Sunday, November 23, 2014

Request for Alms: Doctoral Student Had to Replace Expensive Computer

This in an attempt to help an avid supporter of this blog who is struggling financially after the theft of a very expensive computer, which he needs to do editing work related to his Ph.D program in Medieval Studies.

His academic work focuses on late medieval English scholasticism and history. In time, he hopes to situate the origins of the Protestant Revolt more clearly in their medieval antecedents and causes, especially in the thought of John Wyclif.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all for your generosity.


Geremia said...

Most of the cost of PCs is the Microsoft OS, and Microsoft funds abortion.

Buy a System76, which comes with Linux pre-installed. You'll get better hardware for the price, plus a free, excellent OS with many other free, useful, Microsoft alternatives like LibreOffice.

Tancred said...

Ok, not bad advice. He's already purchased his computer, but I'm sure he kept his receipt.