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The Scalfari Magisterium of Pope Francis -- Vatican Publishing House to Release Pope Interview Book

(Rome) The confusion at the highest levels will continue. This is in the truest sense of the word, because in the Vatican of Pope Bergoglio, there is confusion and  more comes every day. After the strange invitation of the Leoncavallo to the Vatican (representatives of the extreme left-center "Leoncavallo", which has been the proverbial  "center" of left-wing violence in Italy, were received on 28 October by Pope Francis in the Vatican) now the Vatican publishing house Libreria Editrice Vaticana has published it
 "Interviews and conversations with journalists". In book form, all the controversial "recognized interviews of Pope Francis, published by L'Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of the Holy See and other newspapers" are to be issued.

Francis Insists on Interviews as Part of his Magisterium

With the release they are accorded special importance. The emphasis is on "recognized" interviews. The question of authenticity was previously highly controversial. A fortiori, since Eugenio Scalfari, doyen of the left-liberal journalism announced, he had even formulated the papal responses in the two interviews he had with Pope Francis.
The printing was done, however, with the explicit imprimatur of the Pope, says Scalfari. A real denial was never pronounced by the Vatican. Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi danced on eggshells with his comments in connection to the publication of both Scalfari interviews, with which he on one hand, confirmed the content of the controversial Pope's statements, but at the same time attempted a kind of distancing.
Not a few Catholics have denied so far, that the interviews were part of the papal Magisterium. Pope Francis seems to have always seen it differently. Since the Osservatore Romano has reprinted the interviews and even published them on the website of the Holy See as parts of the papal magisterium, but they were again withdrawn and re-released, there can hardly be any doubt, that  Pope Francis according to the collected output of  the Vatican publishing house of the statements, the form, the rapid and controversial doctrinal documents, indeed  indicates their  authenticity as statements of his Magisterium.

The "Worst Evils" of the World: "Youth Unemployment"

The Scalfari-Magisterium of Pope Francis
The Scalfari-Magisterium of Pope Francis
The first Scalfari interview with the Pope appeared on October 1, 2013 in the daily newspaper La Repubblica. Among the "worst evils" that "plague the world," the pope did not talk about the loss of faith, the denial of God or the attacks on the non-negotiable values ​​and natural law. No, as the "worst evil" that afflicts the world, Pope Bergoglio called "youth unemployment" and the "loneliness of the elderly".
This astonished the atheist and church opponent  himself in old Masonic tradition,  Eugenio Scalfari, who reminded the Pope that youth unemployment is a "political and economic problem"  that  is rather the concern of "States, governments, political parties and the trade unions concerned."  Shouldn't the Pope take care of God?
But Bergoglio reiterated his statement and reiterated that it is "the most urgent and most dramatic problem" for the Church.

"Everyone has their own view of good and evil" - Diametrically contrary to the teaching of the Church, yet silence

The shattering statement of the interview is far more serious. Pope Francis said aloud Scalfari: "Each of us has its own view of the good and of evil. We need to encourage others to move towards what he thinks is best. "
Again Scalfari remained almost speechless in the face of such statements from the mouth of a pope: "The conscience is autonomous,  you have said, everyone must obey his own conscience. I think these are the most courageous utterances that have been made by a pope."
Although Scalfari expressly pointed out to him  the meaning of this statement, Pope Bergoglio insisted   in this case as well: "And here I repeat it. Everyone has their own idea of ​​good and evil and must choose to follow the good and to fight evil, as he perceives it. That would be enough to improve the world."
Officially the Church was silent about the Pope's words and did, and does, as if someone had simply not heard. Behind closed doors, there were no lack of negative remarks, also from highest church officials by pointing out that the papal assertion stands in diametrical opposition to the entire Church doctrine and is also downright dangerous, because with such a statement, it would even justify the heinous crimes even Stalin and Hitler.

Critique of liberalism, but not of Marxism

But not enough. Another statement caused discomfort. The Pope spoke a harsh condemnation of "unbridled liberalism", but did not say a word against the Marxist left or liberation theology. Quite the contrary. In both cases, he praised the followers of these ideologies.
Finally,  Pope Francis condemned Catholic "proselytism" as "solemn nonsense" because "our goal is not proselytism, but listening to  needs, desires and disappointments". This, even though Jesus placed the order in the Scriptures: "All power is given to me in heaven and  earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations and all people making disciples; baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And Lo, I am with you always, to the end of the world "(Mt 28: 18 to 20).

"There is No Catholic God"

In his amazing designs even Pope Francis said: "I believe in God. I do not believe in a Catholic God, there is no Catholic God, there is God."  Meanwhile, there is also the statement of the Pope, that there is no God himself, but the three divine persons, but not God. Many words, a lot of confusion.
Worth mentioning are Bergolio's remaining the eschatological comments, he expressed concern to Scalfari: "I remember to have mentioned in my letter to you, that our species will end, but the light of God will never end, which then penetrate in all souls and everything will be all in all. The transcendence remains, because this light that is all in all, transcends the universe and the present of the species in this phase."

No Denial

The interview was immediately reprinted and published the next day by L'Osservatore Romano  on the website of the Holy See. Only a few of the brave raised their voices and dared to pronounce that such things have never been said by a Pope, and is contradictory or even openly contradicts Catholic teaching.
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi literally stuttered, as they were   horrified at the Vatican of the interview of which they knew nothing, apparently all were surprised, but of which one could not dissociate himself,  because Pope Francis himself did not dissociate. Father Lombardi tried to square the circle by trying to persuade that  beyond it, the Pope had not seen the text before its printing. Lombardi's statement could really convince no one.
Scalfari allowed himself the pleasure of   describing in detail the printing of the interviews to the foreign press. Accordingly, it may be true that Pope Francis, the interview being finished, he no longer looked at it, that it was not made available to him by Scalfari before printing and the Pope gave permission to print. This may lead to the conclusion that Pope Francis had so much confidence in Scalfari that he accepted everything, no matter whatever the journalist had written.
A denial has, as already mentioned, never taken place. Also, a conclusion must be drawn. It was not until November 15, and a half month later, the interview was deleted from the website of the Vatican. It was published again, and Vatican spokesman Lombardi had to make more contortion exercises. The interview was "credible" as a whole, but "not in the individual estimations". To add, finally, "the Secretary of State" had ordered its cancellation.

Stunned Silence of One - Rush to Publish for Others

Only at that moment, the Bergoglio fans ventured in the Catholic media, like Vatican Insider,  to practice restrained criticism of the interview  and noted that it was "really difficult to attribute the statements contained to  Pope Francis." Guilt was already assigned to Scalfari, if at this moment. But this assured  that the statements were credibly to have been made ​​by the Pope. The missing denial of the statements by the  Vatican proved him right.
Even now, the interview is published by the Vatican publishing company in book form. Unfortunately, the result will not be a serious and mature discussion of the dubious, controversial and unacceptable statements of the interview, but an even greater silence of the Church representatives, who should actually be obliged to talk. Through silence you seem to want to sit out the "problem". But Pope Francis and his closest confidants do not rest. They seem to want to make the "revolutionary" statements of the Pope publicized, otherwise the publications by Osservatore Romano,  vatican.va and now the Vatican publishing house do not explain.

Second Scalfari Interview

The "dialogue" between the Pope and the Anti-Pope continued despite this stumbling as if nothing had happened. This past July 13, Scalfari published in La Repubblica, a second Pope interview, again peppered with amazing statements. So Bergoglio said, "if [someone] chooses evil because he is sure that  something good will come of it from the heights of heaven, then these intentions and their consequences will be considered. We can not say, because we do not know. "
For long-running of the Church opponents outside the Church and  in progressive circles within the Church, the Pope said of celibacy, to the amazement of the Church historian: "Celibacy was established in the 10th century" and as the possibility of being able to marry  for priests: "It takes time, but the solutions are there and I will find it ".
But it is even more explosive: When Pope Francis came to speak on the topic of pedophilia and the Church, he described an exaggerated percentage of affected clergy, adding, that there was among the pedophile "priests and even bishops and cardinals". If that were so, he would have had as head of the Church, however, a  long time to intervene, rather than  clarifying  reports in interviews about it.

Stunningly Bizarre Non-Distancing

During the morning of July 13, although it was Sunday, he seems to have called some influential cardinals up on the phone and spoke energetic words. So once  more Vatican spokesman Lombardi had to disengage with a convoluted explanation trying a stunningly bizarre balancing act that could only fail. Pope Francis  had offered  in this case no word of distancing or correction (see Cardinals Also Among Pedophiles "Find Solution" to Abolish Celibacy? - New Bizarre Pope Interview with Scalfari in German).
Father Lombardi could not deny the content, because the Pope was unwilling to distance himself from his own words.The Vatican spokesman denied therefore, the absence of another possible form: One can  "not speak in any case of an interview," as that would be ultimately relevant. In particular, the statements about "pedophile" Cardinals and celibacy could not "certainly" be ascribed to the Pope. After all, said the Vatican spokesman, Scalfari  quotes incorrectly, which is why a "manipulation" of the reader can  not be excluded.
The choice of words had been remarkable. The Vatican spokesman made a serious accusation as a journalist, of "manipulation" that that took place  with Pope Francis coming and going as a friend of the house. Whoever complained and pushed Father Lombardi  to engage the Pope, had two concerns that compelled him.  Anyway, had there been in the two Scalfari interviews any quite weighty points, they would have required correction.
And now, in the Autumn of 2014  the new edition of the interviews, including all controversial statements by the Vatican publishing house follows.  The editor of the book, is the publishing director Don Giuseppe Costa himself. In addition to the two Scalfari interviews discussed here, there are even more not less controversial interviews included in the anthology.
What conclusions can be drawn from this? When does the internal Church dispute with the papal urge to talk?  The rector of the School of Journalism of Perugia, Antonio Socci has another question: "May a Pope sow this confusion among the faithful?"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Unknown said...

Among the "worst evils" that "plague the world," the pope did not talk about the loss of faith, the denial of God or the attacks on the non-negotiable values ​​and natural law. No, as the "worst evil" that afflicts the world, Pope Bergoglio called "youth unemployment" and the "loneliness of the elderly".


Anonymous said...

It is shameful for the Vatican to publish these interviews! Rather, the Pope ought to be retracting much of what he said in it. Lord, save us!

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is a DISASTER!

Anonymous said...

The Vatican is now publishing Satan's Bible. Truly scandalous!

M. Prodigal said...

My God, why have You let us be prey for the wolves? There surely is a remnant; please O God, for the sake of the few, grant us a saintly leader.

susan said...

Bergoglio is an evil, evil, evil man. Period. Full stop.

Murray said...

Among serious people, the publication of this book would finally silence all the cries about the rogue Scalfari, who for his own evil purposes twisted (or perhaps even fabricated) the orthodox utterances of a naive but well-meaning pope.

Unfortunately, the mainstream Catholic blogosphere is not exactly known for serious thought, so I expect we'll be subjected to anxious handwringing over a seemingly rogue Vatican publishing house, and why, oh WHY, doesn't someone tell Pope Francis about these terrible goings-on?

Anonymous said...

irresponsibility of his comments is astounding, the idea of the people in the vatican that theyll win over lapsed Christians in their world (southwest europe and argentina) with these comments is immature

LeonG said...

His job sowing confusion was facilitated by the personalised papacy of JPII who reduced the church to rubble by his ecumenism and interconfessionalism. Nothing traditional was left untouched. It was all treated as like a commodity packaged and sold to suit the fashionable trends of the market place.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

Amen, Murray! I think this is splendid news. Finally we can shut up the water carriers who hang their hats on bad translations and the fact that Scalfari "didn't take notes". Guess what, waterboys? Pope Francis officially backs every jot and tittle of that Modernist maelstrom, and more. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Elton John & George Soros will buy a million copies each to give as X (crucify Christ) mas gifts... [sure the German & sycophant bishops will be bullied into buying their share too]... meanwhile the Queer Ways and Nones on the Bus will buy their share because s/he's their s/hero!

Pam said...

Only the TRUTH will set us all free. The objective TRUTH of God to which Jesus came to witness. I am a prodigal and a convert and I am horrified about all this wooly confusion from the top of our Church, the custodian of TRUTH. I do think though that we must pray and make sacrifces for the Pope et al

Anonymous said...

PF is the BFP (Pope Francis is the Biblical False Prophet)

Unknown said...

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