Friday, October 24, 2014

Vatican Does Not Expect a Capitulation from the SSPX

Commission "Ecclesia Dei" -Secretary Pozzo: There is "no doubt" that the teachings of Vatican II have a different binding, depending on the nature of the document. SSPX could expect to return with personal prelature

Vatican ( Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' has said in an interview with the French magazine 'Famille Chrétienne' that the Vatican will require no capitulation from the controversial SSPX Pius X. This was reported by "Vatican Radio". "The Holy See invites the SSPX to take its side into the framework of doctrinal issues, insofar as they are essential for a permanent attachment to the faith and to Catholic teaching and tradition," said Pozzo. Currently, there are obviously continuing talks with the SSPX. The Secretary of the Pontifical Commission then stressed: "The reservations of the SSPX over some aspects and formulations of the Second Vatican Council and to some of the reforms carried out that do not concern non-negotiable dogmatic and doctrinal issues may be simultaneously further studied and developed."

With that Pozzo signaled that the SSPX could retain some peculiarities when they have been inserted back into the large frame of the Catholic Church. There is "no doubt" that the teachings of Vatican II have different bindingness, depending on the nature of the document. "The Constitutions of the Church on Revelation, Lumen Gentium and Dei Verbum, have the character of doctrinal pronouncements; the explanations of religious freedom and non-Christian religions as well as the ecumenical decree, on the other hand, have less authority and less bindingness."

The CDF has presented the SSPX in 2011, with a "Doctrinal Statement."; this they should sign if they want a full return to the Catholic Church. Pozzo let them know in case of a reconciliation with Rome the SSPX could expect the status of a personal prelature. He also confirmed that the Vatican - as during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. - insists on unchanged clarity on the part of the SSPX. The conversation between the Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Bishop Bernard Fellay went well according to Pozzo.

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LeonG said...

They are correct on that one. Bishop Fellay knows what the outcome would be if they did. Archbishop Lefebvre has programmed The Society to move in a certain direction and no one can alter that without even more serious damage to its unity and efficacity to hand on Sacred Tradition to traditional Catholics. Thank God he sacrificed everything towards this end. My own certainties err on the side of a Society that will endure provided the Superior General understands he is a guardian-protector and not a chief executive.

Anonymous said...

Save us Oh God from Pope Francis!

LeonG said...

Good Faithful Roman Catholics do not need saving from Francis bishop of Rome and leader of new church. We do not need a good pope to be saved although one might help us on our pathway to The Blessed Lord.. He will only save you if you hold fast to The Roman Catholic Faith and avoid obeying the heresies and de facto schismatic teachings/behaviours of the poisonous new church and all its liberal modernist excrescences.

Also, avoid the NO liturgy as it does not contain any expiatory content but is merely a memorial and an anthropocentric protestant one designed to create ecumenical and indifferent attendees. Lex Orandi.........etc..........Lex Provendi. Objective proof is that over half the bishops at the synod recently voted against traditional Roman Catholic teaching on the family led by the bishop of Rome - two generations fed on fabricated uncatholic liturgy. According to the new church's own surveys a large majority of its membership no longer have Catholic beliefs. New paradigm = new church = new norms, new values & new mores. New Evangelisation. New,,,new,,,,new..... but always the same old tired liberal result.