Monday, November 3, 2014

Swiss Catholic Priest Blesses Aberrosexual Couple

Switzerland: "The form of this blessing was not significantly different from a wedding," said the responsible priest - Catholic News Agency "kipa" refers in its report to the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family.

Bürglen ( Wendelin Bucheli, Catholic priest in Bürglen / Diocese of Chur, has announced the blessing of two lesbian women in the village church. "Its form is not that significantly different from a wedding", Bucheli explained to the "Urner Weekly". He was first asked to and had then dealt with the question of blessing same-sex unions, he did this by speaking with a fellow Jesuit priest. The crucial question for him was: "Can I carry out blessing in the name and will God?" But, "today, there are animals, automobiles and even weapons blessed. Why should we not bless a pair that wants its path together with God?" said the priest according to "Urner Weekly." According to "Radio Pilatus" the pastor had not informed the diocese of Chur.

The international Catholic press agency "kipa" also reported this blessing ceremony for a gay couple. According to 'kipa', the the pastor had informed the whole parish team, the churches and the parish council about it, all are supposed to have supported his decision. "Kipa" explained in the concluding paragraph under the subheading "What the Synod of Bishops Told," continues: "In the Final Declaration on October 18th of the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and Family it is said that, men and women with homosexual inclinations are to be treated with kindness and sympathy.' There should be avoided any form of unfair discrimination' against them. The question is, what pastoral approach is appropriate in the concrete situation in light of the Church's teaching, which meant that it gives no foundation 'to produce between homosexual unions and the plan of God on marriage and family analogies, and not in another sense.'" The "kipa" is co-financed by the Catholic Church of Switzerland, but according to their self representation they work in editorial independence.

In a comment in "Urner Weekly" you can read in that "a majority of Catholic bishops had recently approved at the family Synod in Rome, an opening towards homosexual people." The "Urner weekly" interpreted this as a positive signal that encourages "Pastoral assistants like Venelin Bucheli to open their arms to take care of all Catholics. And that's good!


Genty said...

I suspect it's far more prevalent in certain areas than this piece of 'news' suggests and I am sure many priests will take the bits out of the final Synod declaration that they want - especially the bits included which the majority of bishops did not vote for.
This pastor will not be censured. I mean, hey, there is far more important work to be done, obliterating the FFI, getting rid of orthodox bishops and excommunicating attenders of SSPX Masses.

Unknown said...

“Why should we not bless a pair that wants its path together with God?”

I can think of at least one reason.

Romans 1:26-28: For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind and to improper conduct.
The Catholic priest mentioned knows traditional Catholic teaching against homo sex and is aware of the above scriptural passage. So, the question is why did he do what he did and even attempt to justify his action?

I'm not a mind reader but in seemingly unexplainable cases like this and many many more there is a cosmic law of the universe that reads “Follow the Money!”

Anonymous said...


M. Prodigal said...

They are NOT following a path to God but a path to hell and so is the priest that commits this travesty.

Tancred said...

This Bishop might get his resignation.

ColdStanding said...

The priest errors quite greatly. However, God will not be mocked and it seems that He has His revenge quickly for the the priest defends his actions by comparing this "blessing" to the blessing of autos, food stuffs, and other inanimate objects thereby classing this "couple" as little better than an car.

Anonymous said...

"today, there are animals, automobiles and even weapons blessed."

I would like this "pastor" to go and bless a Muslim crowd inside a mosque. Aren't they seeking their path to God, according to modernists? This way we will solve the problem of rogue priests.

Anonymous said...

it is hellish and not a product of rigt reasoning, rather a pruduct of the flesh

Damask Rose said...

Let the Games begin...

So, remind me how many gay priests the bishops are going to have to reign in now?

If this happened in a Church that I was attending, I would then go elsewhere.

This is the direct result of the Church oddly separating the homosexual acts from the homosexual 'beingness', the 'along as the homosexual doesn't act out' paradigm. When psychiatry removed homosexuality from its books the Church seemed to have followed suit.

Remember, you can sin in 'thought, word and deed'.

They seem to have forgotten heaven and vengeance.

Some bloggers have already predicted that this is the ever-so pastoral approach that will quickly take root after the Synod of the Family. Well, powers that be at this awful Synod certainly seem to be getting their way don't they?

Just imagine if a bishop chooses to discipline such a priest, he'll be going against the new Synod and the Pope and a new fairness to gays in the Catholic community.

What's really sad is that the parish team, council and churches supported this. Reminds me of the poem ' For want of a nail the shoe was lost'.

Guys, get your buckets, we need to start emptying water from the Barque.

Damask Rose said...

Here's the poem in full from Wikipedia:

For want of a nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the message was lost.
For want of a message the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

I scrolled down the Wiki page and found this, lol. Stephen King no less.

"In the novel Rage, by Stephen King (using the pseudonym Richard Bachman), main character Charlie Decker references the proverb: "But you can't go back. For want of a shoe the horse was lost, and all that." Stephen King's 1987 novel, The Tommyknockers, also references the proverb in its first line: "For want of a nail the kingdom was lost – that's how the catechism goes when you boil it down."

Damask Rose said...

I know, I know, my third comment in a row...

Didn't Cardinal O'Brien's gay priest lovers end up in a Swiss diocese?

Clinton R. said...

The Francis effect. "Who I am to judge?"

Damask Rose said...

Should have put this in.

Stephen King totally 100% hits the nail on the head (pun intended). I realise that some Catholics think that usage of the TLM is some kind of elysian dream, but the fact is that Catholics have been given a watered down faith for fifty years. It's been easy for them. You can't really go back from something that is easy to something that is hard, especially in the Catholic faith, imagine what that means to try and get Catholics to practice an authentic faith now. Think of what is happening in your average Catholic parish today.

But surely if you really believe, you can reverse the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

St. John Chrysostom wrote on this passage of Scripture, Lk 6:37, " ...Why, then, did He give His Apostles the power of the keys? For, if they are not to judge, they are without authority, and in vain have they been given the power of binding and loosing. Besides, if this were the case, everthing in the churches and cities and homes would come to an end..." Apostolic Digest by Mike Malone.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, the Priest might NOT know that Scriptural Passage, It is (like all but ONE of such passages) edited OUT of the Novus Ordo Missal.

Romans 1: 26-27         
DR  [26] For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. [27] And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.
NAB Therefore, God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity.

Missal Readings   Pg  72 Rom 1:1-7   /   Pg 1540 Rom 1:16-25  /  Pg 1542 Rom 2:1-10 etc......

omitting Romans 1:26-27 completely

Hell, Sin, Penance, Fasting, Homosexuality - have been missing from the Missal on the whole since 1967.

Hey! Marie Julie Jahenny (Stigmatic) proved right again

November 27, 1902 and May 10, 1904

Our Lord and Our Lady announced the conspiracy to invent the “New Mass”:

“I give you a WARNING. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas and under the influence of the enemy of Souls a MASS that contains words that are ODIOUS in my sight. When the fatal hour arrives when the faith of my priests is put to the test, it will be (these texts) that will be celebrated in this second period.

The First period is the one of my priesthood which exists since Me. The second is the one of the persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion will impose their formulas in the book of the second celebration. These infamous spirits are those who crucified Me and are awaiting the kingdom of the NEW MESSIAH!”

May 10, 1904

On 10th of May 1904, Our Lady denotes the new clergy and its Mass:

“They will not stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the Holy Church, the clergy and the Faith of my children.” She announces the, “Dispersion of the pastors by the Church itself; real pastors who will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with filth. New preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities.”

The Marquis de Franquerie's Biography has been scanned and is available as a PDF file online.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis may (will) be dead soon, but it will take the great Pope who will be his successor fully 10 years of his reign tol erase all trace of the short, infamous reign of Francis and his associates,

Anonymous said...

Unfortuately, all of us should shudder

All these evil people have to do is "call a Synod" or "arrange a Council" and with the help of the liberals that serve them, their job is easy.They just have to go back to their Parishes, spread the false news there and throughout the media that "everything is now changed" and everyone believes them.

When is somebody going to put an end to this?

It happened at Vatican II, and it is going to happen again, until there is nothing left of the Traditional Church apart from the Altar as Our Lord foretold through Blsd Anne Emmerich.

"I was in such distress that I cried out to Jesus with all my might, imploring His mercy... He said , among other things, that this translation of the church from one place to another meant that she would seem to be in complete decline. But she would rise again; even if there remained but one Catholic, the church would conquer again because she does not rest on human counsels and intelligence. "

"When the Church had been for the most part destroyed by the secret sect, and when only the Sanctuary and Altar were still standing, I saw the wreckers enter the Church with the beast. There, they met a Woman of noble carriage who seemed to be with child because she walked slowly. At this sight, the enemies were terrorized, and the Beast could not take but another step forward. It projected its neck towards the Woman as if to devour her, but the woman turned about and bowed down toward the Altar, her head touching the ground. Thereupon, I saw the beast taking to flight towards the sea again, and the enemies were fleeing in the greatest of