows you and other bullies like yourself to attack those of us who disagree with your narrow minded views.

When some of us respond like you deserve Tancred doesn't publish our comments.

Who is the hypocrite. I assure NOT I.

Anonymous said...

IoMJanuary 9, 2015 at 8:46 PM-You say "You never gave a rebuttal"

What for with narrow minded people like yourself it is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

In tancred's defense it's his blog.He has deleted some of my comments yet I see no problem due to it being his property so to speak.

Raj Chauhan said...

Hey Tancred!
i m agree wid u that Romero was a model Marxian Bishop...

JBQ said...

Hear! Hear!

JBQ said...

How can you take back a canonization? That would be something like telling traditionalists that a Church of 2000 years was in heresy.

JBQ said...

Vianney is quite the story. He was deemed not intelligent enough to be a priest. He also had the ability to "read hearts" in the confessional.