Saturday, November 8, 2014

Announcement: Cardinal Burke Dismissed

Edit: The announcement has been made. It's just appeared in the Vatican website. Cardinal Leo Burke will be assigned as Patron of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta and Dominique Mamberti will replace him at the Signatura.

Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, til now Nuncio to Australia, will take Mamberti's place in Stato, as Secretary of Relations with States.


Vox Cantoris said...

He is now more free to speak the truth.

Andy said...

Perhaps. But it would have been meritorious to speak the truth in season and out, not just from a safe distance.

Nicolas Bellord said...

In past times sending someone to Malta would have been an effective way of silencing them. Nowadays, with modern communications, that is no longer the case.

His new post has been described as honorific and with no content. I wonder. Certainly the track record of the Order of Malta in England has been pretty lamentable in allowing the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth to diverge from Catholic ethics. There seems to be a split between those who want the Order to be faithful to its origins and those who would like it to become a purely secular club for grand people. I wonder if Cardinal Burke might not put some backbone back into these Knights.

Anonymous said...

This is la terreur time,welcome in the NWO church, where there are many heads without necks and many necks without heads.....mala tempora currunt, hoc est tempus tacendi. God bless+

Unknown said...

Elections have consequences.

Long-Skirts said...

Cardinal Burke is not alone...

In the words of BRAVEHEART'S, William Wallace, "Unite us!"


Who'll say Mass
Assumption Feast?
No longer done
Said parish priest.

Who will baptize
Little one?
More important

The Catholic Faith
Please teach my child?
Not I, said nun born-

Who will help
Teach catechism?
Don't call it that
It sounds like schism.

Who will hear
My child confess?
We're all forgiven

Who will give
The angels' Bread?
Sue and Fred.

Confirm my teens
Their souls they're losing?
That must be done
Of their own choosing.

So little mother
Walked away
Hating to
Look bold.

Never orphaned
Clung to Cross
Her gold.

Then up above
On mountain top
A man in white
He stood.

Just one more Bishop
Who'll try to stop...
What's good.

But Bishop lifted
Up her Cross
His sons helped
Bear the weight.

And Pilgrims in
Progressive lands
Continued in

They handed down
What they were taught
Vocations now
They flourish

And others old
Who loved new-thought
Had only crust
To nourish.

But little mother
Saw their tears
Starving for
What's true...

Come in, come in,
We've waited years...
His Bread, for many,
For you!!!

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke is a Catholic. The Pope doesn’t want any Catholic Cardinals in his service, because they are not of his One World Religion of Man.

After all, you’re allowed to do and say anything you please, except Catholicism. If you practice Catholicism, you get the iron rod of vengeance and in the case of the SSPX, you get falsely “excommunicated.”

God save the Church. May St. Michael the Archangel intercede for her and destroy Freemasonry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Long Skirts, for this and all your great expressions of the suffering Church.

Anonymous said...

That's the simple obvious truth - but the vast majority refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Church shall reap what she has sewn, infidelity! May it please God, I hope and pray, to bring upon her all the violations that our spouses have forced upon us and our children. May the Vatican be sacked, quite literally, and left to rot as we have been, after her violators have had their way with her and desecrated every inch of her, repeatedly, as our spouses, with the full cooperation of the Catholic Church, have done to our marriages. This is not anger. This is JUSTICE! My anger would be far, far less merciful.

I was not a big fan of Burke's, as I have always found him too reserved. I am not moved to feel much for him. He could have done much more for contentious respondent spouses who defended their marriages. For me he had the tools but not the heart. Bye, Raymond. You got dumped, just as we did but your fall is not precipitous enough. You have the "golden parachute" many of us have not had.

How I wish he could read this. He would likely know who it is from, unless his memory failed him.


Geremia said...

From his recent "one of the saddest documents" speech, toward the end, he discussed Vatican II and that he was only a young man in minor seminary, I think he said, when it began and in seminary when it ended; he gave the impression he didn't know much about Vatican II, but is still convinced it must be in continuity with the pre-Vatican II Church.

Clinton R. said...

Because the Truth is not in them.

Anonymous said...

God help us and save us from Pope Francis!

Dane said...

Karl, you have some serious issues, dude. When was the last time you made a good confession to a real priest? Maybe go on a solid Catholic retreat and make a good general confession. You sound like you are possessed. Dang!

Anonymous said...

Anytime that Father Amorth would like to "check me out", he can come to me from Rome. He will have taken a "wild goose chase".

He'll find lots of work among the clergy, especially in Rome.

If honesty is possession, than, perhaps you have a point. But, my issues with the Church are very long standing and the Church is very, very guilty but refuses to address its transgressions.

Dane, please pray for the Church, me and my family as well. That would be good. In fact, I am texting this from a 24/7 Adoration Chapel in the US am praying for my family, right now. That is the truth.


Anonymous said...

There is a petition to Thank Cardinal Burke for all he has done for the Church.

Geremia said...

The Church has made no transgressions nor is "very, very guilty;" she's immaculate. It's many people who appear in the Church, but are really sinners or excommunicate, who are "very, very guilty."

Anonymous said...
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Long-Skirts said...

Christ never left us ophans...Archbishop Lefebvre, a truly HEROIC Alter Christus, was also forced to pick up his cross in his mid-sixties and he did! Deo Gratias, Merci Marcel, the True Faith goes on in your Priestly Order of St. Pius X and me and mine will stick with these courageous Priests continuing to assist at the daily Sacrifice of the Mass ... so - "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"!!

Palmer Prince said...

Please do not publish anonymous letters. They hide ...

Anonymous said...


You have done more harm with your censorship than, my guess is, you intened.

I shall do my best to refrain from posting here. Thank you.


Tancred said...


susan said...

He will still be in Rome.