Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pope Urges Chad Bishops: Live According to Catholic Moral Teaching

Pope Urges Chad Bishops to Dialogue With Muslims

Exhortation to the faithful to live a life according to the Christian message and according to Catholic moral teaching - In addition, Francis criticized the "very simple religious proposals from all sides on a moral level" in his address.

Vatican City ( Pope Francis has called on the Catholic Church in Chad to dialogue with Islam. This could curb the spread of violence, with which Christians are exposed in the neighboring countries, said the Pope on Thursday to the country's bishops at the Vatican. He also called for stricter adherence to Catholic moral teaching. The way of life of Catholics in Chad must be based on the Christian message, said Francis.

Of the more than twelve million people of Chad, 56 percent are Muslim, the remaining 44 percent are divided equally between Christians and animists. According to Vatican reports, there are a million Catholics live in the country. Francis criticized "very simple religious proposals from all sides on a moral level" in his speak. The "weight of certain cultural traditions" was "very strong". He did not name a specific example. In some African countries even among Catholics, polygamy is still widespread. Copyright 2014 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved. Link to

Trans: Tancred AMDG


Felix M said...

The Pope's comments are tantamount to blaming the Catholic faithful for being responsible for the outrages perpetrated by Muslim fanatics. In effect, he's saying that the Muslim fanatics act like this because the Catholics aren't sufficiently moral and aren't sufficiently reasonable.

He's the bishop of Rome, sure, but he's no pastor.

Anonymous said...

He's the bishop of Rome, sure, but he's no Catholic either.

Anonymous said...

Is the pope even Catholic? Even atheists like Bill Maher think he's a closet atheist. I'm not trying to funny or malicious here, Francis and Paul VI never had an "aura" of Catholicism about them, they both seem like secularists to the core. I didn't like John Paul II or Benedict XVI because of their liberalism, but at least John Paul II promoted Marian devotion and banned Communion in the hand in Poland, at least Benedict XVI legalized the Latin Mass and dressed like a pope.

If Francis is the prophesied "bishop in white", he will probably get killed by Mohammedans after trying to "dialog" with them. Francis is a bigger enemy of Catholic missionaries than John Paul II, and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

Both Anon. 3:25 and 7:10 are right. They are totally honest, and give an accurate depiction of this person who is unfortunately the Pope.
Francis is NOT the "Pope in white", because according to that vision, the Pope in question I believe was a true Pope and True Catholic who was persecuted and killed for the Faith. Francis is none of those things. He is a rank heretic of the worst kind....the radical liberal who pretends to still be a Cardinal Kasper.
All Popes since John XXIII have been bad for the Church, but at least John XXIII dressed and acted like the Pope. And to be fair to him, had he lived, Vatican II most likely (from his writings and traditional beliefs), would not have turned out like it did. He had stomach cancer from 1959 onward, and suffered the slow and painful advance of it for 3 1/2 years. Stomach cancer was a Roncalli family curse.....5 of his brothers and sisters including himself died of the disease. So to be fair, I believe the Church would be much more Catholic had he lived in stable health till 1969-70.
John Paul II did many wonderful things, but after 1988 became increasingly liberal, which was a disaster. Paul VI was a weak man who bent to the wind. He did not even want to be Pope, or to oversee the Council. He didn't even want the Council. But he bent to the radicals almost in everything. The Mass of Paul VI is not his's Bugnini's. And Paul was too weak to say no to him.
Benedict XVI was the best of a bad lot since 1963. But he was a coward for resigning.
Francis could very well be the legendary "anti-Christ" of Medieval legend....the Pope who is duly elected, who pretends to be a Catholic, but who degrades the traditions and teachings of the Church and tries to lead others into error. I don't know how the legend goes at the the anti-Christ meets his fate. But I do know that the traditional Church will survive and come back stronger. Francis will be dead soon....and with him, all his clique of radicals will flee to the hills....or slither back under the rocks from which they Kasper, etc.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is such a fool - I wonder if he would apply this doctrine to himself and his cardinals Kasper, Danneels, McCarrick, Cupich, Wuerl, Woelk, Schonborn, etc. at the upcoming ratification of SINod. The reason they are having to be pastorally concerned about giving 'communion' to the hellbound sexually immoral fornicating, adulterous, murderous and perverse flock is because of their sexual perversity and immorality. "Live According to Catholic Moral Teaching" indeed - I hope he starts taking his own words to heart real soon (especially as the dirty old grandfather only has 1-2 more years to live!).

Anonymous said...

The Pope is continually saying and doing things that objectively conflict with the Deposit of Faith and morals. And continually failing to do and say things that need to be done and said in defence of Faith and morals. And so continually scandalising and harming souks. Blessed Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Jacobi said...

I am all for Catholics dialoguing with Muslims, for evangelising them and bringing them to the One True Faith, the Catholic Church.

But it must be from a position of strength - and I mean military strength. That is the only thing that Islam respects.

Christianity is a religion of peace which has a developed a necessary doctrine of justified war. Islam is a religion of violence which is urged by it founder to slay and otherwise oppress the “unbeliever”.

There has been much talk of “boots on the ground” in this current upsurge of war with militant Islam. That is so. But the “boots” must be Christian boots.

The Christian communities throughout the Middle East and Africa, so beset now by violent Islam, must form militias and must be given the training and the weapons to do so.

LeonG said...

"Marian devotion - yes by implying it was incomplete without his additional mysteries & by compromising Her warnings at Fatima.

and banned Communion in the hand in Poland" .. but continued to hand it out NO style elsewhere and to inculturate the liturgy

Benedict XVI did not legalise The Latin Mass as it was never abrogated because no pope can ever do this since it has guaranteed perpetual rights for all priests and lay. In fact the SP of 2007 tried to make use The Latin Mass licit only by accepting the protestant anthropocentric NO liturgy. he wanted to draw all traditional Catholics into his net before hybridising the liturgy which would have finally abrogated The Latin Mass. Time you all woke up about Benedict XVI - he was a liberal and wanted a hybridised solution to the liturgy using tradition in a functionalist manner to make the disastrous fabricated vernacular part, more acceptably "catholic".
Dress does not make people traditional.

JB said...

Francis would be singing a much different tune if ISIS were near Casa Santa Marta or whatever "humble" abode he resides in now.