Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saint Thomas University PR Man Issues Fake Correction For His Modernist Pro-Abort University

Edit: unfortunately,  the letter doesn't acknowledge any wrongdoing.   Nor does it address any of St. Thomas University's historical hostility to Catholicism.   There are still two links that are "accidentally" listed on the site, from TFP Student Action.

Here's the letter we'd received which claims to have addressed the situation from their PR office...  It's a sad day that a Catholic institution employs a mouthpiece like this.

Maybe the problem isn't a minor error, but a systemic problem with the University?
Dear Eponymousflower website,

My name is Jim Winterer and I’m writing from the University Relations office at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.

You had carried an article on your website that was critical of some links that appeared, in error, on St. Thomas’ website. We thought you’d be interested in seeing a response that our president, Julie Sullivan, is providing to those who are calling and writing with their concerns.

Her response is:

Thank you for contacting me regarding links to inappropriate internship resources that appeared on the University of St. Thomas website. The links were published in error on the website of our College of Arts and Sciences, and they are being corrected. Student internships in the college are approved through the Office of the Dean. The dean has not approved, nor would he approve, academic credit for internships at Planned Parenthood or abortion organizations.
Sincerely, Julie H. Sullivan, Ph.D., President

Jim Winterer

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Anonymous said...

So Dean did not approve. Who did?